List All Winners

This table shows all company names who have successfully tendered for projects. There may be duplications where company details have been entered inconsistently.

Notice range from 16 August 2017 to 23 May 2022.

04466163 (04466163)
07745159 (07745159)
1 Kingsland Passage, London E8 2BB (1kingslandpassagelondone82bb)
1 Michael Dyson 2. David Trowler 3. Trent arctitecture (1michaeldyson2davidtrowler3trentarctitecture)
1. Summers Inman 2. WT Partnership 3. Cuncliffes 4.Townsend (1summersinman2wthip3cuncliffes4townsend)
2020 Consultancy Solutions Limited (2020consultancysolutions)
24 ACOUSTICS LIMITED (24acoustics)
31ten Consulting (31ten), 31ten Consulting Limited (31ten)
360 Assurance (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust) (360assuranceleicestershirehipnhstrust)
360 Mapping ltd (360mapping)
3ADAPT Ltd (3adapt)
3D Technical Design Ltd (3dtechnical)
3Space (3space)
3TI ENERGY HUBS LTD (3tienergyhubs)
4 Earth Intelligence (4earthintelligence)
4C Strategies Ltd (4cstrategies)
4global Consulting (4global)
4way Consulting Ltd (4way)
5Plus Architects (5plus), 5plus Architects Limited (5plus)
5th Studio (5thstudio), 5th Studio Ltd (5thstudio)
6a Architects (6a)
8build Ltd. (8build)
A Different View (adifferentview)
A E Horder (Contracting) Limited (aehordercontracting)
A E Yates (aeyates)
A H JONES LTD (ahjones)
A Hickford Lighting Limited (ahickfordlighting)
A list of successful suppliers can be found in the attachments a (alistofsuccessfulsupplierscanbefoundintheattachmentsa)
A list of suppliers can be found in the attachments area (alistofsupplierscanbefoundintheattachmentsarea)
A P TRANSPORT GLOS. LIMITED (aptransportglos)
A. & J. KEITH LIMITED (ajkeith)
AA Connolly (aaconnolly)
AA Projects (aaprojects), AA PROJECTS LIMITED (aaprojects), AA Projects Ltd (aaprojects)
AA Woods (aawoods)
AACE Group (aace)
Aaron Evans Architects Ltd (aaronevans)
Aavid Thermacore Europe Ltd (aavidthermacoreeurope)
Abaco spa (abacospa)
Abbott Risk Consulting Ltd (abbottrisk)
ABM CATERING FOR LEISURE LIMITED (abmcateringforleisure), ABM Catering For Leisure Ltd (abmcateringforleisure)
Above Zero (abovezero)
ABP Marine Environmental Research (abpmarinealresearch)
Absolute Asset Protection (absoluteassetprotection)
ABSOLUTE SOLAR AND WIND LTD (absolutesolarwind)
ACA+I Ltd (acai)
Acanthus Architects LW (acanthuslw)
ACANTHUS W S M ARCHITECTS LIMITED (acanthuswsm), Acanthus WSM (acanthuswsm), Acanthus WSM Architects (acanthuswsm)
Accend & Bauman Lyons Architects & GVA (accendbaumanlyonsgva)
Accenture (UK) Ltd (accentureuk)
Acme Studios (acmestudios)
Acorn Analytical Services (acornanalytical)
Actica Consulting (actica), ACTICA CONSULTING LIMITED (actica), Actica Consulting Ltd (actica)
AD Architects Ltd (ad)
ADAM Khan Architecture (adamkhan), Adam Khan Architects (adamkhan)
ADAMS & SUTHERLAND LIMITED (adamssutherland), Adams and Sunderland (adamssunderland), Adams and Sutherland (adamssutherland)
Adams Fletcher & Partners (adamsfletcher)
Adams Hendry Consulting Ltd (adamshendry)
ADAPT (adapt)
add specialists limited (addspecialists)
ADG Architecture Design Graphics (adggraphics)
Adler & Allen Ltd (adlerallen)
ADP Architects (adp), ADP Architecture Limited (adp), ADP Architecture Ltd (adp), ADP Ltd (adp)
Adroit Ecomonics (adroitecomonics)
Advanced Energy Ltd (advancedenergy)
Adventure Playground Engineers Ltd (adventureplaygroundengineers)
AE Thornton Firkin & Partners (aethorntonfirkin), AE Thorton Firkin (aethortonfirkin)
AECOM (aecom)
AECOM (formerly Davis Langdon) (aecomformerlydavislangdon)
AECOM infrastructure & Environment Ltd (aecom), AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited (aecom), AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd (aecom), AECOM Infrastructure and Environment UK (aecom), AECOM Infrastructure and Environment UK Limited (aecom), AECOM Limited (aecom), Aecom Ltd (aecom)
AECOM Professional Services LLP (aecomprofessional)
Aegis Services (aegis), Aegis Services Ltd (aegis)
AES Construction Services Ltd (aes)
AES Sustainability Consultants (aessustainabilityconsultants)
AEW Architects (aew)
AEW Architects & Designers Ltd (aewers)
AF & EF Ltd trading as Aire Valley Catering (afeftradingasairevalleycatering)
AFE Group Limited T/A Williams Refrigeration (afe), AFE Group Ltd T/A Falcon Foodservice Equipment (afe), AFE Group Ltd T/A Williams (afe), AFE GROUP T/A FALCON FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT (afe)
Affinity Design (affinity)
Affinity Water (affinitywater)
Affordable Housing Consultancy Limited (affordablehousingconsultancy)
AGGORA Projects Ltd (aggoraprojects)
AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES UK LIMITED (aggregateindustries), Aggregate Industries UK Ltd (aggregateindustries)
AHP Architects & Surveyors Ltd (ahpsurveyors), AHP ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS LIMITED (ahpsurveyors)
AHR (ahr), AHR Architects (ahr), AHR ARCHITECTS LIMITED (ahr), AHR Architects Ltd (ahr)
AHR Building Consultancy (ahrbuildingconsultancy), AHR Building Consultancy Ltd (ahrbuildingconsultancy)
Ainsley Gommon (ainsleygommon)
Ainsworth Spark (ainsworthspark)
Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd (airbornealconsultants)
AIREDALE CATERING EQUIPMENT LIMITED (airedalecateringequipment), Airedale Catering Equipment Ltd (airedalecateringequipment)
Airey Miller Limited (aireymiller), Airey Miller Ltd (aireymiller)
AITCH CONSERVATION LTD (aitchconservation)
Akeso & Company Limited (akesocompany)
Al Jawad Pike (aljawadpike)
Alan Baxter (alanbaxter), Alan Baxter Limited (alanbaxter), Alan Baxter Ltd (alanbaxter)
Alan Butler (alanbutler)
Alan Camp Architects (alancamp), Alan Camp Architects LLP (alancamp)
Alan Conisbee & Associates (alanconisbee)
Alan Johnston Partnership (alanjohnstonhip), Alan Johnstone Partnership (alanjohnstonehip)
Alandem Consulting Limited (alandem)
ALDER KING LLP (alderking)
Aleon Limited (aleon)
Alford Hall Monaghan Morris (alfordhallmonaghanmorris)
Align Property Partners (alignproperty), ALIGN PROPERTY PARTNERS LIMITED (alignproperty), Align Property Partners Ltd (alignproperty)
Alison Brooks Architects (alisonbrooks)
Alison Grant Architects (alisongrant)
Allen Construction Consultancy Limited (allenconsultancy)
allen pyke associates ltd (allenpyke)
Allen Scott Ltd (allenscott)
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (allfordhallmonaghanmorris), Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Limited (allfordhallmonaghanmorris)
Alliance Group Solutions Limited (alliancesolutions)
Allies & Morrison Architects (alliesmorrison), Allies & Morrison LLP (alliesmorrison), Allies and Morrison (alliesmorrison), Allies and Morrison LLP (alliesmorrison)
Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners (alliesmorrisonurbanpractitioners)
Allium Environmental Ltd (alliumal)
Alloy Fabweld Limited (alloyfabweld)
Allsop & Francis Ltd (allsopfrancis)
Alma Economics (almaeconomics)
Alpha Roofing (alpharoofing)
Alpine Resourcing Limited (alpineresourcing)
ALRESFORD MARQUEE HIRE LTD (alresfordmarqueehire)
Altair Advisory and Consultancy Services Limited (altairadvisoryconsultancy)
Altair Consultancy and Advisory Services Limited (altairconsultancyadvisory)
Altitude Services Limited (altitude)
Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd. (alungriffithscontractors)
ALVAREZ & MARSAL EUROPE LIMITED (alvarezampmarsaleurope)
Amalgamated Construction Ltd (amalgamated)
Amalgamated Lifts Limited (amalgamatedlifts)
AMANDA REYNOLDS URBANISM LTD (amandareynoldsurbanism), Amanda Reynolds Urbanism Ltd. (amandareynoldsurbanism)
Amberon Ltd (amberon)
Amberside Advisors Ltd (ambersideadvisors)
AMCM Group Ltd (amcm)
AMCO Limited (amco)
Amec Foster Wheeler E&I UK Ltd (amecfosterwheelerei), Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure UK Limited (amecfosterwheeler), Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & infrastructure UK Ltd, (amecfosterwheeler), Amec Foster Wheeler Environment and Infrastructure Ltd (amecfosterwheeler)
Amelio Group (amelio)
AMEY (amey)
Amey Community Limited (ameycommunity)
Amey OW Limited (ameyow)
AMION Consulting (amion), AMION Consulting Limited (amion), Amion Consulting Ltd (amion)
amk fence-in (amkfencein)
Amrin Resources (amrinresources)
Anatec (anatec)
Anders Roberts Cheer Ltd (andersrobertscheer)
Anderton Gables (andertongables), Anderton Gables Limited (andertongables)
Anstey Horne & Co Ltd (ansteyhorneco)
Anthony Smith Partnership (anthonysmithhip)
ANZTECH Ltd (anztech)
AOC Architecture Ltd (aoc)
APA Construction Services (apa)
Appleyard & Trew (appleyardtrew)
APR Services Ltd (apr), APR Services Ltd. (apr)
Apsley Precision Engineering Limited (apsleyprecision)
Aqua Allies Ltd (aquaallies)
Aquamaintain LTD (aquamaintain)
AR Urbanism (arurbanism), AR Urbanism Ltd (arurbanism)
AR Watson Building Contractors Ltd (arwatsonbuildingcontractors)
Arbtech Consulting Ltd (arbtech)
Arc Environmental Ltd (arcal)
arc4 (arc4)
ARC:BIM (arcbim)
Arcadis (arcadis)
ARCADIS (UK) LIMITED (arcadisuk), Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited (arcadisuk), Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited (Previously known as Hyder) (arcadisuk), Arcadis Consulting (UK) Ltd (arcadisuk)
Arcadis Consulting UK Ltd (arcadis), Arcadis LLP (arcadis), Arcadis UK (arcadis), Arcadis UK Limited (arcadis), Arcadis UK Ltd (arcadis)
ARCC-HR Ltd (arcchr)
Arch Communications (UK) Ltd (archcommunicationsuk)
Arch Property Solutions Limited (archpropertysolutions)
Architecton Ltd (architecton)
Architects Plus (architectsplus), Architects Plus (UK) Ltd (architectsplusuk), Architects Plus UK Ltd (architectsplus)
Architecture 00 Ltd (architecture00)
Architecture PLB (architectureplb)
Architecture00 Ltd (architecture00)
ArchitecturePLB (architectureplb), ArchitecturePLB Limited (architectureplb)
Architype (architype), ARCHITYPE LIMITED (architype)
Archus (archus), Archus Limited (archus)
Archway Roadmaster UK Ltd. (archwayroadmaster)
Arco Environmental Ltd (arcoal)
Arcus Consulting (arcus), Arcus Consulting LLP (arcus)
Ardent Consulting Engineers Ltd (ardentengineers)
Ardent Management Limited (ardentmanagement)
AREP AND EXPEDITION (arepexpedition)
Ares Lamndscape Architects (areslamndscape)
Argyle North West Construction Ltd (argylenorthwest)
ARK Consultancy Limited (arkconsultancy)
Arkwood Ltd (arkwood)
Arlingclose Ltd (arlingclose)
Arlington Builders Ltd (arlingtonbuilders)
Armitage Construction (armitage)
Armstrong Burton Architects (armstrongburton), Armstrong Burton Architects Ltd (armstrongburton)
Armstrong York Asbestos Environmental Ltd (armstrongyorkasbestosal)
Arney Fender Katsalidis (arneyfenderkatsalidis)
ARTArchitects (artarchitects)
Artelia (artelia)
Artelia Project UK Limited T/As Artelia UK (arteliaproject), Artelia Projects UK Limited (arteliaprojects), Artelia Projects UK Limited (T/A Artelia UK) (arteliaprojects), Artelia Projects UL Limited (arteliaprojectsul)
Arup (arup), ARUP GROUP LIMITED (arup)
ASD Build (asdbuild)
ASG & Partners (asg)
ASG Superconductor S.p.A (asgsuperconductorspa)
Ash Sakula Architects (ashsakula)
Ashcroft Services Ltd (ashcroft)
Ashdale Engineering UK Ltd (ashdale)
Askams Compliance Services Ltd (askamscompliance)
Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd (aspectlandhydrographicsurveys)
Aspin and Company Chartered Surveyors (aspincompanycharteredsurveyors)
Aspinal Verdi Ltd (aspinalverdi), Aspinall Verdi Limited (aspinallverdi), Aspinall Verdi Ltd (aspinallverdi)
Aspire Community Works (aspirecommunityworks)
Aspire CP LLP (aspirecp)
ASS ARCHITECTES ASSOCIES SA (assarchitectesiessa)
Assael Architecture (assael), Assael Architecture LTD (assael)
Associated Asphalt Contracting Ltd (associatedasphaltcontracting)
Associated Stone Group (associatedstone)
Assystem Energy & Infrastructure Limited (assystemenergy)
Asteros Advisers Ltd (asterosadvisers)
Atkins (atkins)
Atkins design and environmental engineering (atkinsal)
Atkins Highways & Transportation (atkinshighwaystransportation)
Atkins Limited (atkins), Atkins Limited, (atkins), Atkins Ltd (atkins), Atkins LTD, (atkins), Atkins, (atkins)
Atosa Catering Equipment UK Limited (atosacateringequipment)
Auburn Ainsley Limited (auburnainsley)
Augmentas Group Limited (augmentas)
Aura Newcastle Ltd (auranewcastle), Aura Newcastle Ltd, (auranewcastle)
Austin Smith Lord LLP (austinsmithlord), Austin-Smith:Lord (austinsmithlord), Austin-Smith:Lord Limited (austinsmithlord), Austin-Smith:Lord LLP (austinsmithlord)
Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH (avantgardegesellschaftfürkommunikationmbh), AVANTGARDE Gesellschaftfür Kommunikation mit beschränk (avantgardegesellschaftfürkommunikationmitbeschränk)
Avanti Architects (avanti), AVANTI ARCHITECTS LIMITED (avanti), Avanti Architects LTD (avanti)
Ave Bilisim A.S. (avebilisimas)
Aveas Partners Ltd (aveas)
AVEO Group (aveo)
Avieco Ltd (avieco)
Avison Young (avisonyoung), AVISON YOUNG (UK) LIMITED (avisonyounguk), Avison Young (UK) Ltd (avisonyounguk)
AWW (aww)
AXIS EUROPE PLC (axiseurope)
Ayer Associates (ayer), Ayer Associates Limited (ayer)
Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ayrechamberlaingaunt)
B & M McHugh Ltd (bmmchugh), B.&M. McHugh Ltd (bmmchugh)
BABCOCK DSG LTD (babcockdsg)
BAE SYSTEMS (OPERATIONS) LIMITED (baesystemsoperations)
Bailey Garner LLP (baileygarner)
Bailey Partnership (baileyhip)
Bailey Roofing (MK) Ltd (baileyroofingmk)
Baily Garner (bailygarner), Baily Garner LLP (bailygarner)
Baker Trayte Marine Ltd (bakertraytemarine)
Balfour Beatty (balfourbeatty)
Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Limited (balfourbeattycivil), Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Ltd (balfourbeattycivil)
BALFOUR BEATTY GROUP LIMITED (balfourbeatty), Balfour Beatty Group Ltd (balfourbeatty)
Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Ltd (balfourbeattyregional)
BAM Construction (bam), BAM CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (bam), BAM Construction Ltd (bam)
BAM HEALTH (Division of BAM Construction Ltd) (bamhealthdivisionofbam)
BAM Nuttall (bamnuttall), BAM NUTTALL LIMITED (bamnuttall), BAM Nuttall Ltd (bamnuttall)
Banks Solutions (bankssolutions)
Barefoot & Gilles Ltd (barefootgilles), Barefoot Giles Ltd (barefootgiles)
Barhale Ltd (barhale)
Baringa Partners LLP (baringa)
Barker & Bland (barkerbland)
Barker Associates (Essex) Limited (barkeressex)
Barker Proudlove (barkerproudlove)
Barkers Commercial Services Limited (barkerscommercial)
Barnfield Investment Propertise Ltd (barnfieldinvestmentpropertise)
Barton Willmore (bartonwillmore), Barton Willmore LLP (bartonwillmore), Barton Wilmore (bartonwilmore)
BaS LIFT (baslift)
Bath Property Maintenance (bathpropertymaintenance)
Bauman Lyons Architects (baumanlyons), Bauman Lyons Architects Limited (baumanlyons), Bauman Lyons Architects Ltd (baumanlyons)
Bawburgh Installations Ltd (bawburghinstallations)
Baxter and Bailey (baxterbailey)
BBA Architects (bba)
BCA Landscape and Smiling Wolf (bcalandscapesmilingwolf)
BCM Construction Ltd (bcm)
BDB Special Projects Limited (bdbspecialprojects)
BDO LLP (bdo)
BDP (bdp)
BDP (Building Design Partnership Limited) (bdpbuildinghip)
BDP ltd, (bdp)
BDS TECHNOLOGY LTD (bdstechnology)
BEAMS Ltd (beams)
Beckett Rankine (beckettrankine)
Bedrock Civil Engineering Ltd (bedrockcivil)
Beever and Struthers (beeverstruthers)
Beevers and Struthers, Chartered Accountants and Business Adviso (beeversstrutherscharteredaccountantsbusinessadviso)
Bell Decorating Group Ltd (belldecorating)
Bell Philips (bellphilips), Bell Phillips Architects (bellphillips), Bell Phillips Architects Limited (bellphillips)
BELLROCK PROPERTY & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LIMITED (bellrockpropertyfacilitiesmanagement)
Belmont Design Services Ltd (belmont)
