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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Publication Platform

Publication Date
07 February 2020

12:00am, 21 February 2020

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Abingdon Town Council

The Town Council wishes to create, with the community, a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Abingdon. This will be launched at the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th March 2020. The Council is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified consultant to manage all aspects of the process. The first stage and the initial appointment is to work with the Council to launch the Plan to the community on 10th March 2020. It is envisaged that a Steering Committee will be appointed, and consultation will then take place and the scope of the Plan will be agreed. This will be known as the scoping stage. Following this stage, the Council will then consider its resource requirements in relation to the completion of the Plan through to its adoption and the appointment of a consultant to provide the necessary support. The aim is for the Neighbourhood Development Plan to be ready for public referendum by 31st March 2020. Note the minimum contract sum (£5,000) is an estimate based only on the scoping stage. Please e-mail and cc for further details. The tender close date is Friday 21st February 2020.