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UK Community Works CIC

Housing Innovation Cluster consultant (Modern Methods of Construction; Low Carbon Buildings)

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UK Community Works CIC

Publication Date
22 February 2022

4:00pm, 14 March 2022

Tender ID
ENE - Housing Innovation Cluster consultant

SUMMARY UK Community Works seeks proposals from consultants/external organisations to provide support for Eastern New Energy's Work Package (WP) 5: Low Carbon and Affordable Housing (New Build and Retrofit) Innovation Cluster. Bidders should have expertise in Modern Methods of Construction, low carbon buildings, and experience of innovation in building products and technologies Duration: Until end November 2022 Nature of Contract: Services, value not exceeding £50,000 inclusive of VAT BACKGROUND The Eastern New Energy project (ENE) helps organisations decarbonise operations and researches how to remove barriers to rapid decarbonisation. ABOUT WP 5 WP5 is focused on decarbonising housing, both new build and retrofit. Activity includes: 1. Introducing low carbon products and services to the construction supply chain 2. Supporting suppliers of low-carbon products, materials, technologies and services to develop markets 3. Developing the capacity of the construction supply chain to tender for low carbon construction projects 4. Facilitating collaborations between developers and suppliers to offer low/net-zero carbon housing to clients 5. Assessing performance of innovations 6. Facilitating demonstrations of low carbon innovations Current status We are working with: 1. Organisations that want affordable net-zero carbon housing 2. Developers and contractors that want to design and deliver this housing 3. Suppliers of low-carbon products, materials, technologies and services SCOPE OF CONSULTANCY SUPPORT UK Community Works is seeking a consultant / organisation to help deliver WP 5. The successful contractor will be required to: 1. Provide advice and consultancy a) Advise Innovation Cluster participants on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC); high energy performance fabric/envelope; and affordable low carbon housing solutions b) Support teams to design and deliver affordable net-zero carbon housing c) Support suppliers of low-carbon products, materials, technologies and services to integrate their offerings into net-zero carbon house designs 2. Support innovation a) Advise and support innovators of low-carbon products, materials, technologies and services 3. Roadshows, seminars, webinars a) Design and help produce workshops; digital and physical information materials; product and material displays b) Deliver presentations and demonstrations of MMC and net-zero carbon approaches and methods With regard to domestic retrofit, the successful contractor will be required to: 1. Identify new products and technologies that can be used by housing retrofit designers and contractors 2. Collaborate as required with ENE beneficiaries and delivery partners to assess the performance of these innovations and integrate them into retrofit offerings The successful contractor will need to collaborate with ENE delivery partners across the project as required. Contact for a bid pack.