Benchmark Estimating (benchmarkestimating), Benchmark Estimating Ltd (benchmarkestimating)
Benchmark Ltd (benchmark)
Benedetti Architects (benedetti)
BENNETT FREEHILL LLP (bennettfreehill)
Bennetts Associates (bennetts)
Benoy Limited (benoy)
Benu renewables (benurenewables)
Bermont Project Management Ltd. (bermont)
Bernard Taylor Partnership (bernardtaylorhip), Bernard Taylor Partnerships (bernardtaylorhips)
Bernwood ECS Ltd (bernwoodecs)
Bersche-Rolt Ltd (berscherolt)
Best Practice Group plc (bestpractice)
BETHELL CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (bethell), Bethell Group plc (bethell)
Bexan Ltd (bexan)
BFS Group Limited T/A Bidfood (bfs)
BGL Rieber Ltd (bglrieber)
Bidwells LLP (bidwells)
Billinghurst George & Partners (billinghurstgeorge), Billinghurst George & Partners, (billinghurstgeorge)
BioIndustry Association (bioindustryiation)
Biowise Ltd (T/A Wastewise) (biowise)
Black Architecture (black), Black Architecture Limited (black)
BLACK BOX AV LTD (blackboxav)
BLACK CAT BUILDING CONSULTANCY LIMITED (blackcatbuildingconsultancy)
Blackwell Roofing Services Limited (blackwellroofing)
Blake Hopkinson Architecture & Design Limited (blakehopkinson), Blake Hopkinson Architecture and Design Limited (blakehopkinson), Blake Hopkinson Architecture and Design Ltd (blakehopkinson)
Blakeney Leigh Limited (blakeneyleigh)
Blb Chartered Surveyors (blbcharteredsurveyors)
Bloom Procurement Limited (bloomprocurement), Bloom Procurement Services (bloomprocurement), BLOOM PROCUREMENT SERVICES LTD (bloomprocurement)
BLS Asbestos (blsasbestos)
Blue Resources Trust (blueresourcestrust)
Blue Sail (bluesail)
Bluesky International Limited (bluesky), Bluesky International Ltd (bluesky)
Bluestone Catering Solutions Limited (bluestonecateringsolutions)
BM3 (bm3)
BMG Research (bmgresearch)
BMM Energy Solutions Ltd (bmmenergysolutions)
BNP Paribas (bnpparibas)
BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Li (bnpparibasrealestateadvisorypropertymanagementli)
Bob Design (bob)
Bond Bryan (bondbryan), Bond Bryan Architects (bondbryan), BOND BRYAN ARCHITECTS LIMITED (bondbryan)
Bonsers (Nottingham) Limited (bonsersnottingham)
Boomsatsuma Creative CIC (boomsatsumacreativecic)
Boon Brown Limted (boonbrownlimted)
Booth Welsh (boothwelsh)
Borough of Telford & Wrekin (t/a biT Group) (boroughoftelfordwrekin)
borwell Limited (borwell)
Boss Plumbing and Heating Services Limited (bossplumbingheating)
Botanic Gardens Conservation International (botanicgardensconservation)
Bourne Electrical Contractors Ltd (bourneelectricalcontractors)
Bouygues UK (bouygues)
Bowker Sadler (bowkersadler)
Bowker Sadler Partnership Limited (bowkersadlerhip), Bowker Sadler Partnership Ltd (bowkersadlerhip)
BOWMAN RILEY ARCHITECTS LIMITED (bowmanriley), Bowman Riley Architects Ltd (bowmanriley)
Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd (bowmerkirkland), Bowmer & Kirland Ltd (bowmerkirland), BOWMER AND KIRKLAND LIMITED (bowmerkirkland)
Box Architects (box)
Boyd Brothers (Fauldhouse) Ltd (boydbrothersfauldhouse)
Boyer Planning (boyerplanning)
Boyes Rees Architects (boyesrees)
Boyle and Summers (boylesummers)
BPM (bpm), BPM Project Management Ltd (bpm)
BPP Construction Consultants LLP (bppconsultants)
BPTW (bptw), BPTW Limited (bptw), BPTW LLP (bptw)
BPTW Partnership (bptwhip)
Bradley Murphy Design (bradleymurphy), Bradley Murphy Design Ltd (bradleymurphy)
Bradley Webster (bradleywebster)
Bradshaw Gass & Hope (bradshawgasshope), Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP (bradshawgasshope)
BRAHM Fundco 1 Ltd (brahmfundco1)
Brake Bros Ltd (brakebros)
Brambledown Landscape Services Ltd (brambledownlandscape)
BREHENY CIVIL ENGINEERING LIMITED (brehenycivil), Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd (brehenycivil)
Brennan Consult (brennanconsult)
Brewster Bye (brewsterbye)
BRIDGE Civil Engineering Ltd (bridgecivil)
Bridgeway Consulting Limited (bridgeway)
Bright & True (brighttrue)
BRIMELOW MCSWEENEY ARCHITECTS LIMITED (brimelowmcsweeney), Brimelow McSweeney Architects Ltd (brimelowmcsweeney)
Britannia Fire & Security Ltd (britanniafiresecurity)
BRITCON (UK) LIMITED (britconuk), Britcon (UK) Ltd (britconuk)
British Standards Institute Group (BSI) (britishstandardsinstitutebsi)
Broadway Malyan (broadwaymalyan), Broadway Malyan Limited (broadwaymalyan)
Brock Carmichael Architects (brockcarmichael), Brook Carmichael (brookcarmichael)
Brophy Riaz and Partners Ltd (brophyriaz)
Brownhill Hayward Architects (brownhillhayward)
Bruce Shaw (bruceshaw)
Brunel University (bruneluniversity)
Bruton Knowles LLP (brutonknowles)
Bryce Space and Technology (brycespacetechnology)
Bryden Wood (brydenwood)
BS3 services (bs3)
BSB Consultants Ltd t/a BSB Architecture (bsbconsultants)
BSG Ecology (bsgecology)
BSI British Standards (bsibritishstandards)
BSP Electrics Ltd (bspelectrics)
BTP (btp)
BTP Architects (Bernard Taylor Partnerships) (btpbernardtaylorhips)
BTU (INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE) LIMITED (btuinstallationmaintenance)
Buck Consultants International (buckconsultants)
Bugler Developments Ltd (buglerdevelopments)
Building Assocaites Ltd (buildingaites)
Building Design Partnership (BDP) (buildinghipbdp)
Building Design Partnership Limited (BDP) (buildinghipbdp)
Building Design Partnership Ltd (buildinghip), Building Partnerships Limited (buildinghips)
Buildlec Construction Ltd (buildlec)
Built Offsite Ltd (builtoffsite)
Bunzl UK Ltd (bunzl)
Bureau Veritas Building Control UK Ltd (bureauveritasbuildingcontrol)
Bureau Veritas UK Limited (bureauveritas)
Burns Owens Partnership Ltd (burnsowenship)
Buro Four Project Services, (burofourproject)
Buro Happold (burohappold), BURO HAPPOLD LIMITED (burohappold), Buro Happold Ltd (burohappold), BUROHAPPOLD ENGINEERING (burohappold)
Burrell Foley Fischer LLP (burrellfoleyfischer)
Burroughs (burroughs)
Bury Associates Ltd (bury)
Butler & Young Services Ltd (butleryoung)
Buttess Group Limited (buttess), Buttress Architects (buttress), Buttress Architects Limited (buttress), Buttress Architects Ltd (buttress), Buttress Group Limited (buttress)
BVG Associates Ltd (bvg)
BWA (Europe) Limited (bwaeurope)
BWB Consulting (bwb), BWB CONSULTING LIMITED (bwb), BWB Consulting Ltd (bwb)
BYA Architects (bya)
Byrne Looby Partners (UK) Limited (byrneloobyuk)
Bytes Software Services Ltd (bytessoftware)
C F Moller (cfmoller)
C H Contracting (South West) Ltd (chcontractingsouthwest)
C J Freeman (cjfreeman)
C Paxton (cpaxton)
C Proctor Engineering Limited (cproctor)
C R Reynolds (crreynolds)
C&C Catering Equipment Ltd (cccateringequipment)
C&D Demolition Consultants Ltd (cddemolitionconsultants)
C-Tech Innovation Ltd (ctechinnovation)
C.F. Møller Architects UK Ltd. (cfmøller)
C.R. REYNOLDS LIMITED (crreynolds)
C2 Concepts Ltd (c2concepts)
Caddick Construction (caddick)
Cadman Construction Ltd (cadman)
Caja Ltd (caja)
Caledonian Modular Ltd (caledonianmodular)
Calford Seaden (calfordseaden), calfordseaden (calfordseaden), calfordseaden LLP (calfordseaden), Calfordseaden Ltd (calfordseaden)
Calibre Conservation (calibreconservation)
Calvert Brain & Fraulo Ltd (calvertbrainfraulo)
Cambridge Econometrics Ltd (cambridgeeconometrics)
Cambridge Energy (cambridgeenergy)
Campbell Reith Hill (campbellreithhill)
Campbell Reith Hill LLP (campbellreithhill)
Campbell Tickell Ltd (campbelltickell)
CAN Structures (canstructures)
Canham Consulting Ltd (canham)
Canvas Spaces Limited (canvasspaces), Canvas Spaces Ltd (canvasspaces)
Capita (capita)
Capita (GL Hearn Limited) (capitaglhearn)
Capita AECOM (capitaaecom)
Capita Black and Veatch (capitablackveatch)
Capita Business Services Ltd (capitabusiness)
Capita Property & Infrastructure (capitaproperty), Capita Property & Infrastructure Limited (capitaproperty), CAPITA PROPERTY & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD (capitaproperty), Capita Property & Infrastructure Ltd, (capitaproperty), CAPITA PROPERTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE (STRUCTURES) LIMITED (capitaproperty), Capita Property and Infrastructure Ltd (capitaproperty)
Capital Building Services ltd (capitalbuilding)
Carbon Point Limited (Lead Contact Point) (carbonpointleadcontactpoint)
Carbon Trust Advisory Limited (carbontrustadvisory)
Carillion Construction Limited (carillion)
Carl Turner Architects Ltd trading as Turner Works (carlturnertradingasturnerworks)
Carl Turner Architecture Ltd (carlturner)
Carley Consult Ltd (carleyconsult)
Carley Daines & Partners (carleydaines)
Carmelcrest Limited (carmelcrest)
Carmody Groarke (carmodygroarke)
Carroll Build Ltd (carrollbuild)
Carter Jonas LLP (carterjonas)
Cartwright Pickard (cartwrightpickard), Cartwright Pickard Architects Limited (cartwrightpickard)
CarverHaggard (carverhaggard)
Cascade JV (CH2M, Arcadis, COWI) (cascadejointventurech2marcadiscowi)
Cass Associates (cass), CASS ASSOCIATES LTD (cass)
Cass Assoicates (cassassoicates)
Cassidy & Ashton (cassidyashton), Cassidy and Ashton (cassidyashton)
Castleford Engineering (castleford), CASTLEFORD ENGINEERING LIMITED (castleford)
CASTONS (castons)
cater-trailer ltd (catertrailer)
Catering Equipment Support Ltd (cateringequipmentsupport)
Caulmert Limited (caulmert)
CBRE (cbre)
CBRE Capital Advisors Limited (cbrecapitaladvisors)
CBRE Managed Services Limited (cbremanaged)
Ccd Design & Ergonomics Ltd (ccdergonomics)
CDM Smith Ireland Ltd (cdmsmithireland)
CDT (cdt)
CEMEX UK OPERATIONS LIMITED (cemexoperations), Cemex UK Operations Ltd (cemexoperations)
Cenergist Limited (cenergist)
Cenex (Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon & Fuel Cell Techn (cenexcentreofexcellenceforlowcarbonfuelcelltechn)
Central Alliance (centralalliance)
Central Sealants Limited (centralsealants)
Centre for Sustainable Energy (centreforsustainableenergy)
centrica business solutions UK limited (centricabusinesssolutions)
CGO Ecology Ltd (cgoecology)
CGS Contractors (cgscontractors)
CGT Consulting Limited (cgt)
CH2M HILL United Kingdom (ch2mhillunitedkingdom)
Challen Commercial Investigations Limited t/a Ensafe Consultants (challencommercialinvestigations)
Chargemaster Limited (T/A as bp pulse) (chargemaster)
Chartex (chartex)
Cheetham Hill Construction Ltd (cheethamhill)
Chetwoods Ltd (chetwoods)
Child Graddon Lewis (childgraddonlewis)
Chiles Evans + Care Architects Limited (chilesevanscare)
CHR Solutions Ltd (chrsolutions)
Chris Blandford Associates (chrisblandford), Chris Blandford Associates Ltd (chrisblandford)
Chris Dyson Architects (chrisdyson)
Christian Stoenica (christianstoenica)
Christians Environmental Ltd (christiansal)
Churchill Hui (churchillhui), Churchill Hui Ltd (churchillhui)
CIPFA C.Co ltd (cipfacco)
Citizens Design Bureau (citizensbureau)
City Energy Networks Ltd (cityenergynetworks)
City Playgrounds (cityplaygrounds)
City Science Corporation Limited (citysciencecorporation)
CityAxis Limited (cityaxis)
Civic Engineers (civicengineers), Civic Engineers Limited (civicengineers)
CJCT (Studio North) Ltd (cjctstudionorth)
CK21 Ltd (ck21)
Clague Architects (clague)
Clancy Consulting (clancy), Clancy Consulting Limited (clancy), Clancy Consulting Ltd (clancy), Clancy Consulting, (clancy)
Claridge Architects (claridge)
Clark & Kent Contractors (clarkkentcontractors)
Clarke Demolition (clarkedemolition)
Clarke Telecom Limited (clarketelecom)
Clarkebond (UK) Ltd (clarkebonduk)
Clear Consulting and Design Ltd (clear)
Clearview Environmental Ltd (clearviewal)
Clearwater Technology Ltd (clearwatertechnology)
Clenergy EV Ltd (clenergyev)
Climate Integrated Solutions Ltd (climateintegratedsolutions)
Clipston Constrcution Control Ltd (clipstonconstrcutioncontrol)
Clipston Construction Control Ltd (clipstoncontrol)
CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd (clsenergyconsultancy)
CNSL (cnsl)
Co.Me.B. Srl (comebsrl)
Coating Services Ltd (coating)
Coffey Architects (coffey)
COLAS LIMITED (colas), Colas Ltd (colas)
Colas SIAC Limited (colassiac), Colas SIAC Ltd (colassiac)
COLDSTAR (UK) LTD (coldstaruk)
ColladoCollins (colladocollins)
Collier Contracts Limited (colliercontracts)
COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY ADVISERS UK LLP (collierspropertyadvisers), Colliers International Property Advisors (collierspropertyadvisors)
Colour Urban Design Limited (coloururban)
Coltbridge Consultancy Limited (coltbridgeconsultancy)
Comcat Services Limited (comcat)
Commercial & Specialised Diving (commercialspecialiseddiving)
Commercially Public Ltd (commerciallypublic)
Companies House (companieshouse)
Complete Certification Ltd (completecertification)
Complete Weed Control Ltd (completeweedcontrol)
Compliance 365 (compliance365)
Compusult Limited (compusult)
Concept Engineering Consultants Limited t/a/ Concept Site Invest (conceptconsultants), Concept Engineering Consultants ltd (conceptconsultants), Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd T/A Concept Site Investigati (conceptconsultants)
Concept Project Management Ltd (concept)
Conception Architects (conception)
Concerto Partners LLP (concerto)
Condy & Lofthouse (condylofthouse), Condy Lofthouse Architects (condylofthouse)
Conisbee Limited (conisbee)
Coniston Limited (coniston)
Connect Property North East (connectpropertynortheast)
Connected Energy Ltd (connectedenergy)
Connected Kerb Ltd (connectedkerb)
Connell Brothers Ltd (connellbrothers)
Connor Construction (South West) Ltd (connorsouthwest)
Conran & Partners (conran), Conran & Partners Ltd (conran), Conran and Partners (conran), Conran and Partners Ltd (conran), Conran and Partners Ltd. (conran)
Consarc Engineering (consarc)
Construction Testing Solutions Ltd (constructiontestingsolutions)
Constructive Evaluation Limited (constructiveevaluation)
Consult Construct Ltd (consultconstruct)
Consult QRD (consultqrd)
Contec Design Services Ltd (contec)
Contemporary Art Society (contemporaryartsociety)
Continuum Sport and Leisure LTD (continuumsportleisure)
Contour Architecture Ltd (contour)
Cordis Bright Ltd (cordisbright)
core creative events ltd (corecreativeevents)
Coreus Projects Ltd (coreusprojects)
Corrosion Control Services (corrosioncontrol)
Corsair Engineering Ltd (corsair)
Corstorphine & Wright (corstorphinewright), CORSTORPHINE & WRIGHT GROUP LIMITED (corstorphinewright), CORSTORPHINE + WRIGHT LIMITED (corstorphinewright), Corstorphine + Wright Ltd (corstorphinewright)
Costain Limited (costain)
Costplan Services (South East) Ltd (costplansoutheast)
Cottrell & Vermeulen (cottrellvermeulen)
Couch Perry and Wilkes (couchperrywilkes), Couch Perry Wilkes (couchperrywilkes)
Court Catering Equipment Ltd (courtcateringequipment)
CP Viability (cpviability)
CPC (cpc)
CPC Project Services (cpcproject), CPC Project Services LLP (cpcproject)
Craddock Architects (craddock)
Cranfield University (cranfielduniversity)
Crayside Consulting Ltd (crayside)
Create Consulting Engineers Ltd (createengineers)
Create Street Ltd (createstreet)
createmaster (createmaster)
Creative Heritage Consultants Ltd (creativeheritageconsultants)
Crew Contractors Limited (crewcontractors)
CRL Architects (crl)
CRL Survey Ltd (crlsurvey)
Crosby Ferguson & Medcalf Limited (crosbyfergusonmedcalf)
Crosby Granger Architects (crosbygranger)
Crossfiled Living (crossfiledliving)
Cruden Construction Ltd (cruden)
Cruden Property Services Ltd (crudenproperty)
Crystal Electronics Limited (crystalelectronics)
CS2 Chartered Surveyors Ltd (cs2charteredsurveyors)
Cubby Construction Ltd (cubby)
CUBE CC LTD (cubecc)
Cuffe Plc (cuffe)
Cullinan Studio (cullinanstudio)
Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Limited (cumbrianuclearsolutions), Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Ltd (cumbrianuclearsolutions)
Cundall Johnston & Partners (cundalljohnston), Cundall Johnston and Partners (cundalljohnston), Cundall Johnston and Partners LLP (cundalljohnston)
