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Harrogate Borough Council


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19 March 2018

12:00am, 05 February 2018

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NPS Property Consultants Ltd (£45,990)

Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) is seeking to appoint a specialist consultant and project manager to help with all aspects of replacing the existing cremators at their Stonefall Crematorium site. The works will include, but not be limited to: 1) Review the existing service and equipment to complete a feasibility study and recommend a preferred solution meeting the anticipated growth in cremation services and changing population over the next 20 years. 2) Produce a detailed designed solution around the agreed preferred solution which can be used as part of an impartial tender process. 3) Assess the procurement route including potential to use an existing framework agreement 4) Should a Restricted procedure be selected produce a Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ) to narrow the potential field of cremator manufacturers capable of delivering a product to the expected standard required. Include an evaluation matrix to evaluate the bids for ability and quality. 5) Produce an Invitation to Tender (ITT) document that the successful manufacturers can submit a bid against. Include an evaluation matrix to evaluate the bids for price, life time operating costs, and quality. 6) Assist with all PQQ and ITT evaluations to select a preferred manufacturer and/or contractor(s). 7) Recommend a form of contract and/or produce a bespoke form of contract as necessary including liquidated damages, retention, contract period and specific contract clauses relative to the site and project. 8) CDM. The consultant/project manager must act a Principal Designer under CDM regulation 2015. If the contract is not managed under a main contractor the project manager must act as the Principal Contractor as CDM 2015. 9) Contract management including monitoring site progress, chair and minute pre-contract and contract meetings and co-ordinate all trades if not managed under a single main contractor. 10) Witness the commissioning of the installation and check against contract requirements. Report snags and defects and monitor to completion. 11) Approve contractor interim payment certificates against progress and equipment installed on site. 12) Check staff training, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals, drawings and guides are fit and accurate for the operation of the equipment installed. 13) Sign off all works at the end the defect period as being satisfactory, before agreeing final payment of any retention fees.