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Coventry - Solihull - Warwickshire

WDC - Provision of the Development and Production of a Management Plan for Abbey Fields

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Publication Date
23 May 2019

12:00am, 24 June 2019

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WDC - 7642

Warwick District Council wishes to appoint a suitably qualified team to develop and prepare a comprehensive management plan to guide the efficient and effective management of Abbey Fields. The need for a management plan is set against a background of significant planned housing growth for Kenilworth identified in the Warwick District Local Plan as adopted in September 2017. This will see a 20% population increase through nearly 2,000 new homes, as well as the impact of HS2 which passes nearby, and other significant developments such as King's Hill, where approximately 4,000 new homes are planned. This will bring significant new pressures on existing infrastructure, particularly green space attractions like Abbey Fields. Despite its popularity and importance, Abbey Fields lacks a clear vision. The park means different things to different people and this can often lead to a disjointed approach to management, maintenance and investment. Different groups sometimes have contrasting views over what is best for the park. We see this plan as an opportunity to bring together the various stakeholders and establish a clear vision and management structure to take forward Abbey Fields over the next 10 years. The budget for this project £30,000. There is an additional budget of £15,000 to cover additional survey work.