Cunnington Clark Ltd (cunningtonclark)
Curl la Tourelle Head (curllatourellehead)
Currie & Brown (curriebrown), Currie & Brown Ltd (curriebrown), Currie & Brown UK Limited (curriebrown)
Currie & Brown UK Limited (Bristol) (curriebrownbristol)
Currie & Brown UK Ltd (curriebrown), Currie and Brown (curriebrown), Currie and Brown Ltd (curriebrown), Currie and Brown UK Ltd (curriebrown)
CURTINS (curtins), Curtins Consulting (curtins), CURTINS CONSULTING LIMITED (curtins), Curtins Consulting Ltd (curtins), Curtins Consulting Ltd, (curtins), Curtins Ltd (curtins)
Cushman & Wakefield (cushmanwakefield)
CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD DEBENHAM TIE LEUNG LIMITED (cushmanwakefielddebenhamtieleung), Cushman & Wakefield Debenham Tie Leung Ltd (cushmanwakefielddebenhamtieleung)
Cushman and Wakefield (cushmanwakefield)
Cyient Europe Limited (cyienteurope)
D R Jones Yeovil Ltd (drjonesyeovil)
D R M M Limited (drmm)
D W G Scaffolding Limited (dwgscaffolding)
D. Hughes Demolition & Excavation Limited (dhughesdemolitionexcavation)
DADA Enterprises (dadaenterprises)
Dallas-Pierce-Quintero (dallaspiercequintero)
Dams and Reservoirs Ltd (damsreservoirs)
Dannatt Johnson Architects LLP (dannattjohnson)
Darling Associates Ltd (darling)
Darnton B3 (darntonb3)
Darnton EGS Ltd (darntonegs)
Darntonb3 (darntonb3), DarntonB3 Architecture (darntonb3), DarntonB3 Limited (darntonb3)
Datum Design & Build (datumbuild)
David Lock Associates (davidlock), David Lock Associates Limited (davidlock)
David Miller Architects (davidmiller)
David Orr Consulting (davidorr)
David Provan Limited (davidprovan)
David Robotham Limited (davidrobotham)
David Simons Consultancy Ltd (davidsimonsconsultancy)
David Trundley Design Services Ltd (davidtrundley)
David Waterfall (davidwaterfall)
Dawkes (dawkes)
Dawkes & Co Ltd (dawkesco)
DAY Architectural Ltd (dayarchitectural)
DAY AT THE BEACH LIMITED (dayatthebeach)
Day Cummins (daycummins), Day Cummins Limited (daycummins), Day Cummins Ltd (daycummins)
Daykin Marshall Studio (daykinmarshallstudio)
DB3 Architecture & Design (db3)
DBD Limited (dbd)
DBR (London) Ltd (dbrlondon)
DC & MG Associates (dcmg)
DCA Consultancy Ltd (dcaconsultancy)
DCE Commercial Catering Engineers Ltd (dcecommercialcateringengineers)
Dears Brack (dearsbrack)
DECONSTRUCT (UK) LIMITED (deconstructuk)
Delap & Waller Limited (delapwaller)
DELOITTE LLP (deloitte)
Delta (delta)
Delta Green Environmental Design Limited (deltagreenal)
Delta Public Health Consulting (deltapublichealth)
Delta Services (delta)
Denby Catering Equipment Limited (denbycateringequipment), Denby Catering Equipment Ltd (denbycateringequipment)
Design Base International Ltd (designbase)
Design Studio Architects Ltd (designstudio)
Design-Studio North (designstudionorth)
Devon Contractors Limited (devoncontractors)
Devonshire Architects (devonshire), Devonshires (devonshires)
DHA PLANNING LTD (dhaplanning)
DHUD (dhud)
DHV Architects (dhv)
Diamond Build Plc (diamondbuild)
Digital Energy Ltd (digitalenergy)
Dimestage (Construction Co.) Limited (dimestageconstructionco)
Dionach Limited (dionach)
Direct Rail Services Ltd (directrail)
Disabled Enabled Limited trading as AccessAble (disabledenabledtradingasaccessable)
Distributor Systems International (distributorsystems)
District Eating Ltd (districteating)
Dixon Searle Partnership Ltd (dixonsearlehip)
DK-Architects (dkarchitects)
DK-CM (dkcm), DK-CM Limited (dkcm)
DKA (dka)
DLA Architecture Limited (dla), DLA Design Group Ltd (dla)
DLP Planning (dlpplanning), DLP Planning Ltd (dlpplanning)
Dodd Group (Midlands) Limited (doddmidlands)
Donald Hyslop - Independent Consultant (donaldhyslopindependentconsultant)
Donald Insall Associates (donaldinsall), Donald Insall Associates Ltd (donaldinsall)
Doosan Babcock Ltd (doosanbabcock)
Downing Property Services Limited (downingproperty)
DP Structures ltd (dpstructures)
DPP One Ltd (dppone)
Drainage 2000 Ltd (drainage2000)
Drake & Reynolds (drakereynolds)
DRDH Architects (drdh)
Dresco (Design & Consultancy) Ltd, (drescodesignconsultancy)
DRINKALL DEAN (LONDON) LIMITED (drinkalldeanlondon), Drinkall Dean [London] Ltd (drinkalldeanlondon)
Driver Group (driver)
Driver Project Services Ltd, (driverproject)
DriveTech UK Limited, (drivetech)
dRMM Architects (drmm), dRMM Ltd (drmm)
Dromos Technologies AG (dromostechnologiesag)
DSD Construction Ltd (dsd)
DSDHA (dsdha), DSDHA Ltd (dsdha)
DSMC (dsmc)
DTS Solutions Ltd (dtssolutions)
DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Ltd t/a Cushman and Wakefield (dtzdebenhamtieleung)
Duality Quantum Photonics Ltd (dualityquantumphotonics)
Ductclean (UK) Ltd t/a DCUK FM (ductcleanuk)
Ductclean UK (ductclean)
Duggan Morris Architects Ltd (dugganmorris)
Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental (dunelmgeotechnicalal), Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Limited (dunelmgeotechnicalal)
Dunkil Developments Ltd. (dunkildevelopments)
Durham Wildlife Services limited, (durhamwildlife)
DYSE Ltd (dyse)
E & R Moffat Ltd (ermoffat)
E E Thompson and Son Ltd (eethompsonson)
E P R Architects (epr)
E S Rudkin Ltd (esrudkin)
E&B Group Ltd (eb)
E&R Moffat Ltd (ermoffat)
E.ON Energy Solutions Limited (eonenergysolutions)
E.ON UK (eon)
E.W. BEARD LIMITED (ewbeard)
Eamonn Byrne Landscape Architects Ltd (eamonnbyrnelandscape)
Earl Kendrick (earlkendrick)
East Architecture landscape urban design (eastlandscapeurban), East Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design Ltd (eastlandscapeurban)
East Hampshire District Council (easthampshiredistrictcouncil)
Easton Bevins (eastonbevins)
EB Charging Ltd (ebcharging)
ECD Architects (ecd), ECD ARCHITECTS LTD (ecd)
ECE Architecture (ece)
echelon Consultancy Limited (echelonconsultancy)
Eckersley O'Callaghan (eckersleyoaposcallaghan)
Eco Approach Ltd t/a PropCert (ecoapproach)
Eco Modular Buildings Ltd (ecomodularbuildings)
Ecological Survey & Assessment Limited (ECOSA) (ecologicalsurveyassessmentecosa)
Ecosurv Limited (ecosurv)
Ecuity Consulting (ecuity)
Ecus Ltd, (ecus)
Edburton Contractors Ltd (edburtoncontractors)
EDF ENERGY R&D UK CENTRE LIMITED (edfenergyrdcentre)
Edge Property Solutions (edgepropertysolutions), EDGE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LIMITED (edgepropertysolutions)
Edge public solutions Ltd (edgepublicsolutions)
EDGEPS Limited (edgeps), EdgePS Ltd (edgeps)
Education Space Consultancy (educationspaceconsultancy)
Edward Architecture (edward)
Edwards & Edwards Consultancy Ltd (edwardsedwardsconsultancy)
Edwards Architecture Ltd (edwards)
Egis Rail UK (egisrail)
EGS International Ltd (egs)
Electrotec Electrical Contractors Ltd (electrotecelectricalcontractors)
Element Materials Technology Environmental UK Ltd (elementmaterialstechnologyal)
Elementa Consulting (elementa), Elementa Consulting Ltd (elementa)
Elliott Associates (elliott), Elliott Group Ltd (elliott)
Ellis Williams Architect (elliswilliamsarchitect)
Ellis Williams Architects (elliswilliams), Ellis Williams Architects Limited (elliswilliams)
Elluc Projects (ellucprojects)
Elmbridge Building Control Services Ltd (elmbridgebuildingcontrol)
Elmtronics Limited (elmtronics)
ELVET CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS LTD (elvetconsultants), Elvet Construction Consultants Ltd t/a Elvet Chartered Surveyors (elvetconsultants), Elvet Construction Consultants t/a Elvet Chartered Surveyors (elvetconsultants)
em1 Ltd`` (em1)
Emerald Project Solutions Ltd (emeraldprojectsolutions)
Emergent Vernacular Architecture Ltd (emergentvernacular)
Emily Greeves Architects (emilygreeves)
Emma Adams & Partners Ltd (emmaadams)
Emmaus Consulting Limited (emmaus), EMMAUS Consulting Ltd (emmaus)
Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd (empathyalconsultants)
EMS Community Ventures (emscommunityventures)
Emu Analytics (emuanalytics)
Energy and Compliance Technology Limited Trading as Compliance36 (energycompliancetechnologytradingascompliance36)
Energy Systems Catapult (energysystemscatapult)
Enforcement Services Ltd (enforcement)
Engie FM Limited (engiefm)
ENGIE Regeneration (engieregeneration), ENGIE Regeneration Limited (engieregeneration)
ENGIE Regeneration Limited l/a EQUANS (engieregenerationlaequans)
ENGIE Regeneration Limited t/a EQUANS (engieregeneration), ENGIE Regeneration Ltd (engieregeneration)
Engineering Analysis Services Limited (engineeringanalysis)
Engineering Services Design Ltd (engineering)
Enodatio Consulting Ltd (enodatio)
Enquin Environmental Limited (enquinal), Enquin Environmental Ltd (enquinal)
Ensigna Construction (ensigna)
Entrust (entrust)
Environment Systems Ltd (environmentsystems)
Environmental Resources Management Limited (environmentalresourcesmanagement)
Environtec Limited (environtec)
Enzygo Ltd (enzygo)
EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG (eomapgmbhcokg)
EP Consulting (ep)
EPC Total (epctotal)
EPlan Ltd (eplan)
EPR Architects (epr), EPR Architects Limited (epr), EPR Architects Ltd (epr)
EQUANS (equans)
Erfgoed Advies Groen B.V. (erfgoedadviesgroenbv)
Eric Parry Architects (ericparry)
Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited (ericwrightcivil), Eric Wright Civil Engineering Ltd (ericwrightcivil)
Eric Wright Construction (ericwright), Eric Wright Construction Ltd (ericwright)
Erith Contractors Ltd (erithcontractors)
ERMC Limited (ermc), Ermc Ltd (ermc)
Ernst & Young LLP (ernstyoung), Ernst and Young LLP (ernstyoung)
Esh Construction (esh), ESH CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (esh), Esh Construction Ltd (esh)
Esh Homes Limited (eshhomes)
Essentia Trading Limited (essentiatrading), Essentia Trading Ltd (essentiatrading)
Essex County Council (essexcountycouncil)
ESTEYCO S.A. (esteycosa)
ETA Projects Limited (etaprojects), ETA Projects Ltd (etaprojects)
Etec Contract Services Limited (eteccontract)
Ethical Commercial Services Ltd (ethicalcommercial)
Ethos Environmental Planning Limited (ethosalplanning), Ethos Environmental Planning Ltd (ethosalplanning)
Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd (eunomiaresearch)
Europa (europa)
Europa Technologies Ltd. (europatechnologies)
European Marine Energy Centre Ltd (europeanmarineenergycentre)
Eurovia Contracting (euroviacontracting)
EUROVIA INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED (eurovia), Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd (eurovia)
evans vettori architects ltd (evansvettori), Evans Vittori (evansvittori)
EVANS,MONTAGU,DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT LTD (evansmontagudevelopmentmanagement)
EVISA SOLUTIONS LIMITED TA MALIKSHAW (evisasolutionstamalikshaw)
Evolution Ltd (evolution)
Evolving Solutions Consultancy Limited (evolvingsolutionsconsultancy)
Exact Scaffolding MK Ltd (exactscaffoldingmk)
eXceeding Limited (exceeding)
Executive management assist (executivemanagementassist)
EXI Project Management Group (exi)
EXP Consulting Ltd, (exp)
Expedition Engineering (expedition)
Expert Fire Solutions Ltd (expertfiresolutions)
Expleo Engineering UK Limited (expleo)
Exposures Event Solutions LLP (exposureseventsolutions)
Exterior Architecture (exterior), Exterior Architecture Ltd (exterior), Exterior Architecture Ltd. (exterior)
Extraspace Solutions (extraspacesolutions)
F Parkinson Ltd (fparkinson)
F3CONSRUCT Limited (f3consruct)
F3GROUP (f3group)
Fabrikat (Nottingham) Ltd T/A Neoterik (fabrikatnottingham)
Fading Footprints Ltd (fadingfootprints)
Fairhurst (fairhurst), Fairhust (fairhust)
Fairthorn Farrell Timms (fairthornfarrelltimms)
Faithful & Gould (faithfulgould), Faithful & Gould Ltd (faithfulgould), Faithful + Gould (faithfulgould), Faithful + Gould Limited (faithfulgould), Faithful + Gould Ltd (faithfulgould), Faithful and Gould (faithfulgould), Faithful+Gould (faithfulgould), Faithful+Gould Limited (faithfulgould), Faithfull and Gould (faithfullgould)
Faithorn Farrell Timms (faithornfarrelltimms), FAITHORN FARRELL TIMMS LLP (faithornfarrelltimms)
Falco UK Ltd (falco)
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West Limited (farmingwildlifeadvisorysouthwest)
Farrans Construction trading as a division of Northstone (NI) LI (farranstradingasadivisionofnorthstonenili)
Farrell & Clark LLP (farrellclark)
Farrells (London) LLP (farrellslondon)
Farrer Huxley Limited (farrerhuxley)
FarrPoint Limited (farrpoint)
FaulknerBrown Architects (faulknerbrown), FaulknerBrowns Architects (faulknerbrowns)
FCB Studios (fcbstudios)
Feilden & Mawson (feildenmawson)
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (feildencleggbradleystudios), Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios LLP (feildencleggbradleystudios)
Feilden Fowles Architects (feildenfowles)
Feilden+Mawson LLP (feildenmawson)
Fereday Pollard Architects (feredaypollard)
Ferguson Mann Architects (fergusonmann)
Festival & Events International Limited (festivalevents)
Field (field)
Figure Ground Architects (figureground), Figure/Ground Architects (figureground)
Fiona Fyfe Associates (fionafyfe)
Fire Compliance Management Services Limited (firecompliancemanagement)
Fire-rite UK LTD (firerite)
Firesec Compliance Limited (fireseccompliance)
First In Service Limited (firstinservice)
Fisher German (fishergerman)
FIT OUT AND REFURBISHMENT MANAGEMENT LTD (fitoutrefurbishmentmanagement)
Fitz Architects (fitz)
Flanagan Lawrence (flanaganlawrence), Flanagan Lawrence Ltd (flanaganlawrence)
Fleming Ecology (flemingecology)
Fletcher Priest Architects (fletcherpriest)
Fletcher Rae (UK) Ltd (fletcherraeuk)
Flood Control (NI) Ltd Trading as Watertight (floodcontrolnitradingaswatertight)
Flowbird Smart City UK LTD (flowbirdsmartcity)
Fluid Design Ltd (fluid)
FM Conway Ltd (fmconway)
FM Management Solutions Ltd (fmmanagementsolutions)
FMG Consulting Ltd (fmg)
Focus 2010 LLP (focus2010)
Focus Consulatnat 2010 LLP (focusconsulatnat2010)
Focus Consultants (focusconsultants)
Focus Consultants 2010 LLP (focusconsultants2010)
Focus Consultants LLP (focusconsultants)
Footprint Architects Ltd (footprint)
Footprint-Ecology Ltd (footprintecology)
Ford Mainwaring Ltd (fordmainwaring)
FORDS OF BLYTHE BRIDGE LIMITED (fordsofblythebridge)
Fore Consulting LTD (fore), Fore Consulting Ltd, (fore)
FOREVER MANCHESTER (forevermanchester)
Fortem Solutions Ltd (fortemsolutions)
Foster + Partners (foster)
Fourth Street Place Consultants Ltd (fourthstreetplaceconsultants)
Fox Catering Equipment Ltd (foxcateringequipment)
FPCR ENVIRONMENT AND DESIGN LIMITED (fpcr), FPCR Environment and Design Ltd (fpcr)
Frame Projects (frameprojects), Frame Projects Ltd (frameprojects)
Framework of Providers (frameworkofproviders)
Frank Reynolds Architects Ltd (frankreynolds)
Frank Shaw Associates Ltd (frankshaw)
Frankham Consultancy Group (frankhamconsultancy), Frankham Consultancy Group Limited (frankhamconsultancy), Frankham Consultancy Group Ltd (frankhamconsultancy)
Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects (fraserbrownmackenna), Fraser Brown MacKenna Ltd t/a Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects (fraserbrownmackenna)
FRAZER-NASH CONSULTANCY LIMITED (frazernashconsultancy), Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd (frazernashconsultancy)
Fred Marketing Ltd (fredmarketing)
Freeman and Hook Scaffolding Contractors (freemanhookscaffoldingcontractors)
Frith Resource Management Ltd (frithresourcemanagement)
FTI Consulting LLP (fti)
FUGRO GB Marine Ltd (fugrogbmarine)
Fulkers Bailey Russell (fulkersbaileyrussell)
Fulkers LLP (fulkers)
Fullstop Fire & Security Ltd (fullstopfiresecurity)
Furness Partnership (furnesship)
FUSION CLC Limited (fusionclc)
Fusion Project Management Ltd (fusion)
FutureGov Limited (futuregov)
FWS Consultants Ltd (fwsconsultants)
G Burley & Sons (gburleysons)
G Evans (Services) Ltd (gevansservices)
G F Tomlinson (gftomlinson)
