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EBC KB Land East of Little Rigg Seven Hills Road Cobham Surrey - AWARD

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Publication Date
30 August 2018

12:00am, 04 July 2018

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EBC - 020577 - AWARD

Enforcement Services Ltd (£11,800)

Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) approaches the market in relation to the removal of a log cabin from woodland situated within the boroughs Green Belt at the site shown on the attached plan. The cabin is subject to an Enforcement Notice requiring its removal. This Notice was upheld on appeal. The cabin is not used for human habitation and there are no utilities to the site. The land on which the cabin stands is unregistered, and a copy of the Enforcement Notice has been sent to the Government Legal Services to place any potential purchaser on notice as to the breach of planning control. Section 178 (Town and Country Planning Act 1990) allows the local planning authority the power to enter land and carry out works that are required by an Enforcement Notice to remedy the breach of planning control and remedy any injury to amenity or to end any activity on the land.