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HCC - 09/19 - The Provision of Transport Infrastructure and Planning Services - AWARD

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21 May 2020

12:00am, 25 October 2019

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Aecom, Project Centre Limited, RPS Consulting Services Ltd, SYSTRA

This has now been awarded. Hertfordshire is entering a period of historic growth, with 100,000 more homes, 100,000 more jobs, and a 15% increase in traffic envisaged during the next 15 years. The Council and its partners have a responsibility to plan positively for this, addressing the challenges this creates by shaping this growth to 2031 and beyond. To this end, the Council has adopted a number of strategies outlining its response to these challenges, most notably the Local Transport Plan 4. Aiming to achieve a step change in travel behaviour by setting the framework for sustainable development and mode shift in Hertfordshire, its successful delivery requires a unified, collaborative approach both within the Council and with its partners. The services, refined through market testing, aim to provide the Council and its partners with the breadth of expertise and experience required to ensure 'good growth' in Hertfordshire. Ranging from initial spatial planning work through to design and development of major infrastructure, as well as the modelling work, transport appraisals, and environmental assessments required in between, many of the outlined services will sit alongside in-house staff or existing providers. Following a related procurement, Hertfordshire County Council has awarded the Framework Agreement for the Provision of Transport Infrastructure Planning. This is an award notice and this opportunity is now closed. The successful suppliers are: AECOM Limited SYSTRA Ltd WSP UK Ltd Project Centre Limited RPS Consultancy Services Ltd Lot 1: Spatial Planning and Policy Lot 2: Core Modelling Services Lot 3: Additional Modelling Support Lot 4: Transport Appraisal Lot 5: Development Management Implementation Lot 6: Environment Support Lot 7: Major Transport Systems Lot 8: Waste Management Design The estimated total value of the is £30,460,000.00 and is for the core Contract period of 3years and includes the approximate value for extensions. The initial term of this Agreement is Three (3) years with a possible extension of up to a further One (1)year at the Councils discretion. OJEU Contract Notice Number: 2019/S 175-426520 OJEU Award Notice Number: 2020/S 080-189792