G S Kelsey Ltd (gskelsey)
G W Marine Systems Ltd (gwmarinesystems)
G&L Consultancy (glconsultancy)
G.L. Hearn (glhearn)
Gagarin Studio (gagarinstudio)
Gaist Solutions Ltd (gaistsolutions)
Galliford Try (gallifordtry)
Galliford Try Building Limited (gallifordtrybuilding)
Galliford Try Building Limited trading as Galliford Try HPS (gallifordtrybuildingtradingasgallifordtryhps)
Galliford Try Building Ltd (gallifordtrybuilding)
Galliford Try Construction Limited (gallifordtry), GALLIFORD TRY INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED (gallifordtry), Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd (gallifordtry)
Gardiner & Theoabald LLP (gardinertheoabald), Gardiner & Theobald (gardinertheobald)
GARDINER & THEOBALD HOLDINGS LIMITED (gardinertheobaldholdings)
Gardiner & Theobald LLP (gardinertheobald)
Gardiner Stewart Architect (gardinerstewartarchitect)
Gardner Stewart Architects (gardnerstewart)
Gardner, Stewart and Stewart Ltd (gardnerstewartstewart)
Gate One Limited (gateone)
Gateley Hamer Limited (gateleyhamer), Gately Hamer (gatelyhamer)
Gazeley Painting Limited (gazeleypainting)
GB Geotechnics Limited (gbgeotechnics)
GCA (UK) Limited (gcauk)
gcp Chartered Architects (gcpchartered)
GCW (gcw)
GE Medical Systems Limited (gemedicalsystems)
Gelder Ltd (gelder)
Genecon Ltd (genecon)
General Utilities North West Ltd (generalutilitiesnorthwest)
Gensler Europe Ltd (genslereurope), Gensler Europe, Ltd (genslereurope)
Geo Smart Decisions (geosmartdecisions)
Geo-Environmental Services Limited (geoenvironmental)
Geo. Houlton & Sons Ltd (geohoultonsons)
Geoffrey Osborne Ltd (geoffreyosborne)
Geomatics UK Ltd (geomatics)
GeoPlace LLP (geoplace)
George and Company (Surveyors) Ltd (georgecompanysurveyors)
Geospatial Insight (geospatialinsight)
Geotechnics Ltd (geotechnics)
Gerald Eve LLP (geraldeve)
Gerald Fox Architects (geraldfox)
GEZE UK Ltd (geze)
GF Tomlinson Group Limited (gftomlinson)
GIA (gia)
Giles Quarme and Associates (gilesquarme)
Gillespies LLP (gillespies)
Gilling Dod Architects Ltd (gillingdod), GILLING DOD LIMITED (gillingdod), Gilling Dod Ltd (gillingdod)
Ginger Lehmann Ltd (gingerlehmann)
Ginkgo Garden Design & Landscape (ginkgogardenlandscape)
GL Hearn Limited (glhearn)
Glamorgan White Lining (glamorganwhitelining)
GLANCY NICHOLLS ARCHITECTS LIMITED (glancynicholls), Glancy Nichools Architects Ltd (glancynichools)
Glass Futures Ltd (glassfutures)
Gleeds (gleeds)
Gleeds (London) (gleedslondon)
Gleeds (Nottingham) (gleedsnottingham)
Gleeds Advisory (gleedsadvisory), GLEEDS ADVISORY LIMITED (gleedsadvisory)
Gleeds Building Surveying Ltd (gleedsbuildingsurveying)
Gleeds Cost Management Limited (gleedscostmanagement), Gleeds Cost Management Ltd (gleedscostmanagement)
Gleeds Ltd (gleeds)
Gleeds Management servcies Ltd (gleedsmanagementservcies)
Gleeds Management Services Limited (gleedsmanagement), Gleeds Management Services Ltd (gleedsmanagement)
Glenn Howells Architects (glennhowells), Glenn Howells Architects Ltd (glennhowells)
Glenny (glenny), Glenny LLP (glenny)
Glevum Heating (glevumheating)
GlobalTrust Ltd (globaltrust)
Globe Architects (globe)
GM Design Associates (gm), GM Design Associates Limited (gm)
GMV NSL (gmvnsl)
Golder Associates (UK) Ltd (golderuk)
Goram Homes Limited (goramhomes)
Gordon Ingram Associates (GIA) (gordoningramgia)
Gort Scott (gortscott)
Gotch Saunders & Surridge LLP (gotchsaunderssurridge), Gotch Saunders & Surridge LLP, (gotchsaunderssurridge), Gotch Saunders & Surridge t/a GSSArchitecture (gotchsaunderssurridge), Gotch Saunders and Sturridge (gotchsaunderssturridge), Gotch Saunders and Surridge LLP (gotchsaunderssurridge), Gotch Saunders and Surridge LLP t/a GSSArchitecture (gotchsaunderssurridge)
GOTCH, SAUNDERS (gotchsaunders)
GPM2 Design Ltd (gpm2)
Gradient Consultants Limited (gradientconsultants)
Gradon Architecture (gradon)
Grafik Ltd (grafik)
GRAHAM + SIBBALD (grahamsibbald)
Graham Carruthers Partnership Ltd (grahamcarruthership)
Graham Kinnear Property Consultant lTD (grahamkinnearpropertyconsultant)
Grant Thornton UK LLP (grantthornton)
Gray Quantity Surveying Services (grayquantitysurveying), Gray Quantity Surveying Services Limited (grayquantitysurveying)
Green Blue Urban (greenblueurban)
Green Corridors (greencorridors)
Green Park Interim and Executive (greenparkinterimexecutive)
Green Property Services (greenproperty)
Greenfield Nordic Ltd (greenfieldnordic)
GREENHATCH GROUP LIMITED (greenhatch), Greenhatch Group Ltd (greenhatch), Greenhatch Group Ltd. (greenhatch)
Greenwood Projects (greenwoodprojects), Greenwood Projects Ltd (greenwoodprojects)
greig & stephenson (greigstephenson), Greig and Stephenson (greigstephenson)
GRID Architects ltd (grid)
Griffiths & Armour (griffithsarmour)
Grimshaw (grimshaw), Grimshaw Architects LLP (grimshaw)
Ground and Water (groundwater)
Ground Technology Limited (groundtechnology)
Groundwork Hertfordshire (groundworkhertfordshire)
Groundwork Landscapes Ltd (groundworklandscapes)
Groundwork London (groundworklondon)
Groundwork North East (groundworknortheast)
Groundwork Wakefield Limited (groundworkwakefield)
GS Ecology ltd. (gsecology)
GSSArchitecture (gssarchitecture)
GT3 Architects (gt3), GT3 ARCHITECTS LIMITED (gt3)
Guildmore (guildmore)
Gustafson Porter Bowman (gustafsonporterbowman)
Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey Limited (gutteridgehaskinsdavey)
Guy Crowther Landscapes Limited (guycrowtherlandscapes)
Guy Taylor Associates Ltd (guytaylor)
GVA Grimley Limited (gvagrimley), GVA Grimley Limited (t/a Avison Young) (gvagrimley), GVA Grimley Limited t/a Avison Young (gvagrimley), GVA Grimley LLP (gvagrimley), GVA Grimley Ltd (gvagrimley)
GWP Architecture (gwp), GWP Architecture Ltd (gwp)
Haagen Rookgeneratoren B.V. (haagenrookgeneratorenbv)
Hadley Interiors Ltd (hadley)
Haley Sharpe Design (haleysharpe), Haley Sharpe Design Limited (haleysharpe)
Hall & Partners (Special Projects) Limited (hallspecialprojects)
Hall McKnight (hallmcknight)
Halliday Clark Ltd (hallidayclark)
Halliday Meecham Architects (hallidaymeecham), Halliday Meecham Architects Limited (hallidaymeecham)
Hallmark Property Services Limited (hallmarkproperty)
Halsall Lloyd Partnership Architects & Designers (halsalllloydhipers)
Halsall Lloyd Partnership LLP (halsalllloydhip)
Hamilton & Pollock (2012) Limited (hamiltonpollock2012)
Hamilton Architects (hamilton), HAMILTON ARCHITECTS LLP (hamilton)
Hamlet Commercial Ltd (hamletcommercial)
Hamson Barron Smith Limited (HBS) (hamsonbarronsmithhbs)
Hans van der Heijden Architect aka HVDH (hansvanderheijdenarchitectakahvdh)
Happy Energy Solutions Ltd (happyenergysolutions)
Hardyman & Co. Ltd (hardymanco)
Hargreaves Contracting (hargreavescontracting)
Hargreaves Industrial Services Limited (hargreavesindustrial)
HARLEY HADDOW (EDINBURGH) LTD (harleyhaddowedinburgh)
HARMONIC KINETIC LTD (harmonickinetic)
Harrison Design Development Ltd (harrisondevelopment)
Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP (hartnelltaylorcook)
Hartwell Architects (hartwell)
HaskoningDHV UK Limited (haskoningdhv), HaskoningDHV UK Ltd (haskoningdhv)
Hassall Lloyd (hassalllloyd)
HAT PROJECTS (hatprojects)
Hatherley Commercial Services Limited (hatherleycommercial), Hatherley Commercial Services Limited (HCS) (hatherleycommercialhcs)
Haverstock Associates LLP (haverstock)
Havills Exhibitions Ltd (havillsexhibitions)
Hawkins and Brown Architects LLP (hawkinsbrown), Hawkins Brown (hawkinsbrown), Hawkins Brown Architects (hawkinsbrown), HAWKINS BROWN ARCHITECTS LLP (hawkinsbrown), Hawkins Brown Design Limited (hawkinsbrown), Hawkins Brown Design Ltd (hawkinsbrown), Hawkins\Brown (hawkinsbrown)
Haworth Tompkins (haworthtompkins), Haworth Tompkins Limited (haworthtompkins), Haworth Tompkins Ltd (haworthtompkins)
Hayden's Arboricultural Consultants Ltd (haydensarboriculturalconsultants)
Hayhurst and Co (hayhurstco)
Hayley Sharpe (hayleysharpe)
Hazelton Advisory Ltd (hazeltonadvisory)
HDH Planning and Development Ltd (hdhplanningdevelopment)
HDL Limited (hdl)
Headland Design Associates (headland)
Health and Safety Laboratory (healthsafetylaboratory)
HealthTrust Europe LLP (healthtrusteurope)
Heat Network Associates (heatnetwork), Heat Network Associates Ltd (heatnetwork)
Heatelect Ltd (heatelect)
Heb Chartered Surveyors t/as Nationwide CIL Service (hebcharteredsurveyors)
Helyx Secure Information Systems Limited (helyxsecureinformationsystems)
HemingwayDesign (hemingwaydesign)
Henley Halebrown (HHBR Ltd) (henleyhalebrownhhbr)
Henley Halebrown Rorrison (aka HHBR) (henleyhalebrownrorrisonakahhbr)
HENRY BOOT CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (henryboot), Henry Boot Construction Ltd (henryboot)
Henry Boot Developments Limited (henrybootdevelopments)
Henry Riley LLP (henryriley)
Heritage Insider (heritageinsider)
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire (heritagetrustoflincolnshire)
Hertford Planning Service (hertfordplanningservice)
HES Group Ltd (hes), HES Group Uk Ltd (hes)
HexCam Ltd (hexcam)
HGP Architects Ltd (hgp)
Hickton Consultants (hicktonconsultants), Hickton Consultants Ltd (hicktonconsultants)
Highway Construction Services (highway)
Highway Quality Solutions Ltd (highwayqualitysolutions)
Hilsdon Holmes Limited (hilsdonholmes)
Hilson Moran Partnership Ltd (hilsonmoranhip)
Hinko Construction Limited (hinko)
HIVE Land and planning (hivelandplanning)
HK (Kitchen & Bar Solutions) Ltd t/a HK Projects (hkkitchenbarsolutions)
HKR Architects (hkr)
HLMAD Architects (hlmad), HLMAD LIMITED (hlmad)
Hoare Lea (hoarelea), HOARE LEA & PARTNERS (hoarelea), HOARE LEA LLP (hoarelea)
Hobson & Porter Limited (hobsonporter), Hobson @ Porter (hobsonporter)
Hodgson Sayers Limited (hodgsonsayers)
HOK (hok), HOK International Limited (hok)
Holiday Fielding Hocking Ltd (holidayfieldinghocking)
Holt Architectural Ltd (holtarchitectural)
Holwest Limited t/a DKA Architects (holwest)
HomeSun Holdings ltd (homesunholdings)
HOP Consulting Limited (hop)
Horsley Huber Architects Ltd (horsleyhuber)
Horticon Ltd (horticon)
Hoshizaki Europe B.V. (hoshizakieuropebv)
Housing LIN Enterprise ltd. (housinglinenterprise)
Howarth Litchfield (howarthlitchfield), HOWARTH LITCHFIELD PARTNERSHIP LIMITED (howarthlitchfieldhip), Howarth Litchfield, (howarthlitchfield)
HR Wallingford Ltd (hrwallingford)
HRS Services Limited (hrs)
hsl Compliance Ltd (hslcompliance)
HTA Architects (hta), HTA Design LLP (hta), HTA Design Ltd (hta)
Hudson Architects (hudson), Hudson Architects Ltd (hudson)
Hugh Broughton Architects (hughbroughton)
Hugh Massey Architects (hughmassey)
Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers Ltd (hulleykirkwoodengineers)
Human Engine Limited (humanengine)
Humber And Wolds Rural Communty Council (humberwoldsruralcommuntycouncil)
Hunter & Partners Limited (hunter), Hunter & Partners Ltd (hunter), Hunters (hunters), Hunters & Partners Limited (hunters)
Huntley Cartwright (huntleycartwright)
Hutchinson & Partners Limited (hutchinson)
Huyton Plumbing & Heating Limited (huytonplumbingheating)
HW Controls & Assurance Ltd (hwcontrolsassurance)
Hyas Associates (hyas)
Hydrock (hydrock)
Hydrock Consultants Lmited (hydrockconsultantslmited)
Hydrock Consultants Ltd (hydrockconsultants)
I J CANNINGS & SON LTD (ijcanningsson)
I-TRANSPORT LLP (itransport)
IA Play Solution (iaplaysolution)
Ian Baxter - Specialist Blacksmith and Heritage Engineer (ianbaxterspecialistblacksmithheritageengineer)
Ian Farmer Associates (1998) Limited (ianfarmer1998)
IBI Group (UK) Limited (ibiuk), IBI Group (UK) Ltd (ibiuk)
IBI Group Limited (ibi)
ICE Creates Limited (icecreates)
Iceni Homes Limited (icenihomes)
Iceni Projects (iceniprojects), Iceni Projects Limited (iceniprojects)
ID Partnership (Northern) (idhipnorthern), ID Partnership Northern (idhipnorthern)
Identity Consult (identityconsult), IDENTITY CONSULT LIMITED (identityconsult), IDENTITY CONSULT LTD (identityconsult)
IDOM Consulting (idom), IDOM UK Limited (idom)
IDPARTNERSHIP NORTHERN (idpartnershipnorthern)
IDS LAND SURVEY (idslandsurvey)
idverde Ltd (idverde)
Ignite Consulting Ltd (ignite)
IIC Technologies Limited (iictechnologies), IIC Technologies Ltd (iictechnologies), IIC Technologies Ltd. (iictechnologies)
IKON Architecture Limited (ikon)
IKON Architecture Limted (ikonlimted)
ILECS Ltd (ilecs)
Illman Young Landscape Design Ltd (illmanyounglandscape)
Imaginative Futures LLC (imaginativefuturesllc)
Impalloy Limited (impalloy)
Imperial College London (imperialcollegelondon)
IMPOWER Consulting Limited (impower)
IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT (improvementdevelopmentagencyforlocalgovernment)
Impulse Geophysics (impulsegeophysics)
IN2 Design Engineering Limited (in2)
In2Build Construction Ltd (in2build)
Indufor Oy (induforoy)
Inertia Consulting Ltd (inertia)
INFRASTRUCT CS LTD (infrastructcs)
Ingleton Wood LLP (ingletonwood)
Inner Circle Consulting Limited (innercircle)
Innes Associates Architecture & Urban Design (innesurban)
Innes England (innesengland)
Innogy eMobility Ltd (innogyemobility)
INOVYN Enterprises Limited (inovynenterprises)
Inspectas Compliance Ltd (inspectascompliance)
Inspectorate Limited T/A Roch NDT Services (inspectorate), Inspectorate Ltd T/A Roch NDT Services (inspectorate)
Inspire (Structures) Limited (inspire)
Instalcom Limited (instalcom)
INSTITUTE FOR EMPLOYMENT STUDIES (instituteforemploymentstudies)
Institute of Health and Society - Newcastle Univiersity (instituteofhealthsocietynewcastleuniviersity)
Integral Engineering Design (integral), Integral Services Limited t/a HCE (integral)
Integrated Decommissioning Solutions (integrateddecommissioningsolutions)
Integrated Health Projects (IHP) – Group of Economic Operators c (integratedhealthprojectsihp–ofeconomicoperatorsc)
Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (integratedtransportplanning)
Integrated Water Services Ltd (integratedwater)
Intelligent Data Collection (intelligentdatacollection)
Intelligent Plan Examiners (IPE) (intelligentplanexaminersipe), Intelligent Plans and Examinations (IPE) Ltd (intelligentplansexaminationsipe)
Interaction Ltd (interaction)
Interclass plc (interclass)
Interface Enterprises (interfaceenterprises)
Interim Partners Limited (trading as New Street Consulting Group (interimtradingasnewstreet)
Interlock Surveys Ltd (interlocksurveys), Interlocks Surveys Ltd (interlockssurveys)
International Fire Consultants (internationalfireconsultants)
Interserve (interserve)
Interserve (Facilities Management) ltd (interservefacilitiesmanagement)
Interserve Construction Limited (interserve), Interserve Construction Ltd (interserve)
Intratest Ltd (intratest)
Investigo Limited (investigo)
Invigour Ltd (invigour)
Ireland Albrecht Ltd (irelandalbrecht)
IS Consultancy (UK) Ltd (isconsultancyuk)
isg (isg), ISG Construction Ltd (isg)
ITM Power Trading Ltd (itmpowertrading)
ITW Ltd - Trading as Hobart UK (itwtradingashobart)
ITW Ltd T/A Hobart UK Warewash, Cooking & Service (itw)
J B Riney & Co. Ltd (jbrineyco)
J Cheesmur & Sons (Lewes) Ltd t/a Cheesmur Building Contract (jcheesmursonslewes)
J Greenwood Builders (jgreenwoodbuilders)
J L Gibbons (jlgibbons)
J TOMLINSON (GROUP) LTD (jtomlinsongroup)
J4 Projects (j4projects)
Jack Moody Landscaping & Civil Engineering Ltd (jackmoodylandscapingcivil)
Jackson and Jackson & Sons Ltd (jacksonjacksonsons)
JACKSON CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUP LIMITED (jacksoncivil), Jackson Civil Engineering Group Ltd (jacksoncivil)
Jackson Lift Services Ltd (jacksonlift)
Jacob Field Services (jacobfield)
Jacobs (jacobs), Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd (jacobs)
Jacobs Stobbarts Limited (jacobsstobbarts)
Jacobs U.K Ltd (jacobsuk), Jacobs U.K. Limited (jacobsuk)
Jacobs U.K. Limited, Cottons Centre (jacobsukcottonscentre)
JACOBS U.K. LTD (jacobsuk)
