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Sustainability Appraisal Tender

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03 June 2021

12:00pm, 20 July 2021

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Tendring District Council and Colchester Borough Council (the Councils) are seeking to commission consultants to prepare an independent Sustainability Appraisal (SA) to guide the preparation of a Development Plan Document (DPD) for the Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community (TCBGC). This will be a new garden community providing between 7000 to 9000 eco-friendly homes. The DPD for bringing forward the garden community is to be prepared by the Councils, informed by master-planning and other technical studies and evidence being undertaken by specialist consultants. The DPD will contain policies setting out how the new community will be designed and developed (expanding upon the requirements of Policy SP8, i-xiv and Policy SP9 in the adopted Section 1 Local Plan). The SA work will consider the full potential for mitigation and for maximising the economic, social and environmental opportunities for the Garden Community as well as the relative impacts of different policy and spatial layout options. The SA work will either draw upon existing baseline evidence to identify any gaps, which will allow for the preparation of additional studies where required, to support spatial strategy options. The SA will need to demonstrate a robust evidence base in considering and testing the reasonable alternatives, including the location of key infrastructure. If you would like to be considered for this contract please use the link below where all documents are included that will enable you to offer a submission. Please follow instructions in specification which includes details of how to ask any clarification questions along with questions and also quotations including how and where to return your quotation. These instructions must be followed.