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University of Cumbria

Cost Manager /Quantity Surveyor for the Citadels (LOT1) & Barrow Campus ( LOT2) - AWARD

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01 April 2022

12:00pm, 07 January 2022

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IT-79-266-22-05 Cost Management - AWARD

Gardiner & Theoabald LLP

For the provision of cost management/quantity surveying services for the Citadels and Barrow Campus projects . The University of Cumbria are inviting tenders for the above supply. On the assumption that you would be interested in submitting a tender we have pleasure in enclosing a tender pack for completion. All tenders are in accordance with University of Cumbria Terms & Conditions of Contract (Appendix A). The tender consists of 2 Lots: Lot 1 - Cost Management/ Quantity Surveying (Cost Manager) services for The Citadels Project. Lot 2 - Cost Management/ Quantity Surveying (Cost Manager) services for the Barrow Campus project. Tenderers can bid for all or some of the above lots.