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United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

STEP WP5 - Fusion Power Plant - Breeder Blanket Design Challenge

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Publication Date
02 December 2019

12:00am, 01 November 2019

Tender ID

Assystem Energy & Infrastructure Limited (£151,015), ESTEYCO S.A. (£151,015), IDOM Consulting (£151,015), Wood Nuclear Limited (£151,015)

UKAEA wants to identify and partner with Consultant(s) to develop conceptual designs for the breeder blankets of a fusion power plant. Identified Consultant(s) would develop conceptual designs for fusion Breeder Blankets, which are critical systems for future fusion power plants. This system plays an important role in the fuel and thermal cycles of fusion power plants. Breeder Blankets generate fusion fuel and useful heat, which is transferred to the circulated coolant. In many cases this is pressurised and places large loads onto the Breeder Blanket structure. Consultant(s) are requested to submit proposals that address structural and thermal design challenges, applying their expertise to either improve performance, manufacturability and/or Technology Readiness

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