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02 February 2018

12:00am, 06 February 2018

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NOTE: This notice was updated on 02 February 2018 for the following reason: 10. Deadline for Expression of InterestTitle: Storage Rationalisation 1.1Introduction The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) intends to run a competition to select a supplier for to carry out a full storage utilisation survey, and produce a fully detailed report for the offices of the CMA. The competition is planned to be launched to interested suppliers from week commencing Monday 8 January 2018. 1.2Background The CMA intends to comply with Central Government policy and relocate its headquarters from Central London to East London during 2019. As part of this project, and to inform the Employers Requirements, a storage utilisation study is required to take place. 1.3Scope of Service The scope falls into two parts: 1.Undertake / review: •Complete storage audit on the floors •Audit of storage in the basement •Storage utilisation survey to include the types of furniture being used and whether they are the most appropriate fit •Understand and comment on CMA's Records Management and Retention Policies •team storage and how lockers, pedestals etc are used to store working documents •how CMA are operating against best practices, ways of alternative working and storage 2.Deliver a report detailing: •Storage quantification in linear metres by department, by type and by head •The potential for reduction in storage and the method of achieving this •Advise on readiness and potential costs of a digitisation programme •Better ways of working in an agile environment with storage of documents •CMA's adherence to and their understanding of Records Management and Retention Policies •Gap analysis to demonstrate the extent which paper can be reduced •The strategy, cost and benefits of a \"paper light\" environment •The correct storage by type and quantity taking into account the differing culture and needs of all departments •The road map and assistance that will be given to CMA, prior to exit of Victoria House to reduce the existing storage