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The table below shows all entries where npspropertyconsultants has been listed as the successful supplier. The system has a best guess at various spellings where company names have been badly or inconsistently entered into Contracts Finder - note that these results may not be complete, or may include incorrect results.

Notice range from 16 August 2017 to 12 April 2024.


08 January 20182664_18 Property, Building and Infrastructure Advice and Management ServicesEspoAward
06 August 2019Property Consultancy ServicesBroads AuthorityAward
20 December 2017Stock Condition Survey - Traditional and Non-Traditional Properties (Corporate Stock)Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough CouncilAward
19 July 2018Bucks CC - Multidisciplinary Panel - Commercial Team - Amersham School 1FEHomes England (the Name Adopted By The Homes And Communities Agency)Award
05 June 2018Invitation to Quote - Consultancy Services to undertake a review of West Suffolk Council's Assets and draft the Strategy and Plan - AWARDSuffolk SourcingAward
24 August 2017P&TS - Lot 1 EOI - Hailsham Primary School Places - Feasibility Study - AWARDSE Shared ServicesAward
19 July 2018Bucks CC - Multidisciplinary Panel - Commercial Team Services - Chiltern Hills AcademyHomes England (the Name Adopted By The Homes And Communities Agency)Award
01 November 2017P&TS - Lot 2 - Greenacres - Feasibility Study in Rotation - AWARDSE Shared ServicesAward
07 July 2021KMCPRP-161 Framework for the Provision of Professional Consultancy ServicesKirklees CouncilAward
21 July 2021Queen Elizabeth 2nd and Edward Wilson Schools Remodelling and Extension ProgrammesCapitalEsourcingAward
21 November 2017PSF2 - Lot 3 - 2018/19 PRIORITISED CAPITAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAMMECumbria County CouncilAward
23 June 2020Schools Capital Programme feasibility studyWelland Procurement UnitAward
12 March 2018Delius SEN School - Mechanical & Electrical EngineerBradford Metropolitan District CouncilAward
31 October 2017ESCC/SCC APC Professional and Technical Services Framework Agreement - AWARDSE Shared ServicesAwardUpdate

Includes all variations of company name, as follows: NPS PROPERTY CONSULTANTS LIMITED, Nps Property Consultants Limited, NPS Property Consultants Ltd.