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North London Waste Authority

Minor Civils Works Framework - AWARD

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Publication Date
24 August 2022

1:00pm, 08 April 2022

Tender ID
IT-384-39-NLHPP00000039 - AWARD

DGP LOGISTICS PLC, Falco Construction Limited, Galldris Services Limited

The Authority is seeking to procure a framework with a maximum of three contractors for minor works in relation to the NLHPP. The NLHPP is a programme of works carried out for the Authority at its 'EcoPark' site, in Edmonton, London N18 AG. The minor works involve the construction and commissioning of enhancements to the civil infrastructure in and around the EcoPark, and may include but not be limited to: (i) intrusive site investigations to verify the location of services and underground obstructions; (ii) alterations and enhancements to roads and pedestrian accesses to enable the EcoPark to function whilst the new NLHPP facilities are constructed and brought into service. These may span watercourses, as well as working with the relevant highway authority for adopted highways; (iii) alterations and enhancements to EcoPark security infrastructure to enable NLHPP construction areas to operate within the EcoPark's overall security system; (iv) temporary and permanent alterations to the EcoPark water and drainage systems to enable the construction of NLHPP facilities; (v) diversion of utilities to enable NLHPP delivery; (vi) landscaping reinstatement of soft verges and footpaths around the EcoPark; (vii) supply and install temporary buildings; and (viii) removal of any temporary structure erected during the NLHPP works. The works are required to enable the efficient and effective delivery of the NLHPP for the development of a replacement energy recovery facility and associated works at the EcoPark pursuant to a development consent order granted to the Authority on 24.2.2017. It is anticipated that design of any works under the framework will typically be carried out by the Authority's technical advisor to enable the contractor to carry out construction. The contractor may be required to design certain elements of detailed design. The site for the works, Edmonton EcoPark, is an operational waste management site where LondonEnergy Ltd, a private company wholly owned by the Authority, operates an existing Energy from Waste (EfW) facility. Normal operation of the EfW facility (24/7 working schedule) is to be maintained at all times during any works to be performed under the framework. Contracts will be called off under the framework by way of direct award through a cab rank system (also known as a direct award via rotation) for projects that are under ?50,000 and by way of a mini-competition procedure for projects above this threshold. Further details of the required works are set out in the procurement documents. The Memorandum of Information provides background information on the Authority, the NLHPP and a summary of the key contract terms in relation to these works.