JACOBS UK LIMITED (jacobs), Jacobs UK Ltd (jacobs)
James Corner Field Operations (jamescornerfieldoperations)
James Harvard (jamesharvard)
James Mackintosh Architects (jamesmackintosh)
James Rowlands (jamesrowlands)
James Totty Partnership (jamestottyhip), James Totty Partnership LLP (jamestottyhip)
Jamie Curran (jamiecurran)
Jan Kattein Architects (jankattein)
Jane Darbyshire & David Kendall Ltd (janedarbyshiredavidkendall)
Janus Architecture (janus)
Jarvis Contracting Ltd (jarviscontracting)
Jayne Knight (jayneknight)
JBA (jba)
JBA Consultants (jbaconsultants)
JBA Consulting (jba), JBA Consulting Ltd (jba), JBA Consulting, (jba), JBA Engineering Ltd (jba)
JCP Consulting Engineers Ltd (jcpengineers)
JDK Strategy Ltd (jdkstrategy)
Jeakins Weir Ltd (jeakinsweir)
Jefferson Sheard Architects Limited (jeffersonsheard)
Jeremy Benn Associates Limited (t/a JBA Consulting) (jeremybenn)
Jeremy Benn Associates Limited trading as JBA Consulting (jeremybenntradingasjba)
Jeremy Benn Associates Ltd (jeremybenn)
Jessop and Cook (jessopcook)
Jestico + Whiles + Associates Ltd (jesticowhiles)
JH Parttners Ltd (jhparttners)
JLA Limited (jla), JLA Ltd (jla)
JLL (jll)
JLL - North West (jllnorthwest)
JN Bentley Civil Engineering Contractor Ltd (jnbentleycivilcontractor)
JN Bentley Ltd (jnbentley)
JNP Group Consulting Engineers Ltd (jnpengineers)
JNP Group Consulting Engineers Ltd, trading as JNP Group (jnpengineerstradingasjnp)
JNP Group Consulting Ltd T/A JNP Group (jnp)
Jobber Projects Limited (jobberprojects)
John Burke Associates (johnburke)
JOHN GRAHAM CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (johngraham), John Graham Construction Ltd (johngraham)
John Lester Partnership Ltd (johnlesterhip)
John McAslan + Partners (johnmcaslan)
John McCall Architects (johnmccall)
John Rowan & Partners (johnrowan), John Rowan & Partners LLP (johnrowan), John Rowan and Partners (johnrowan), John Rowan and Partners LLP (johnrowan)
John Sisk & Sons (Holdings) Ltd (johnsisksonsholdings), John Sisk and Son (Holdings) Ltd (johnsisksonholdings)
John Southworth Builders (johnsouthworthbuilders)
John Thompson & Partners LLP (johnthompson)
Johns Slater and Haward (johnsslaterhaward)
Johnson Fellows LLP (johnsonfellows)
Jointline Limited (jointline)
Joju Limited (joju)
Jon Rowland Urban Design (jonrowlandurban)
Jonathan Rhind Architects (jonathanrhind)
Jones Lang Lasalle (joneslanglasalle), Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd (joneslanglasalle)
Joseph Boniface Architects Ltd (josephboniface)
JPCS LTD (jpcs)
JPN Projects Ltd (jpnprojects)
JRB Environmental Design Ltd (jrbal)
JTP (jtp)
Jubb (jubb)
Justin Gardner Consulting Ltd (justingardner)
Juuce Ltd (T/A EO Charging) (juuce)
K F Bartlett Ltd (kfbartlett), K F Bartlett Ltd (T/A Bartlett) (kfbartlett)
K&T HEATING (ktheating)
K2 Architects (k2), K2 ARCHITECTS LIMITED (k2)
K2 Consultancy (k2consultancy)
Karakusavic Carson Architects (karakusaviccarson), karakusevic carson architects (karakuseviccarson), Karakusevic Carson Architects LLP (karakuseviccarson)
Karmo Ltd (karmo)
Kartar Consulting Ltd (kartar)
KBW Limited (kbw)
KCA (kca)
KD Health Consulting Ltd (kdhealth)
KDE Ltd (kde)
KEEGANS LIMITED (keegans), Keegans Ltd (keegans)
Keelagher Okey (keelagherokey)
Keelagher Okey Associates Ltd (Trading as KEELAGHER OKEY KLEIN) (keelagherokeytradingaskeelagherokeyklein)
Keelagher Okey Klein (keelagherokeyklein)
Keep Architecture (keep)
Keir Business Services (keirbusiness)
Keith Keeley (keithkeeley)
Keith Peattie Associates Limited (keithpeattie)
Keller Construction Ltd (keller)
KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT LIMITED (kelloggbrownroot), Kellogg Brown and Root Ltd (kelloggbrownroot)
KENDALL KINGSCOTT LIMITED (kendallkingscott), KENDALL KINGSCOTT LTD (kendallkingscott)
Kenn Scaddan Associates Ltd (kennscaddan)
Kent Catering Service Ltd (kentcateringservice)
Keppie Massey (keppiemassey), Keppie Massie (keppiemassie)
Kestrel Cam (kestrelcam)
Kevin Burrell Consulting (kevinburrell)
Kew Projects Limited (kewprojects)
Keyair (keyair), Keyair Ltd (keyair)
KGA (UK) Ltd (kgauk)
KIELY BROS LTD (kielybros)
Kier Business Services (kierbusiness), KIER BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED (kierbusiness)
Kier Construction (kier), Kier Construction Limited (kier), Kier Construction Ltd (kier), Kier Construction Ltd - T/A Kier Construction Eastern (kier)
Kier Infrastructure and Overseas Ltd (kieroverseas)
KIER INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED (kierintegrated), Kier Integrated Services Ltd (kierintegrated)
Kind & Co (Builders) Ltd (kindcobuilders)
Kings & Dunne Architects Ltd (kingsdunne)
Kings Fund (kingsfund)
Kinnear Landscape Architects Limited (kinnearlandscape)
Kinney Green (kinneygreen)
Kiran Curtis Ltd trading as KC+A architects (kirancurtistradingaskca)
kirksaunders associates ltd (kirksaunders)
Kiwa Ltd T/A Kiwa CMT Testing (kiwa)
KKP (kkp)
Knight Kavanagh & Page (knightkavanaghpage)
Knox McConnell Architects (knoxmcconnell)
Kodime (kodime)
Kompan Ltd (kompan)
Korn Ferry (UK) Ltd (kornferryuk)
Korn Ferry Hay Group Limited (kornferryhay)
KPMG LLP (kpmg)
KrolCorlett Construction Limited (krolcorlett)
Kyle Smart Associates Limited (kylesmart), Kyle Smart Associates Limited (kylesmart)
Kyoob Ltd (kyoob)
LAFARGE TARMAC TRADING LTD (lafargetarmactrading)
Laing O'Rourke Construction (laingorourke)
Lakehouse Contracts Ltd (lakehousecontracts)
Lamar Ellis (lamarellis)
Lambert Smith Hampton (lambertsmithhampton), Lambert Smith Hampton Group (lambertsmithhampton), Lambert Smith Hampton Group Limited (lambertsmithhampton), Lambert Smith Hampton. (lambertsmithhampton)
Lambert-Gill Ltd (lambertgill)
Lambeth Smith Hampton (lambethsmithhampton)
LAND QUALITY MANAGEMENT LTD (landqualitymanagement)
Land Use Consultants (landuseconsultants), Land Use Consultants Limited (landuseconsultants), Land Use Consultants Ltd (landuseconsultants), Land Use Consultants Ltd. (LUC) (landuseconsultantsluc), Land Uses Consultancy Limited (landusesconsultancy)
Landform Surveys, (landformsurveys)
Landmarc Support Services Ltd (landmarcsupport)
Landolt and Brown Ltd (landoltbrown)
Landplan G.B. Ltd (landplangb)
Landscape Engineering Ltd (landscape)
Landscape Matters (landscapematters)
Landscape Projects (landscapeprojects)
Lane Rental Services Limited (lanerental)
Lanes Group (lanes), Lanes Group Plc (lanes)
Langtry Langton (langtrylangton)
Lanpro Services Limited (lanpro)
Laser Surveys Ltd (lasersurveys)
Latitude Surveys Limited (latitudesurveys)
Lavat Consulting Ltd t/a PSTAX (lavat)
Lavigne Lonsdale (lavignelonsdale)
Lawson Queay Chartered Surveyors (lawsonqueaycharteredsurveyors)
LAWSON QUEAY CHARTERED SURVEYORS (the Lawson Partnership Ltd) (lawsonqueaycharteredsurveyorsthelawsonhip)
Layer Studio (layerstudio)
LC Ecological Services Limited (lcecological)
LDA Design (lda)
LDA Design Consultancy Ltd (ldaconsultancy)
LDA Design Consulting Limited (lda), LDA Design Consulting Ltd (lda)
Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors (leahoughcharteredsurveyors)
Leck Construction Ltd (leck)
Lee Associates (lee)
Legat Owen (legatowen)
Leisure Energy Ltd (leisureenergy)
Lendlease Consulting (Europe) Ltd (lendleaseeurope)
Leonard Design (leonard), Leonard Design Architects (leonard), Leonard Design Limited (t/a Leonard Design Architects) (leonard), Leonard Engineering Design Associates Limited (leonard)
Leviathan Consulting LTD (leviathan)
Levitt Bernstein (levittbernstein), Levitt Bernstein Associates (levittbernstein), Levitt Bernstein Associates Limited (levittbernstein), Levitt Bernstein Associates Ltd (levittbernstein)
LHL Group (lhl), LHL Group Limited (lhl)
Liaison Financial Services Limited (liaisonfinancial)
Lichfields (lichfields)
Life Environmental Services (lifeal), Life Environmental Services Ltd. (lifeal)
Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (lifschutzdavidsonsandilands)
Lightmain (lightmain)
Lincat Ltd (lincat)
Linda Clegg Consultancy (lindacleggconsultancy)
LINDUM GROUP LIMITED (lindum), Lindum Group Ltd (lindum)
Linea Partners Limited (linea)
Lingwell Consulting Limited (lingwell)
Link Treasury Services Limited (formerly known as Link Asset Ser (linktreasuryformerlyknownaslinkassetser)
LK2 Architects Ltd (lk2)
Llewelyn Davies Weeks Ltd (llewelyndaviesweeks)
Lloyd Bore Ltd (lloydbore)
Lloyd Evans Prichard (lloydevansprichard)
LLOYDS BRITISH TESTING LTD (lloydsbritishtesting)
Local Transport Projects Ltd (localtransportprojects)
Logic Contract Services (logiccontract)
Long O Donnell Associates Limited (longodonnell), Long O Donnell Associates Ltd (longodonnell), Long O'Donnell Associates Limited, (longodonnell)
Longley Group (longley)
Lot 1 - Environmental Essentials Ltd (lot1alessentials)
Lot 1 - Inspectas Compliance Ltd (lot1inspectascompliance)
Lot 2 - Acorn Analytical Services (lot2acornanalytical)
Love to Ride (lovetoride)
Lovell Johns (lovelljohns)
Lovell Partnerships (lovellhips)
Lovelock Mitchell Architects (lovelockmitchell)
LSI Architects (Design) Limited (lsidesign)
LSTC Group (lstc)
LUC (luc)
Lucas Architects Ltd (lucas)
Lucion Consulting Limited (lucion)
Lucion Environmental (lucional), Lucion Environmental Limited (lucional)
Lumsden Design (lumsden)
Lumsdon Wood Partnership (lumsdonwoodhip), Lumsdon Wood Partnership Limited (lumsdonwoodhip)
Lunar (lunar)
Lyndon Goode Architects (lyndongoode), Lyndon Goode Architects Limited (lyndongoode), LYNDON GOODE ARCHITECTS LTD (lyndongoode)
Lyson Architecture (lyson)
Lytton Consulting Limited (lytton)
M B Roche and Sons Ltd (mbrochesons)
M R Partnership Ltd t/a CHMRP Architects (mrhip)
M&N Heating and Plumbing Ltd (mnheatingplumbing)
M&P Fire Protection Limited (mpfireprotection)
M&S CATERING SUPPLIES LTD (mscateringsupplies)
M&Y Maintenance (mymaintenance)
M.B. ROCHE & SONS LIMITED (mbrochesons)
M.W. CRIPWELL LIMITED (mwcripwell)
M5Tec Limited (m5tec)
MA Cost Consulting Limited (macost), MA Cost Consulting Limited, (macost)
Mabbett & Associates Ltd (mabbett)
maber (maber), Maber Architects (maber)
MAC Construction (mac)
MAC Construction Consultants Ltd (macconsultants)
Maccreanor Lavington (maccreanorlavington), Maccreanor Lavington Limited (maccreanorlavington)
Mace (mace)
Mace Consult Limited (maceconsult)
Mace Cost Consultancy Limited (macecostconsultancy)
Mace Group (mace), Mace Group Limited (mace), Mace Limited (mace), Mace Ltd (mace), Mace Ltd., (mace)
Mace(Restricted Access) (macerestrictedaccess)
Mackay & Partners llp (mackay)
Mackellar Schwerdt Architects (mackellarschwerdt)
Madlins LLP (madlins)
Mae Architects Limited (mae), Mae Architects Ltd (mae), MAE LLP (mae)
Mainstay Marine (mainstaymarine)
Make Consulting Limited (make), Make Consulting Ltd (make), Make Ltd (make)
Makower Architects Ltd (makower)
Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Ltd (malcolmhugheslandsurveyors)
Managementors Ltd (managementors)
Manchester & Cheshire Construction Co Ltd (manchestercheshireco), Manchester & Cheshire Construction Co. Ltd. (manchestercheshireco)
Mantra services Limited (mantra)
Manydown Investco LLP (manydowninvestco)
Mark Walker Ltd (markwalker)
Market & Opinion Research International Limited (Trading as (marketopinionresearchtradingas)
Markhams Limited (markhams), Markhams Ltd (markhams)
MARSTAN BDB LLP (marstanbdb)
Martin Arnold Limited (martinarnold)
Martin Ashley Architects (martinashley)
Martin Walsh Architectural (martinwalsharchitectural)
Martindales Architects Ltd (martindales)
Mason Clark Associates (masonclark), MASON CLARK ASSOCIATES LIMITED (masonclark), Mason Clark Associates Ltd (masonclark)
Mason Gillibrand (masongillibrand)
MATCHTECH GROUP (UK) LIMITED (matchtechuk), Matchtech Group (UK) Ltd (matchtechuk)
Mather & Co Ltd (matherco)
Matt Hamnett & Associates Ltd (matthamnett)
Matter Architecture (matter)
Matthew Montague Architects (matthewmontague)
Matthews Construction Consultants Limited (matthewsconsultants)
Max Associates (Holdings) Limited (maxholdings)
Max Fordham LLP (maxfordham)
Maxitile Limited (maxitile)
Mazars LLP (mazars)
MBA (mba)
McBains (mcbains)
McBains Cooper (mcbainscooper)
McBains Limited (mcbains), McBains Ltd (mcbains)
McDaid Quantity Surveying (mcdaidquantitysurveying)
McFarlane Latter Ltd (mcfarlanelatter)
McFarlane Telfer Ltd (mcfarlanetelfer)
McGrath Bros (Waste Control) Ltd. (mcgrathbroswastecontrol)
McGregor Coxall (mcgregorcoxall)
McGregor Coxall United Kingdom Pty Ltd (mcgregorcoxallunitedkingdompty)
McKinsey & Company Inc United Kingdom (mckinseycompanyincunitedkingdom)
McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd (mclaughlinharvey)
MCP2 Limited (mcp2)
McPhersons Project Services Ltd (mcphersonsproject)
MDA Consulting (mda), MDA Consulting Ltd (mda)
ME Landscape Studio Limited (melandscapestudio)
Meachen and Bevan (Uttoxeter) Ltd (meachenbevanuttoxeter)
Mears Limited (mears), Mears Ltd (mears)
MED Planning Ltd (medplanning)
Medical Architecture (medical)
Medical Architecture Ltd (medical)
Mei Loci Landscape Achitects (meilocilandscapeachitects)
Meiko UK Limited (meiko)
MEPK (mepk), MEPK Architects (mepk), MEPK Architects Ltd (mepk)
Meristem Design Ltd (meristem)
Merrett Survey Ltd (merrettsurvey)
Merritt-Harrison Catering Consultancy (merrittharrisoncateringconsultancy)
Metcalfe Catering Equipment Ltd (metcalfecateringequipment)
METCALFE PLANT HIRE LTD (metcalfeplanthire)
MeteoGroup UK (meteogroup)
Method Consulting LLP (method)
Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited (methodsbusinessdigitaltechnology), Methods Business and Digital Technology Ltd. (methodsbusinessdigitaltechnology)
Methods Business and Technology Ltd (methodsbusinesstechnology)
METIS CONSULTANTS LIMITED (metisconsultants), Metis Consultants Ltd (metisconsultants)
Metnor (metnor)
Metropolitan Workshop (metropolitanworkshop), Metropolitan Workshop LLP (metropolitanworkshop)
MFD International (mfd)
MFM Group (mfm)
mh architects (mh), MH Architects Limited (mh)
MICA Architects (mica), MICA Architects Limited (mica), MICA Architects Ltd (mica)
Michael Bennett (michaelbennett)
Michael Dyson Assoc (michaeldyson), Michael Dyson Associates Limited (michaeldyson), Michael Dyson Associates Ltd (michaeldyson)
Michael Eyres Partnership LLP (michaeleyreship)
Michael Hyde and Associates Limited (michaelhyde), Michael Hyde Assoc (michaelhyde)
Michael Thompson Limited (michaelthompson)
Midas Construction (midas)
middlemarch (middlemarch)
MIDLAND CONSERVATION LTD (midlandconservation)
Mikhail Riches (mikhailriches), Mikhail Riches Architects (mikhailriches), Mikhail Riches Ltd (mikhailriches)
Mildren Construction Limited (mildren)
Miles Macadam Construction and Surfacing (milesmacadamsurfacing)
Millennium Marine Contractors Ltd (millenniummarinecontractors)
MILLER BOURNE LLP (millerbourne)
Milligan Knight Architects (milliganknight)
Milton CAD Services Ltd (miltoncad)
Milton Keynes Council (miltonkeynescouncil)
Milton Keynes Surveys Ltd (miltonkeynessurveys)
Mineral Products Association Ltd (mineralproductsiation)
Mir AS (miras)
Mistras Group Limited (mistras)
MJ Church (Plant) Ltd (mjchurchplant)
MK Surveys (mksurveys), MK Surveys Ltd. (mksurveys)
ML UK LTD (ml)
MMC Diving Services Ltd (mmcdiving)
MODE (mode)
Modo Commercial Kitchen Design Limited (modocommercialkitchen)
Modular Sterile Developments (modularsteriledevelopments)
Modulous Limited (modulous)
Momentum Consulting Engineers (momentumengineers)
Momentum Transport Planning Ltd (momentumtransportplanning)
Monaghans (monaghans)
Monarch Products (Marketing) Limited (monarchproductsmarketing)
Montagu Evans (montaguevans), Montagu Evans LLP (montaguevans)
Monteith Scott (monteithscott), Monteith Scott Limited (monteithscott)
Montel Civil Engineering Ltd (montelcivil)
Moore Stephens Insight Limited (moorestephensinsight)
Moore Stephens LLP (moorestephens)
