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Newcastle University

(NU/1870) Fire Engineer Services for Castle Leazes Accommodation Project

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
23 June 2023

12:00pm, 03 March 2023

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Appointment of Fire Engineer Services. This appointment consists of services of the consultant through the RIBA stages 2 to 7 with the fee for the whole scope of service being broken down by stage as stated in the submitted Fee Schedule. The initial appointment would be for and up to RIBA Stage 2 where it is envisaged that by the end of this stage the design should be sufficiently developed to allow a works budget to be defined, at which point University approval will be sought to progress to the next stages 3-4 and then for the construction contract phase 5 to 7 would be subject to budgetary approval via the Universities governance structure. Should approval not be given, the University reserve the right to end the appointment. The appointment is made on behalf of Newcastle University Construction Company. Additional information: This appointment is made up to and including RIBA Stage 2, with appointment for further RIBA stages being subject to further approval.