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Charnwood Borough Council Recycling

Charnwood Housing Needs Assessment

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Charnwood Borough Council Recycling

Publication Date
25 February 2020

12:00am, 20 January 2020

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Justin Gardner Consulting Ltd

Charnwood Borough Council are seeking quotations to appoint experienced consultants to undertake an assessment of housing needs to inform the preparation of the Charnwood Local Plan. The Housing Needs Assessment is being commissioned to update our evidence on housing needs in the Borough and provide robust and proportionate evidence to inform the various housing policy requirements of the Local Plan. Appropriate and experienced consultants are invited to propose a methodology tailored to respond to the Council's specific requirements and take account of the local circumstances and challenges. The method will be consistent with national planning practice guidance and the NPPF. The key output will be a robust, up to date and proportionate evidence base study to inform housing policies and enable them to satisfy the tests of soundness at Examination in Public. This will include an assessment of the local housing need and require the successful consultants to demonstrate how the Local Plan can provide the size, type and tenure of housing needed for different groups in the community, taking into account the national policy framework and guidance The last date for request of Quotation will be the 9th January 2020, with Quotations to be returned by 12 Noon on the 20th January 2020.