Moorhouse Consulting (moorhouse)
Morcon Foundations Ltd (morconfoundations)
MORGAN LAMBERT LTD (morganlambert)
Morgan Sindall (morgansindall), Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure (morgansindall), Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd (morgansindall)
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastucture Limited (morgansindallinfrastucture)
Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd (morgansindall)
Morgan Sindall Investments Limited (morgansindallinvestments)
Morral Play Services (morralplay)
Morris & Spottiswood (morrisspottiswood), MORRIS & SPOTTISWOOD LIMITED (morrisspottiswood)
Morris + Company Limited (morriscompany)
Morris Roofing & Leadworks (morrisroofingleadworks)
Morris+Company (morriscompany), Morris+Company Limited (morriscompany)
Morrow + Lorraine Architects (morrowlorraine)
MOSAIC Consultants Ltd, (mosaicconsultants)
Mosaic Futures Ltd, T/a The Mosaic Partnership (mosaicfutures)
Mosaic Town Planning (mosaictownplanning)
Mosedale Gillat Architects (mosedalegillat)
Mott MacDonald (mottmacdonald), Mott Macdonald Limited (mottmacdonald), Mott MacDonald Limited, (mottmacdonald), Mott MacDonald Ltd (mottmacdonald), Mott McDonald Limited (mottmcdonald)
Mouldex Ltd (mouldex)
MovePlan Limited (moveplan)
MPH Inspection Services Ltd (mphinspection)
MPP Group Ltd (mpp)
MPSL (mpsl)
MT Build Ltd (mtbuild)
muf architecture/art (mufart), Muf Architecture/Art LLP (mufart)
Mulalley and Company Ltd (mulalleycompany)
Mulhall Leisure Consultancy (mulhallleisureconsultancy)
Multevo Ltd (multevo)
Multilines Partnership Ltd (multilineship)
MUNICIPAL (municipal)
Munro Advanced Engineering Ltd (munroadvanced)
Murphy Geospatial UK Ltd (murphygeospatial)
MURPHY SURVEYS UK LIMITED (murphysurveys), Murphy Surveys UK Ltd. (murphysurveys)
Muse Developments Ltd (musedevelopments)
Museum of London Archaeology (museumoflondonarchaeology)
Mutual Ventures Limited (mutualventures)
MWA (mwa)
n/a (na)
Napper Architects (napper)
Narracotts Architects Ltd (narracotts)
Nash Partnership (nashhip)
Nathaniel Lichfield (nathaniellichfield), NATHANIEL LICHFIELD & PARTNERS LIMITED (nathaniellichfield), Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (nathaniellichfield), Nathaniel Lichfields & Partners Ltd. (nathaniellichfields)
National Design Consultancy (nationalconsultancy)
National Facilities Management Ltd (nationalfacilitiesmanagement)
National Learning and Work institute (nationallearningworkinstitute)
National Testing Services Ltd (nationaltesting)
Nationwide Traffic Solutions Ltd (nationwidetrafficsolutions)
Nationwide Windows Limited (nationwidewindows)
Navigation Partners Limited (navigation)
Navigation Property Marketing Suite Services Ltd (navigationpropertymarketingsuite)
NBJ (London) Ltd (nbjlondon)
Neil Morland Housing Consultant Ltd (neilmorlandhousingconsultant)
Neilcott Construction Ltd (neilcott)
NeobardBurnson Architects Limited (neobardburnson)
Neos Protect Limited (neosprotect)
NEP Energy Service Ltd (nepenergyservice)
Nera Uk Ltd (nera)
NESTA (nesta)
Net Positive Solutions (netpositivesolutions)
Net Zero Buildings (netzerobuildings)
Network Rail (networkrail), Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd (networkrail)
New Networks Limited (newnetworks)
Newground Architects (newground)
Newsteer Limited (newsteer)
Nex Architecture Limited (nex)
Nexus (nexus)
Nexus Planning (nexusplanning), Nexus Planning Limited (nexusplanning), Nexus Planning Ltd (nexusplanning)
NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit (nhsardengreatereastmidlandscommissioningsupportunit)
NHS Professionals Ltd (nhsprofessionals)
Niall McLaughlin Architects (niallmclaughlin)
Niche Health and Social Care Consulting Ltd (nichehealthsocialcare)
Nicholas Hare Architects LLP (nicholashare)
Nicholas Jacob Architects LLP (nicholasjacob)
Nicholas Pearson Partnership LLP (nicholaspearsonhip)
Nicholls Colton & Partners (nichollscolton), Nicolls Colton Group (nicollscolton)
Nisbets PLC (nisbets)
NJL Consulting (njl)
NMCN PLC (nmcn)
NO AWARD MADE (noawardmade)
No Dig Drainage Solutions Ltd (nodigdrainagesolutions)
Nobilia Contracts (nobiliacontracts)
Nobisco Limited (nobisco)
Node Urban Design Ltd (nodeurban)
Nomensa Ltd (nomensa)
NORMAN ROURKE PRYME LIMITED (normanrourkepryme), Norman Rourke Pryme Ltd (normanrourkepryme)
Norr Consultants Ltd (norrconsultants)
NORSE COMMERCIAL SERVICES LIMITED (norsecommercial), Norse Commercial Services Ltd (norsecommercial)
North Lincs Engineering Limited (northlincs)
North Midland Construction Plc (northmidland)
Northumbrian Roads Ltd (northumbrianroads)
Norton Mayfield Architects Limited (nortonmayfield)
Norton Straw (nortonstraw)
Not Applicable (notapplicable)
Not Awarded (notawarded)
Not awarded to supplier (notawardedtosupplier)
NOVA AEROSPACE LTD (novaaerospace)
Noviun Architects (noviun)
Novus Property Solutions (novuspropertysolutions), Novus Property Solutions Limited (novuspropertysolutions)
NPL Management Ltd (nplmanagement)
NPS PROPERTY CONSULTANTS LIMITED (npspropertyconsultants), NPS Property Consultants Ltd (npspropertyconsultants)
Nuclear AMRC (nuclearamrc)
Nuclear AMRC (University of Sheffield) (nuclearamrcuniversityofsheffield)
Nuvia Limited (nuvia)
NWDC (nwdc)
Ny Property Services Ltd (nyproperty)
O'Neill Planning Associates Limited (oneillplanning)
Oakenclough Buildings Ltd (oakencloughbuildings)
Oakleaf Surveying (oakleafsurveying), Oakleaf Surveying Ltd (oakleafsurveying)
OAKLEY PLANNING & CONSERVATION LTD (oakleyplanningconservation)
Oberlanders Architects LLP (oberlanders)
Objectif (1) (objectif1)
OCMIS LTD (ocmis)
OCO Global (ocoglobal)
Ocuair Limited (ocuair)
Offshore Wind Consultants Ltd. (offshorewindconsultants)
OFR FIRE AND RISK CONSULTANTS (ofrfireriskconsultants)
Oliver Wyman (oliverwyman)
OMI Architects (omi)
Omnia Consulting (omnia)
On Architecture (on)
ONE CREATIVE ENVIRONMENTS LIMITED (onecreatives), One Creative Environments Ltd (onecreatives)
OnePlanet (oneplanet)
OpenSpace (Cumbria) Ltd (openspacecumbria)
OPERATIONAL RESEARCH IN HEALTH LIMITED (operationalresearchinhealth), Operational Research in Health Ltd (operationalresearchinhealth)
OPERGY LIMITED (opergy), Opergy Ltd (opergy)
Opinion Research Services Ltd (opinionresearch)
Optima Asset Maintenance Solutions LTD t/a Optimal (optimaassetmaintenancesolutions)
Opulent Collection Ltd (opulentcollection)
OPUN (Lot 3 & 2) Transform Places (Lot 1) (opunlot32transformplaceslot1)
Opus International Consultants (UK) Ltd (opusconsultantsuk), Opus International Consultants (UK) Ltd, (opusconsultantsuk)
ORANO RECYCLAGE and ORANO LIMITED (oranorecyclageorano)
orchard stonemasons (orchardstonemasons)
ORH Limited (orh)
Origin 3 (origin3)
ORIGIN Sports Group Ltd (originsports)
Origin3 (origin3)
Ortus Economic Research Ltd (ortuseconomicresearch)
Oru Space Ltd (oruspace)
OSBORNE DELTA (LIGHTNING CONTRACTORS) LIMITED (osbornedeltalightningcontractors)
Osborne Property Services Ltd (osborneproperty)
OSI CONTRACTS LTD (osicontracts)
Osmosis ACD (osmosisacd)
Osterna Ltd (osterna)
OTB Engineering Limited (otb)
Ove Arup (ovearup), Ove Arup & Partners (ovearup), Ove Arup & Partners International Limited (ovearup), Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd (ovearup), Ove Arup & Partners Limited (ovearup), Ove Arup & Partners Ltd (ovearup), Ove Arup and Partners international ltd (ovearup), Ove Arup and Partners Limited (ovearup), Ove Arup and Partners Ltd (ovearup), OVE ARUP LIMITED (ovearup)
Overbury (overbury), Overbury PLC (overbury)
Owen Ellis (owenellis)
Oxbury (oxbury)
Oxford Archaeology Limited (oxfordarchaeology)
Oxford Architects (oxford)
P & H S Architects Ltd (phs), P & HS Architects (phs)
P & J Decorating (pjdecorating)
P Casey & Co Limited (pcaseyco)
P Casey (Land Reclamation) Ltd (pcaseylandreclamation)
P+HS Architects (phs), P+HS ARCHITECTS LIMITED (phs), P+HS Architects, (phs)
P. Colohan & Co. Ltd (pcolohanco)
P2G Contract Support LLP (p2gcontractsupport)
PA Consulting (pa), PA Consulting Services Limited (pa), PA Consulting Services Ltd (pa), PA Group UK Limited (pa)
PAD studio (padstudio)
Paddock Johnson (paddockjohnson)
Pale Blue Dot Energy (palebluedotenergy)
Palma Black Consulting Ltd (palmablack)
Panter Hudspith Architects (panterhudspith)
Paragon (paragon)
Paragon Space Ltd (paragonspace)
Parcor Ltd (parcor)
Parity Projects Ltd (parityprojects)
Partnering Regeneration Development (partneringregenerationdevelopment)
Pascall+Watson Limited (pascallwatson)
pasquat (pasquat)
Patel Taylor Architects Limited (pateltaylor)
Pattern Design (pattern)
Paul Butler Associates (paulbutler)
Paul Proudlock (paulproudlock)
Paul Proudlock Builders (paulproudlockbuilders)
Paul Testa Architecture (paultesta)
Pavement Testing Service Ltd (pavementtestingservice)
Pavement Testing Services Ltd (pavementtesting)
PBS CONSTRUCTION (NORTH EAST) LIMITED (pbsnortheast), PBS Construction (North East) Ltd (pbsnortheast)
PCAS Archaeology (pcasarchaeology)
PCSG (pcsg)
pdp architecture llp (pdp)
Pegasus Group (pegasus)
PEGASUS PLANNING GROUP LIMITED (pegasusplanning), Pegasus Planning Group Ltd (pegasusplanning)
Pegasys Limited (pegasys)
Pell Frischmann (pellfrischmann)
Pell Frischmann Consultants Limited (pellfrischmannconsultants), Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd (pellfrischmannconsultants), Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd, (pellfrischmannconsultants)
Pell Frischmann Consulting Engineers Ltd (pellfrischmannengineers), Pell Frischmann Consulting Engineers Ltd, (pellfrischmannengineers)
Pellings (pellings), Pellings LLP (pellings)
Pelory Limited (pelory)
PEM Aachen GmbH (pemaachengmbh)
Pennine Playgrounds Ltd (pennineplaygrounds)
Pennington Choice Limited (penningtonchoice), Pennington Choices (penningtonchoices), Pennington Choices Limited (penningtonchoices), Pennington Choices Ltd (penningtonchoices)
Penny Anderson Associates (pennyerson)
Pentan Partnership Limited t/a Pentan Architects (pentanhip)
Peopletoo Ltd (peopletoo)
Perega (perega)
Perfect Circle (perfectcircle)
Perfect Circle JV Limited (perfectcirclejointventure), Perfect Circle JV Ltd (perfectcirclejointventure)
Perfect Circle JV Ltd (Scape BECS Framework) (perfectcirclejointventurescapebecsframework)
Perigean Ltd (perigean)
Periscope (periscope)
Peter Barber Architects (peterbarber)
Peter Brett Associates (peterbrett), Peter Brett Associates LLP (peterbrett)
Peter Brett Associates LLP (Stantec UK) (peterbrettstantec)
Peter Kindersley (peterkindersley)
Phil Jones Associates Limited (philjones)
Philip Hughes Associates (philiphughes)
Philip Pank Partnership (philippankhip), Phillip Pank Partnership (phillippankhip)
PHS Compliance (phscompliance)
Pi Group Ltd (pi)
Pick Everard (pickeverard)
Picterra SA (picterrasa)
Pidgin Perfect (pidginperfect)
Pinnegar Hayward Ltd t/a Pinnegar Hayward Design (pinnegarhayward)
Pitman Tozer Architects (pitmantozer), Pitman Tozer Architects Limited (pitmantozer), Pitman Tozer Architects Ltd (pitmantozer)
PJA (pja)
PKL Group (UK) Ltd (pkluk)
Place Capital Group Limited (placecapital)
Place Design & Planning Limited (placeplanning)
Place Marque (placemarque)
Place Services (place)
Place Services (Part of Essex County Council) (placepartofessexcountycouncil)
Place-Make Ltd (placemake)
Places for People Group (placesforpeople)
Planit I.E. Ltd (planitie), Planit IE (planitie)
Planit‐IE (planit‐ie)
Planning Solutions Consulting Limited (planningsolutions)
Player Roberts Bell Architects Ltd (playerrobertsbell)
Playle & Partners (playle), Playle & Partners LLP (playle)
PLB (plb)
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Pleydell Smithyman (pleydellsmithyman)
Plincke (plincke)
Plincke Landscapes Ltd (plinckelandscapes)
Ploszajski Lynch Consulting (ploszajskilynch)
Plowman Craven Limited (plowmancraven)
PLP Architecture (plp), PLP Construction (plp)
Plumbing & Heating Services (Staffs) Ltd (plumbingheatingstaffs)
PMC Surveys Ltd (trading as Obsurvus) (pmcsurveystradingasobsurvus)
PMK Design Associates Ltd (pmk)
Pod Point Limited (podpoint)
Podium Surveying LLP (podiumsurveying)
Point 2 Surveyors (point2surveyors)
Pollard Thomas Edwards (pollardthomasedwards), Pollard Thomas Edwards LLP (pollardthomasedwards)
Poole Dick (pooledick), Poole Dick Associates (pooledick)
Porta Planning LLP (portaplanning)
Portakabin Limited (portakabin)
Portland Consulting (portland)
Portman Air Conditioning Limited (portmanairconditioning)
Potter Raper (potterraper), Potter Raper Ltd (potterraper)
Potter Raper Partnership (potterraperhip)
Powerguards inc Ramping Systems Ltd (powerguardsincrampingsystems)
Pozzoni (pozzoni), Pozzoni Architecture (pozzoni), Pozzoni Architecture Ltd (pozzoni), Pozzoni LLP (pozzoni)
PP Consulting Engineers Ltd (ppengineers)
PP O'Connor (ppoconnor)
PPL (Private Public Ltd) (pplprivatepublic)
PQS Tech Solutions Ltd (pqstechsolutions)
PRATER LTD (prater)
PRD (prd)
Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited (preconstructarchaeology)
Premier Surveys (premiersurveys), Premier Surveys Limited (premiersurveys), Premier Surveys Ltd (premiersurveys)
Prestiege (prestiege), Prestige (prestige)
Preston Barber (prestonbarber)
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (pricewaterhousecoopers)
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Private Limited (pricewaterhousecoopersprivate)
PricewaterhouseCoopers (pricewaterhousecoopers), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (pricewaterhousecoopers)
Principal People (principalpeople)
Pringle Richards Sharratt Limited (pringlerichardssharratt), Pringle Richards Sharratt Ltd (pringlerichardssharratt)
Prior and Partners Limited (prior)
PRISM INFOSEC LTD (prisminfosec)
Private Public Ltd (privatepublic)
Probrand Ltd (probrand)
Procare Group Ltd (procare)
Proctor and Matthews Architects (proctormatthews)
Professional Construction Solutions (PCS) South West Ltd (professionalsolutionspcssouthwest)
Progressive Energy Limited (progressiveenergy)
Progressive Services Design Limited (progressive)
Project Better Energy Ltd (projectbetterenergy)
Project Centre (projectcentre), Project Centre Limited (projectcentre), Project Centre Ltd (projectcentre)
Projects (projects)
Property Tectonics (propertytectonics)
Prosurv (prosurv)
Prosurv Consult Limited t/a Cumming (prosurvconsult)
Protek Fencing Ltd (protekfencing)
Proton (Southern) Limited (protonsouthern)
PRP (prp), PRP Architects (prp), PRP Architects LLP (prp), PRP ARCHITECTS LLP LTD (prp)
PS&B - Estate Management Limited (psbestatemanagement)
PSD (NW) Ltd (psdnw)
PSP Construction Consultants Limited (pspconsultants)
PT Projects Ltd (ptprojects)
PTP Training Ltd (ptptraining)
PTS Consulting Partners LLP (pts)
Public and Corporate Economic Consultants (publiccorporateeconomicconsultants)
Public Power Solutions Ltd (publicpowersolutions)
Public Works LTD (publicworks)
Publica (publica), Publica Associates (publica), Publica Associates Limited (publica)
Pulse Associates Limited (pulse), Pulse Associates Ltd (pulse)
Pulse Consult Limited (pulseconsult), Pulse Consult Ltd (pulseconsult)
Purcell (purcell), Purcell Architecture Limited (purcell)
Purcell Miller Tritton LLP (purcellmillertritton)
Purdy Contracts Ltd. (purdycontracts)
PwC (pwc)
QAD Architects Ltd (qad), QAD ARCHITECTS LTD. (qad)
QinetiQ Limited (qinetiq)
QSPM Consultants LLP (qspmconsultants)
Quantec Consultants LTD (quantecconsultants)
Quarto (quarto)
Quattro Design Architects Ltd (quattro)
Queensberry Design (queensberry)
Queensberry Real Estate (UK) Ltd (queensberryrealestateuk)
Quod (quod)
R Benson Property Maintenance Ltd (rbensonpropertymaintenance)
R G Carter Building Ltd (rgcarterbuilding)
R G Carter Construction Ltd (rgcarter)
R G Carter Lincoln Limited (rgcarterlincoln)
R G CARTER SOUTHERN LIMITED (rgcartersouthern)
