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South Oxfordshire District Council

Architect-led multidisciplinary design team for the redevelopment of 116-120 Broadway, Didcot, South Oxfordshire

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Cabinet Office

Publication Date
20 February 2023

11:59pm, 17 March 2023

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Aims The main aim of this ITT is to select and appoint a competent architect-led multidisciplinary team, (the 'design team') who will provide excellent design services to enable high quality redevelopment of council owned property at 116, 118 and 120 Broadway, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 8AB. The design team will work closely with the previously appointed 'project manager team', to enable the highest possible sustainability standards, for example PassivHaus, EnerPHit or other low-carbon compliant designs for sustainable, affordable homes and associated community space to replace the existing three properties. The design team will be led by a RIBA or ARB qualified lead architect and will include the following appropriately qualified professionals as a minimum: • structural and civil engineer • mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineer (MEP) • sustainability consultant • fire safety engineer • acoustic consultant • daylight /sunlight consultant • planning consultant • principal designer for building safety (CDM Regs 2015). The design team will provide design services set in accordance with RIBA Plan of Work 2020 Stages 1-3 including the submission of a full planning application for the development. Depending on the outcome of the planning submission and full council approval, based on the quality of design and cost estimates, the aim would be to continue to commission the design team for the project through RIBA Plan of Work Stages 4-6. The contract for the design team services will be the council's Standard Services Contract. Objectives The council's three properties on Broadway are currently vacant and in a poor condition, and the overall aim is to regenerate this part of the Didcot Garden Town by delivering exemplar housing and community space design. The proposed development is to incorporate the following council corporate objectives: • action on climate emergency - seeking sustainable, low carbon design • improved economy and community wellbeing - seeking a balanced approach to the inclusion of high street facing community space on the ground floor • homes and infrastructure that meets local needs - designing an appropriate housing mix for affordable homes • investment that rebuilds our financial viability - preliminary feasibility studies indicated that none of the various redevelopment options for the site would pay back the total cost of development within the industry standard period of 45 years, without public subsidy. That subsidy will be sought from accumulated Section 106 affordable housing funds and potentially some Didcot Garden Town funding.