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The table below shows all entries where playle has been listed as the successful supplier. The system has a best guess at various spellings where company names have been badly or inconsistently entered into Contracts Finder - note that these results may not be complete, or may include incorrect results.

Notice range from 16 August 2017 to 15 August 2022.

Playle & Partners

28 September 2021HCC April 2021 - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Professional Consultant Services - AWARDHCC - ResourcesAward
10 June 2019Major Works ConsultantLeathermarket Joint Management BoardAward
06 October 2017P&TS - Lot 6 - Lansdowne Secure Unit - Project Manager on rotation - AWARDSE Shared ServicesAward
02 August 2019Construction Consultancy ServicesHyde Housing AssociationAward
31 October 2017ESCC/SCC APC Professional and Technical Services Framework Agreement - AWARDSE Shared ServicesAwardUpdate

Includes all variations of company name, as follows: Playle & Partners, PLAYLE & PARTNERS LLP, Playle & Partners Llp, Playle & Partners LLP.