R H Partnership Architects Ltd (rhhip)
R. A. Edwards & Partners Ltd. (raedwards), R.A. Edwards (raedwards)
R.A. Edwards Lts (raedwardslts)
R.H. Hall (Microwave) Limited (rhhallmicrowave)
Rainmaker Solutions (rainmakersolutions)
Ralph Appelbaum (ralphappelbaum)
Ramboll (ramboll), Ramboll UK (ramboll), Ramboll UK Limited (ramboll), Ramboll UK Ltd, (ramboll)
Rance Booth & Smith (ranceboothsmith), Rance Booth 7 Smith Architects (rancebooth7smith)
Rand Associates Consultancy Services Ltd (randconsultancy)
RAND Europe Community Interest (randeuropecommunityinterest)
RAND EUROPE COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY (randeuropecommunityinterestcompany)
RANDALL SIMMONDS LLP (randallsimmonds)
Rapleys (rapleys), Rapleys LLP (rapleys)
Rational UK Ltd (rational)
RCKa (rcka), RCKa Limited (rcka)
Re-form Landscape Architecture (reformlandscape)
Re-Gen UK Construction Ltd (regen)
Read Construction Holdings Limited (readholdings)
RealWorldHR Limited (realworldhr)
Red Loft LLP (redloft)
RED SP LTD (redsp)
Red Tree Building Contractors Ltd. (redtreebuildingcontractors)
Redman Partnership LLP (redmanhip)
Redmoor Health Ltd (redmoorhealth)
RedQuadrant Ltd (redquadrant)
REDS10 (UK) LIMITED (reds10uk)
Reds10 UK Ltd (reds10)
Redworth (redworth), Redworth Associates (redworth)
Reed Talent Solutions Ltd (t/a Consultancy+) (reedtalentsolutions)
Regal Care Shower Trays Limited (regalcareshowertrays)
Regen SW (regensw)
Regenco, East Hampshire District Council (regencoeasthampshiredistrictcouncil)
Regio O? (regioo)
Regional Enterprise (Re) Limited (regionalenterprisere)
Reid Jones Partnership Ltd (reidjoneship)
Renewable Risk Advisers Ltd (renewableriskadvisers)
reShaped Ltd (reshaped)
Resilience Brokers (resiliencebrokers)
Resource and Environmental Consultants Limited (resourcealconsultants)
Resource Futures Limited (resourcefutures)
Resources and Carbon Management Services Ltd (resourcescarbonmanagement)
Rex Procter and Partners (rexprocter)
RG Distributors Ltd T/A eCatering (rgdistributors)
rg+p (rgp), rg+p Limited (rgp), rg+p Ltd (rgp)
RH Hall (Microwave) Ltd (rhhallmicrowave)
RH Partnership Architects Ltd (rhhip)
RH WHITES LTD (rhwhites)
RHEATECH LIMITED (rheatech), RHEATECH Ltd (rheatech)
Rhodar Industrial Services Ltd (rhodarindustrial)
Rhodar Ltd (rhodar), Rhodar Ltd. (rhodar)
Ricardo PLC (ricardo)
Ricardo-AEA Ltd (trading as Ricardo Energy & Environment) (ricardoaeatradingasricardoenergy)
Richard Allitt Associates (richardallitt)
Richard Griffiths Architects (richardgriffiths)
Richard Hopkinson Architects (richardhopkinson)
Richard Vest Architectural Design Ltd (richardvestarchitectural)
Richards Partington Architects (richardspartington)
Rider Hunt (Newcastle) Limited, (riderhuntnewcastle)
Rider Levett Bucknall (riderlevettbucknall), Rider Levett Bucknall (Uk) Limited (riderlevettbucknalluk), Rider Levett Bucknall UK Limited (riderlevettbucknall), Rider Levett Bucknall UK Ltd (riderlevettbucknall), RIDER LEVETT BUCKNELL UK LIMITED (riderlevettbucknell), Rider Levitt Bucknall (riderlevittbucknall), Rider Levvett Bucknall (riderlevvettbucknall)
Ridge (ridge), Ridge & Partners (ridge), Ridge & Partners LLP (ridge), Ridge and Partners (ridge), Ridge and Partners LLP (ridge)
Ridge Consultants (ridgeconsultants)
Rilmac (rilmac)
Rilmac Insulation (rilmacinsulation), Rilmac Insulations (rilmacinsulations)
RINA Consulting (rina), RINA Consulting Ltd (rina)
Ringstones (ringstones)
Ringway Infrastructure Services Limited (ringway)
Rise Management Consulting Ltd (risemanagement)
RISK & POLICY ANALYSTS LIMITED (riskpolicyanalysts), Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (riskpolicyanalysts)
Riskaware (riskaware)
Rivington Street Studio (rivingtonstreetstudio), RIVINGTON STREET STUDIO LIMITED (rivingtonstreetstudio)
RivingtonHark Ltd (rivingtonhark)
RJD Associates (North West) (rjdnorthwest)
RLM Architects (rlm)
RM Architects Ltd (rm)
RMSI Ltd, UK (rmsi)
RNJ Partnership LLP (rnjhip)
Road Maintenance Services Limited (roadmaintenance)
Roadgrip Ltd (roadgrip)
Robert Harris Design (robertharris)
Robert Woodhead Ltd (robertwoodhead)
ROBERTS BUILDING CONSULTANTS LTD (robertsbuildingconsultants)
Roberts Limbrick Limited (robertslimbrick), Roberts Limbrick Ltd (robertslimbrick)
Robertson (robertson)
Robertson Construction England (robertsonengland)
Robertson Construction Group Ltd (robertson)
Robertson North Ltd (robertsonnorth)
Robin lee Architecture (robinlee), Robin Lee Architecture LLP (robinlee)
Robinson Low Francis (robinsonlowfrancis), Robinson Low Francis LLP (robinsonlowfrancis)
RoC Consulting (roc)
Roc Search Limited (rocsearch)
Rock Townsend Architects (rocktownsend), Rock Townsend Architects LLP (rocktownsend)
Roderick Shelton Ltd (roderickshelton)
Rodgers Leask Limited acting as lead contact for consortium bid (rodgersleaskactingasleadcontactforconsortiumbid)
Rodney Melville & Partners Ltd (rodneymelville)
Roger Mears Architects (rogermears)
Roland Hill (Parsonby) Ltd (rolandhillparsonby)
Roland Hill Ltd (rolandhill)
Rolls Royce Power Engineering (rollsroycepower), Rolls-Royce Power Engineering Plc (rollsroycepower)
Rolton Group Ltd (rolton)
Ron Finlay Communications Limited (ronfinlaycommunications)
Rooff Ltd (rooff)
Rose Project Management Limited (rose)
Rosgal Ltd (rosgal)
Rosslee Construction Limited (rosslee)
Rowlinson Constructions (rowlinsons)
Royal Haskoning DHV, (royalhaskoningdhv)
Royland Contractors Limited (roylandcontractors)
RP Tyson Construction LTD (rptyson)
RPA Group (rpa)
RPP Ltd t/a Rex Procter & Partners (rpp)
RPS (rps)
RPS Consultancy Services Ltd (rpsconsultancy)
RPS Consulting (rps), RPS CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED (rps), RPS Consulting Services Ltd (rps), RPS Consulting, (rps)
RPS Switchgear Ltd (rpsswitchgear)
RPT Consulting Limited (rpt)
RS Divers LTD (rsdivers)
RSK ADAS Limited (rskadas)
RSK Environment Limited (rsk), RSK Environment Ltd (rsk), RSK Group (rsk), RSK Group Ltd (rsk)
RUFFARCHITECTS Limited (ruffarchitects)
Rund Partnership Limited (rundhip)
Rural Planning Limited (ruralplanning)
Rural Solutions Limited (ruralsolutions)
Ryden LLP (ryden)
Ryder Architecture (ryder), RYDER ARCHITECTURE LIMITED (ryder), Ryder Architecture LTD (ryder)
S I Sealy & Associates (sisealy), S I Sealy & Associates Ltd, (sisealy)
S Voase Builders Limited (svoasebuilders)
S&I Groundworks Ltd (sigroundworks)
S4W Ltd (s4w)
Saanchi Solutions Limited (saanchisolutions)
Sable Leigh Consultancy Ltd (sableleighconsultancy)
Safety Green Ltd (safetygreen)
Salford Archaeology, University of Salford (salfordarchaeologyuniversityofsalford)
Salt Architects Limited (salt)
Sarah Wigglesworth Architects (sarahwigglesworth)
Satellite Architects, (satellite)
SATPLAN LTD (satplan)
Saunders Boston Architects (saundersboston), Saunders Boston Ltd (saundersboston)
Saunders Partnership Limited (saundership)
Saville Jones Consultants Ltd (savillejonesconsultants)
Savills (savills)
SAVILLS (UK) LIMITED (savillsuk), SAVILLS (UK) LTD (savillsuk)
Savills (UK) Ltd - ONLY USE THIS ENTRY (savillsukonlyusethisentry)
Savills UK Limited (savills), Savills UK Ltd (savills)
SBA BUILDING SURVEYING LTD T/A STEVEN BARNSLEY ASSOCIATES (sbabuildingsurveying), SBA Building Surveying Services ltd t/a Steven Barnsley Associat (sbabuildingsurveying)
SCANTECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (scantech), Scantech International Ltd (scantech)
Schofield and Sons Ltd (schofieldsons)
Scomac Catering Equipment Ltd (scomaccateringequipment)
Scotland Gas Networks PLC (scotlandgasnetworks)
Scott Brownrigg Limited (scottbrownrigg)
Scour protection limited (scourprotection)
SDA Consulting LLP (sda)
SE3Design (se3design)
Seddon Construction Limited (seddon), Seddon Construction Ltd (seddon)
SEE Rail Ltd trading as SEE Services (seerailtradingassee)
Seed Architects Ltd (seed)
Self Architects (self)
SEP (Site Engineering Personnel) Ltd (sepsitepersonnel)
Serco-ENGIE (sercoengie)
Services Design Associates Ltd (services)
Servita Professional Services Ltd (servitaprofessional)
setWorks Ltd (setworks)
Seven Architecture (seven), Seven Architecture Limited (seven)
Sewell Construction Limited and Illingworth and Gregory Limited (sewellillingworthgregory)
Sewell Group (sewell)
Seymour Harris Architecture (seymourharris), Seymour Harris Ltd (seymourharris)
Seymour John Public Services (Midlands) Limited (seymourjohnpublicmidlands)
SHA (sha)
Shape Consulting Engineers (shapeengineers), Shape Consulting Engineers Ltd (shapeengineers)
Shapestone Outdoor Consultancy Ltd (shapestoneoutdoorconsultancy)
Shared Agenda Solutions Ltd (sharedagendasolutions)
sharp asphalt ltd (sharpasphalt)
Sharratts (sharratts)
Sheppard Robson (sheppardrobson), Sheppard Robson Architects LLP (sheppardrobson)
Siemens Mobility Limited (siemensmobility)
Signal Traffic Management (signaltrafficmanagement)
Silixa Ltd (silixa)
Silver (silver)
Silver DCC Ltd (silverdcc)
Sime Catering Equipment Limited (simecateringequipment), Sime Catering Equipment Ltd (simecateringequipment)
Simon Fenton Partnership (simonfentonhip)
Simon Foote Architects (simonfoote)
Simon Leach (simonleach)
Simple Works (simpleworks)
Simtec Materials Testing (simtecmaterialstesting)
Singleton Clamp & Partners (singletonclamp), SINGLETON CLAMP & PARTNERS LIMITED (singletonclamp)
Sir Frederick Snow & Partners Ltd (sirfredericksnow)
Sisua Limited (sisua)
Site Engineering Surveys Ltd (sitesurveys)
Site Sales property Group (sitesalesproperty)
Sitech (sitech)
SJ Surveyors (sjsurveyors)
SJG Consultancy Ltd (sjgconsultancy)
SK Real Estate (Liverpool) Ltd (skrealestateliverpool)
Skeye Aerial Survey and Inspection (skeyeaerialsurveyinspection)
Skidmore Owings and Merrill Inc (skidmoreowingsmerrillinc)
Sky Revolutions Ltd (skyrevolutions)
SLC Rail (slcrail), SLC RAIL LIMITED (slcrail)
SLR Consulting Ltd (slr)
Snug Architects Ltd (snug)
SOCOTEC UK Limited (socotec), SOCOTEC UK Ltd (socotec)
Soleco Construction Company Limited (solecocompany)
SOLIRIUS LTD (solirius)
Solmek (solmek), SOLMEK LIMITED (solmek), Solmek Ltd (solmek)
Sonnemann Toon Architects LLP (sonnemanntoon)
South West Geotechnical Ltd (southwestgeotechnical)
South West Highways (southwesthighways)
Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd (southbaycivil)
Southern Green (southerngreen), Southern Green Limited (southerngreen), Southern Green Ltd (southerngreen)
Space Architects (space)
Space Architects (Europe) Ltd (spaceeurope), Space Architecture (Europe) Ltd (spaceeurope)
Spacemaker Developments Ltd (spacemakerdevelopments)
SPACE|MODULAR (spacemodular)
Spatial Days Ltd (spatialdays)
Spatial Initiative (spatialinitiative)
Spawforths (spawforths)
Specialised Canvas Services Ltd (specialisedcanvas)
Speller Metcalfe (spellermetcalfe)
Sphere25 LLP (sphere25)
Spinwell Global Limited (spinwellglobal)
Spitfire Advice and Support Services ( Formally Castle Vale Tena (spitfireadvicesupportformallycastlevaletena)
Sports Clubhouses Ltd (sportsclubhouses)
Spottitt Ltd. (spottitt)
Squire and Partners (squire)
SQW (sqw), SQW LIMITED (sqw)
SRA Architects (sra)
SSE Enterprise Contracting (sseenterprisecontracting)
St Astier Ltd (stastier)
ST Group Limited (st)
St.Astier (stastier)
Stabilised Pavements (stabilisedpavements)
Stace LLP (stace)
Stack London Ltd (stacklondon)
Stallan-Brand Architecture + Design Ltd (stallanbrand)
Standerwick Land Design (standerwickland)
Stanley Bragg Architects Ltd (stanleybragg)
Stantec (stantec), Stantec UK (stantec)
Stantec UK (formerly Peter Brett Associates) (stantecformerlypeterbrett)
Stantec UK Limited (stantec), Stantec UK Ltd (stantec), Stantec UK Ltd. (stantec)
Stanton Williams Ltd (stantonwilliams)
Stead and Wilkins Limited (steadwilkins)
Steensen Varming Ltd (steensenvarming)
STEER (steer)
STEER DAVIES & GLEAVE LIMITED (steerdaviesgleave)
Steer Davies & Gleave Limited (Trading as Steer) (steerdaviesgleavetradingassteer)
Steer Davies & Gleave Limited t/a Steer (steerdaviesgleave), Steer Davies & Gleave Ltd (steerdaviesgleave), Steer Davies Gleave (steerdaviesgleave), Steer Davis Gleave Ltd (steerdavisgleave)
Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects (stephendavypetersmith), Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects Limited (stephendavypetersmith)
Stephen George & Partners LLP (stephengeorge)
Stephen Taylor Architects (stephentaylor), Stephen Taylor Architects Ltd (stephentaylor)
Stephens Catering Equipment Co Ltd (stephenscateringequipmentco), Stephens Catering Equipment Company Limited (stephenscateringequipmentcompany)
Steve Wells Associates (stevewells)
Steven A Hunt (stevenahunt), Steven A Hunt & Associates (stevenahunt)
Stewart Milne Timber Systems (stewartmilnetimbersystems), Stewart Milne Timber Systems Limited (stewartmilnetimbersystems)
Still Curious Limited (stillcurious)
Stitch Studio Limited (stitchstudio), Stitch Studio Ltd (stitchstudio)
Stobbarts Ltd (stobbarts)
Stockwool (stockwool)
Stolon Studio (stolonstudio)
Stork Technical Services (RBG) Ltd (storktechnicalrbg)
Storm Tempest Ltd (stormtempest)
Story Contracting Limited (storycontracting)
Straightline NE Ltd (straightlinene)
Strainstall UK Ltd T/A James Fisher Strainstall (strainstall)
Strategic Innovation (strategicinnovation)
Stride Treglown Limited (stridetreglown), Stride Treglown LLP (stridetreglown), Stride Treglown Ltd (stridetreglown)
STROMA SPECIALIST ACCESS LIMITED (stromaspecialistaccess), Stroma Specialist Access Ltd (stromaspecialistaccess)
STRUCTURAL SOILS LIMITED (structuralsoils), Structural Soils Ltd (structuralsoils)
Strutec (NW)Limited (strutecnwlimited)
Strutt and Parker LLP (struttparker)
Strzala Architects Ltd (strzala)
STSTRA Ltd (ststra)
Studio Egret West (studioegretwest), Studio Egret West Limited (studioegretwest)
Studio Evans Lane (studioevanslane)
STUDIO FOUR ARCHITECTS LIMITED (studiofour), Studio Four Architects Ltd (studiofour)
Studio Partington (studiopartington)
Studio Partington (a trading name of Richards Partington Archite (studiopartingtonatradingnameofrichardspartingtonarchite)
Studio TILT (studiotilt)
Studio Weave (studioweave)
Styles and Wood (styleswood)
Suave UAV Enterprises (suaveuaventerprises)
Subsight (subsight)
Subsite Surveys Ltd (subsitesurveys)
Sudlows Limited (sudlows)
Summers Inman Construction and Property Consultants LLP (summersinmanpropertyconsultants)
Summers-Inman (summersinman)
Summers-Inman Construction & Property Consultants LLP (summersinmanpropertyconsultants), SUMMERS-INMAN CONSTRUCTION AND PROPERTY CONSULTANTS LLP (summersinmanpropertyconsultants)
Summers-Inman, (summersinman)
Sumo Services limited (sumo)
Sunbelt Rentals Limited (sunbeltrentals)
Sunderland City Council (sunderlandcitycouncil)
Sure Consulting Ltd (sure)
Survey Operations Ltd (surveyoperations)
Sustainable Energy Limited (sustainableenergy), Sustainable Energy Ltd (sustainableenergy)
Sustrans (sustrans), Sustrans Limited (sustrans), Sustrans Ltd (sustrans)
Sutcliffe (sutcliffe)
Sutcliffe Play Ltd (sutcliffeplay)
Sutcliffe Projects Limited (sutcliffeprojects), Sutcliffe Projects Ltd (sutcliffeprojects), Sutcliffe Projects Ltd. (sutcliffeprojects)
Suttle Projects Ltd (suttleprojects)
Swarco UK Limited (swarco)
Sweco (sweco), SWECO UK Limited (sweco), Sweco UK Ltd, (sweco)
SWEETT (UK) LIMITED (sweettuk), SWEETT (UK) LTD (sweettuk)
Swift Ecology Ltd (swiftecology)
Swift Maintenance Services (1973) Limited (swiftmaintenance1973), Swift Maintenance Services (1973) Ltd (swiftmaintenance1973)
Swift Metal Fabrications Limited (swiftmetalfabrications)
Synthesise Ltd (synthesise)
SYSCOM BUILDING MANAGEMENT LTD (syscombuildingmanagement)
SYSTRA (systra), SYSTRA Ltd (systra), SYSTRA Ltd, (systra)
T & P Regeneration Limited (tpregeneration)
T Brown Group (tbrown)
T J Allard fencing contractor tree surgery & ground work (tjallardfencingcontractortreesurgerygroundwork)
