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The table below shows all entries where ibiuk has been listed as the successful supplier. The system has a best guess at various spellings where company names have been badly or inconsistently entered into Contracts Finder - note that these results may not be complete, or may include incorrect results.

Notice range from 16 August 2017 to 25 April 2024.

IBI Group (UK) Limited

26 November 2021636_21 Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2 (VCI 2)EspoAward
20 May 2021FM21012 - Architectural ServicesUK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITEDAward
07 February 2018Professional Advisory Services for the Better Queensway ProjectSouthend-on-Sea Borough CouncilAward
15 February 2021CA8272 - Architect Mini-Comp for T Level projectsNew City CollegeAward
19 February 2020London and Quadrant Housing Trust - Landscape Architects Framework 2020 - 2024 - AWARDL&Q ConstructionAward
09 May 2023CA12297 - Havering 6th Form - ArchitectsNew City CollegeAward
07 October 2021664_21 Consultancy ServicesEspoAward
06 September 2022CA5527 - Architectural and Design ServicesNew City CollegeAwardUpdate
17 August 2017Royal Well and Promenade Masterplanning - AWARDGO Shared ServicesAward
25 March 2024Warfield Community Hub Design Team (RIBA Stage 2)Bracknell Forest Borough CouncilAward
12 September 2019London and Quadrant Housing Trust - Architects Framework 2019 - 2021 - AWARDL&Q ConstructionAward
15 June 2023Braintree CDC at St Michaels Health Centre - IBINHS PROPERTY SERVICES LIMITEDAward
01 September 2022CA6409 - Mini-Comp Architectural Services Major Projects Lot 2New City CollegeAward
25 July 2023Building Consultancy Services FrameworkCentral & Cecil Housing TrustAward
30 September 2021Hillingdon Hospitals Healthcare PlanningThe Hillingdon Hospitals Nhs Foundation TrustAward

Includes all variations of company name, as follows: IBI Group (UK) Limited, IBI GROUP (UK) LIMITED, IBI Group (UK) Ltd.