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SCC APC Property Joint Venture Partner Procurement - AWARD

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23 July 2018

12:00am, 27 March 2017

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SCC - 012862 - AWARD

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Surrey County Council is seeking a private sector development partner to enter into a corporate Joint Venture to undertake the development of surplus and identified sites for itself and other public sector organisations listed inVI.4.3 below (which includes its immediate partner East Sussex County Council through its Orbis Partnership). The Council aims to secure delivery expertise, and bring capacity and pace to a development programme that ensures optimal performance and returns from investment activities, whilst supporting its wider objectives around income generation, growth, job creation and regeneration. The partner will be expected to provide dedicated resources, and deliver a range of works and services including option appraisals, market advice, planning promotion, development advice and construction, and asset management services across a range of sites (predominantly residential including PRS, and some mixed uses).