T-Squared (tsquared), T-Squared Ltd (tsquared)
TACP (tacp)
Tadw Architects (tadw)
TADW Architects (The Architectural Design Workshop) (tadwthearchitecturalworkshop)
Take the Current Ltd (takethecurrent)
Tarmac Farrans JV Ltd (tarmacfarransjointventure)
Tarmac Trading Limited (tarmactrading)
TATE HARMER LLP (tateharmer)
TateHindle (tatehindle)
Tatlow Stancer Architects Limited (tatlowstancer)
Taylor Lane Timber Frame LTD (taylorlanetimberframe)
TCS Screeding Limited (tcsscreeding)
TDR Heritage Ltd (tdrheritage)
Teignmouth Maritime Services (teignmouthmaritime), Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (teignmouthmaritime)
Telespazio VEGA UK (telespaziovega)
Temple Group Ltd (temple)
TEP (The Environment Partnership) (tepthehip)
TEP, (tep)
Terence O'Rourke Ltd (terenceorourke)
Termrim Construction (termrim)
TerraQuest (terraquest)
Tessa Hunkin (tessahunkin)
Tetra Tech (tetratech)
Tetra Tech Limited (tetratech)
Tetra Tech Management Services Limited (tetratechmanagement)
TF Jones Property Services Ltd (tfjonesproperty)
TFGM (tfgm)
TGN Construction (tgn)
TGP Landscape Architects (North) Ltd (tgplandscapenorth)
Thames Valley Fabrications Limited (thamesvalleyfabrications)
Thames21 (thames21)
The Acme Facilities Group LTD (theacmefacilities)
The Austin Company of UK Ltd (theaustincompanyof)
The Barnes Group Limited trading as Barnes Construction (thebarnestradingasbarnes)
The Boston Consulting Group UK LLP (theboston)
The Carbon Trust (thecarbontrust), The Carbon Trust Limited (thecarbontrust)
The Casey Group Ltd (thecasey)
The Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd (theconcretecorrosionconsultancypractice), The Concrete And Corrosion Consultancy Practice (theconcretecorrosionconsultancypractice)
The Conservation Studio Limited (theconservationstudio)
The Decorators (thedecorators)
The Derek Evans Partnership LLP (thederekevanship)
The Design Partnership (ELY) Ltd (thehipely)
The Downland Partnership Ltd (thedownlandhip)
The Environment Partnership (thehip)
The Environmental Consultancy Ltd trading as RPS (thealconsultancytradingasrps)
The Erith Group (theerith)
The Fountain Company Limited (thefountaincompany), The Fountain Company Ltd, (thefountaincompany)
The Freestyle Collective (thefreestylecollective)
The Fulker Consultancy Limited (thefulkerconsultancy), The Fulker Consultancy Ltd (thefulkerconsultancy)
The Harris Partnership (theharriship)
The Hub (thehub)
The Kitchen Equipment Company Ltd (thekitchenequipmentcompany)
The Klassnik Corporation Ltd (theklassnikcorporation)
THE LANDSCAPE PARTNERSHIP LIMITED (thelandscapehip), The Landscape Partnership Ltd (thelandscapehip)
The LK Group (Leyden Kirby) (thelkleydenkirby)
THE MANSER PRACTICE (themanserpractice)
The McAvoy Group Limited (themcavoy)
The Moule Partnership Ltd (themoulehip)
THE NICHOLS GROUP (thenichols), The Nichols Group Limited (thenichols)
The Oakleaf Surveying Ltd (theoakleafsurveying)
The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (theoilgastechnologycentre)
The Paul Hogarth Company (thepaulhogarthcompany)
The Planning Lab (theplanninglab)
The Production Family (theproductionfamily)
The Retearn Group Ltd (theretearn)
The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy Limited (thesportleisurecultureconsultancy), The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy Ltd (thesportleisurecultureconsultancy)
The TAS Partnership Ltd (thetaship)
The Testing Lab Ltd (thetestinglab), The Testing Lab plc (thetestinglab)
The Urban Forest Consultancy (theurbanforestconsultancy)
The4OC Ltd (the4oc)
Theatre Projects Consultants Ltd (theatreprojectsconsultants)
Thermal Earth Ltd (thermalearth)
Third Revolution Projects Ltd. (thirdrevolutionprojects)
Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd (thomasarmstrongconstruction)
Thomas Armstrong Ltd (thomasarmstrong)
THOMAS BOW LIMITED (thomasbow), Thomas Bow Ltd (thomasbow)
Thomas Ford & Partners (thomasford)
Thomas Lister Limited (thomaslister)
Thomas Sinden Ltd (thomassinden)
Thomasons (thomasons)
Thomson Ecology Limited (thomsonecology), Thomson Ecology, (thomsonecology)
Thomson Gray Limited (thomsongray)
Thornton Firkin LLP (thorntonfirkin), THORNTON-FIRKIN LLP (thorntonfirkin)
Three Dragons (KD) Ltd (threedragonskd), THREE DRAGONS (LC) LIMITED (threedragonslc), Three Dragons (LC) Ltd (threedragonslc)
Thrive (thrive)
Thurston Group Ltd (thurston)
Tibbalds CampbellReith Joint Venture (HCA) (tibbaldscampbellreithjointventurehca)
Tibbalds CampbellReith JV (CampbellReith) (tibbaldscampbellreithjointventurecampbellreith)
TIBBALDS PLANNING AND URBAN DESIGN LIMITED (tibbaldsplanningurban), Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design Ltd (tibbaldsplanningurban)
Tilbury Douglas (tilburydouglas), Tilbury Douglas Construction (tilburydouglas), Tilbury Douglas Construction Limited (tilburydouglas)
Tim Ronalds Architects (timronalds)
Tim Wells Nurseries Limited (timwellsnurseries)
TMV Architects (tmv)
Tofield Limited incorporated (tofieldincorporated)
Tolent Solutions Ltd (tolentsolutions)
Tom Willoughby Ltd (tomwilloughby)
Top Notch Contractors Ltd (topnotchcontractors)
Topcon Building Ltd (topconbuilding)
Total Access UK Ltd (totalaccess)
Total Flow Limited (totalflow)
Touchstone Renard Limited (touchstonerenard)
TowerEight Limited (towereight)
Town & Country Planning Association (towncountryplanningiation)
Townsend & Renaudon (townsendrenaudon)
Townshend Landscape Architects (townshendlandscape)
Tozer Gallagher LLP (tozergallagher)
tp bennett LLP (tpbennett)
TPP (tpp)
Trac Structural Ltd (tracstructural)
Trail Services (UK) Ltd (trailuk)
Transport Survey Systems Limited (transportsurveysystems)
Transportation Solutions Limited (transportationsolutions)
Tranter McManus Architects (trantermcmanus)
Trent Architecture + Design Ltd (trent)
Trenton Fire Ltd (trentonfire)
triangle architects (triangle), Triangle Architects Ltd. (triangle)
Triline Contracts Limited (trilinecontracts)
Trinity Homes UK Ltd (trinityhomes)
Tripod Crest Ltd (tripodcrest)
Tripod Partners Ltd (tripod)
TRL Limited (trl)
TROUP BYWATERS & ANDERS (troupbywatersers), Troup Bywaters + Anders (troupbywatersers), Troup Bywaters and Anders (troupbywatersers)
Troy Hayes Planning Limited (troyhayesplanning)
Trueman Change Management Ltd (truemanchangemanagement)
Tully De'Ath (Consultants) Limited (tullydeathconsultants)
Turkington Design Studio Ltd T/A Turkington Martin (turkingtonstudio), Turkington Design Studio Ltd T/A Turkington Martin Landscape Arc (turkingtonstudio)
Turley (turley)
Turner & Townsend (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Consulting Limited (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Consulting Ltd. (turnertownsend)
Turner & Townsend Cost Management Ltd (turnertownsendcostmanagement)
TURNER & TOWNSEND LIMITED (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Ltd, (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Project Management (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Project Management Limited (turnertownsend), Turner & Townsend Project Management Ltd (turnertownsend), Turner and Townsend (turnertownsend), Turner and Townsend Consulting Ltd (turnertownsend)
Turner and Townsend Cost Management Limited (turnertownsendcostmanagement)
Turner and Townsend Ltd (turnertownsend), Turner and Townsend Project Management Limited (turnertownsend), Turner and Townsend Project Management Ltd (turnertownsend)
Turner Works (turnerworks)
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd (tvssupplychainsolutions)
Ubitricity Distributed Energy Systems UK Ltd (ubitricitydistributedenergysystems)
Udall-Martin Associates (udallmartin)
UK Power Networks Services (Commercial) Limited (ukpowernetworkscommercial)
Ultra EVC Ltd (ultraevc)
Uniform Communications Ltd (uniformcommunications)
Unipart Limited, Unipart Expert Practices (unipartunipartexpertpractices)
Unit One (unitone)
United Kingdom Research and Innovation (unitedkingdomresearchinnovation)
United Living (North) Limited (unitedlivingnorth), United Living (South) Ltd (unitedlivingsouth)
Universal Unity Limited (universalunity)
University Of Central Lancashire (universityofcentrallancashire)
UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER (universityofmanchester)
UNTITLED PRACTICE LLP (untitledpractice)
Unusual Rigging Ltd (unusualrigging)
Up and Under Ltd (upunder)
Upholland Building & Maintenance Ltd (uphollandbuildingmaintenance)
Upper Cut Productions (uppercutproductions)
Upside Projects Limited (upsideprojects)
Upton Specialised Tree Services Ltd (uptonspecialisedtree)
Urban Delivery (urbandelivery)
Urban Environments Limited (urbans)
Urban Fabric Architects (urbanfabric)
Urban Foresight Limited (urbanforesight)
Urban Initiative (urbaninitiative)
Urban Initiative Studio Ltd (urbaninitiativestudio)
Urban Movement (urbanmovement)
Urban Silence Ltd (urbansilence)
Urban Symbiotics (Aveo Group Ltd) (urbansymbioticsaveo)
Urban Thoughts (urbanthoughts)
Urban Traffic (urbantraffic)
Urbanomics Ltd (urbanomics)
Urbis Schreder Limited (urbisschreder)
Urbn Design & Consult Ltd (urbnconsult)
Ustigate (ustigate), Ustigate Ltd (ustigate)
Utility Results Limited (utilityresults)
V B Johnson LLP (vbjohnson)
V4 Services Limited (v4)
VAISALA LIMITED (vaisala), Vaisala Ltd (vaisala)
Vale Europe Ltd (valeeurope)
Various (various)
VB Johnson LLP (vbjohnson)
Vectos Microsim (vectosmicrosim)
Velocity UK Ltd (velocity)
VENTRO LTD (ventro)
Veracity OSI UK Limited (veracityosi)
Veretec (veretec)
Vextrix (vextrix)
Victor Manufacturing Ltd (victormanufacturing)
Vincent and Gorbing (vincentgorbing)
VINCI Construction UK Limited (vinci)
VINTEC LABS (vinteclabs)
Visagio Ltd (visagio)
Visitor Insights (visitorinsights)
Vistry Partnerships North West (vistryhipsnorthwest)
Visum Consultancy Ltd (visumconsultancy)
VolkerHighways Limited (volkerhighways)
Volterra Partners LLP (volterra)
vPPR Architects (vppr)
VT Consult (vtconsult)
W Clifford Watt Limited (wcliffordwatt)
W.D.M. Limited (wdm)
W.H.Stephens (whstephens)
W.V. Howe Limited (wvhowe)
Wagstaff (2) (wagstaff2)
Wainwright & Co (wainwrightco), Wainwrights (wainwrights)
Waldeck Associates Limited (waldeck)
Walker Resource Management Ltd. (walkerresourcemanagement)
Walker Simpson Architects (walkersimpson)
Wallace Whittle Limited (wallacewhittle)
Ward Williams Associates (wardwilliams), Ward Williams Associates LLP (wardwilliams)
Wardell Armstrong (wardellarmstrong), Wardell Armstrong LLP (wardellarmstrong)
Warden Construction Ltd (warden)
Warmworks (warmworks)
Water & Air Management Ltd. (waterairmanagement)
Waterlogic GB Ltd (waterlogicgb)
Waterman (waterman)
Waterman Aspen (watermanaspen), Waterman Aspen Ltd (watermanaspen)
WATERMAN INFRASTRUCTURE & ENVIRONMENT LIMITED (waterman), Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd (waterman)
Waterman Structures Limited (watermanstructures)
Wates (wates), Wates Construction (wates), WATES CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (wates), Wates Construction Ltd (wates)
Watson Batty Architects Limited (watsonbatty)
Watts Group Limited (watts)
Waugh Thistleton Architects (waughthistleton), Waugh Thistleton Architects Limited (waughthistleton)
WDM Limited (wdm)
We Made That LLP (wemadethat), WE MADE THAT LLP, (wemadethat)
Wearmouth Construction and Plant (wearmouthplant)
Welbilt UK Limited (welbilt), Welbilt UK Ltd (welbilt)
Welling Partnership (wellinghip), Welling Partnership LLP (wellinghip)
Welling Partnership Property (wellinghipproperty)
Welling Partnership Property and Construction Consultants (wellinghippropertyconsultants)
WEMCo Ltd (wemco)
Wessex Site Inspecion Ltd (wessexsiteinspecion)
Wessex Tree Care Ltd (wessextreecare)
West Waddy ADP (westwaddyadp)
Westco Communications (westcocommunications)
Westlakes Engineering Limited (westlakes)
Weston Building Systems Limited (westonbuildingsystems)
Weston Williamson (westonwilliamson), Weston Williamson & Partners (westonwilliamson), Weston Williamson + Partners (westonwilliamson)
WestonWilliamson+Partners (westonwilliamsonpartners)
Westpoint Construction Limited (westpoint)
Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (westpointtrading)
What if: projects Ltd (whatifprojects)
Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment Ltd (whitcocateringbakeryequipment)
White Arkitekter AB (whitearkitekterab)
White Consultants: Environment Ltd (whiteconsultants)
White Young Green Engineering Ltd (whiteyounggreen)
Whitehouse Construction Company Ltd (whitehousecompany)
WhiteleyEaves Ltd (whiteleyeaves)
Whitfield & Brown (Developments) Ltd (whitfieldbrowndevelopments)
wiggett construction ltd (wiggett)
Wilby & Burnett (wilbyburnett)
Wild Creations (wildcreations)
Wilde Consultants Ltd (wildeconsultants)
Wilde Consulting (wilde)
Wilkinson Cowan (wilkinsoncowan), Wilkinson Cowan Partnership (wilkinsoncowanhip), Wilkinson Cowan Partnership Limited (wilkinsoncowanhip)
Wilkinson Eyre Architects Limited (wilkinsoneyre), WilkinsonEyre (wilkinsoneyre)
Wilks Head & Eve LLP (wilksheadeve)
William Birch & Sons Limited (williambirchsons)
Willis Jenkins Ltd (willisjenkins)
Willmott Dixon (willmottdixon), Willmott Dixon Construction (willmottdixon), Willmott Dixon Construction Limited (willmottdixon), Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd (willmottdixon), Willmott DIxon Interiors (willmottdixon), Willmottt Dixon Construction Limited (willmotttdixon), Wilmott Dixon Construction Limited (wilmottdixon)
Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd (wilsonscotthighways)
Wilson Mason LLP (wilsonmason)
WINCKWORTH SHERWOOD LLP (winckworthsherwood)
WJ Roadmarkings Ltd (wjroadmarkings)
Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP (womblebonddickinsonuk)
Wood (wood), Wood Environment (wood)
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Ltd (woodsolutions), Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited (woodsolutions), Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK Ltd (woodsolutions)
Wood Group (UK) Ltd (wooduk)
Wood Group UK Limited (wood), Wood Group UK PLC (wood)
Wood Nuclear Limited (woodnuclear), Wood Nuclear Ltd (woodnuclear)
Woodley Coles Llp (woodleycoles)
Woods Farm Christmas Trees (woodsfarmchristmastrees)
Wright & Wright architects (wrightwright), Wright & Wright Architects LLP (wrightwright)
WRIGHT CIVIL ENGINEERING LIMITED (wrightcivil), Wright Civil Engineering Ltd (wrightcivil)
Wright Landscapes Ltd (wrightlandscapes)
WS Atkins PLC (wsatkins)
WS Planning & Architecture (wsplanning)
WSP (wsp)
WSP Development & Transportation (wspdevelopmenttransportation), WSP Development & Transportation Ltd (wspdevelopmenttransportation)
WSP Limited (wsp), WSP Ltd (wsp), WSP Plc (wsp), WSP UK Limited (wsp), WSP UK Limited, (wsp), WSP UK Ltd (wsp)
WSP UK Ltd Ecology (wspecology)
WT Partnership (wthip), WT Partnership Limited (wthip), WT Partnership Ltd (wthip) (wwwmcbainscouk)
WYG (wyg), WYG Engineering (wyg), WYG Engineering Limited (wyg), WYG Engineering Ltd, (wyg)
WYG Environment Planning Transport Limited (wygplanningtransport)
WYG Environment Transport Planning Ltd (wygtransportplanning)
WYG Group (wyg), WYG LIMITED (wyg)
Wynne Williams Associates Ltd (wynnewilliams)
WysePower Ltd (wysepower)
XAIS Asset Management Ltd (xaisassetmanagement)
XCO2 Energy Ltd (xco2energy)
Xodus Group Ltd (xodus)
YAWNING DOG PRODUCTIONS LTD (yawningdogproductions)
Yes Make Ltd (yesmake)
ygs landscapes (ygslandscapes)
YMD BOON LIMITED (ymdboon), YMD Boon Ltd (ymdboon), YMDBoon (ymdboon)
ZMMA (zmma), ZMMA LIMITED (zmma)
ZPN Energy Limited (zpnenergy)
Zurich Insurance plc (UK Branch) t/a Zurich Municipal (zurichinsuranceukbranch)
Zurich Management Services (zurichmanagement), ZURICH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED (zurichmanagement)
_space Architecture (space)