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PA Housing Limited

Provision of demolition and development at St Catherine's, Beales Lane, Weybridge

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27 January 2021

12:00pm, 01 March 2021

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ACSL is the construction delivery subsidiary company of Paragon ASRA Housing Limited (ASRA), which is a housing association and Registered Provider of social housing. ASRA provides housing across the Midlands, London and the South East offering a range of housing solutions from affordable rent and independent living to shared ownership and outright sale for those in need. The Project aims to deliver 28 residential dwellings at a site located on Thames Road, Weybridge. ASRA aims to regenerate the site to provide a pleasant living environment for both new and existing residents. The Project has achieved planning permission and aims to deliver 28 residential dwellings, comprising nine one bed dwellings, thirteen 2 bed dwellings, and six three bed dwellings. The scheme consists of the formation of new highway access, the creation of 28 car parking spaces, an ancillary cycle store, and tree planting and landscaping. All the units will be required to meet the minimum size requirements of the Core Strategy and the London Housing Design Guide August 2010; and the principles of Secure by Design as described further in the Employer's Requirements. The anticipated value of the Project is approximately six million and seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£6,750,000) excluding VAT. Applicants should note that this sum is indicative only and are not to be read as a fixed or final cost.