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Oxford City Council

St Michael's Street Levelling Feasibility

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27 June 2022

12:00pm, 18 July 2022

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St Michael's Street has been part pedestrianised since September 2020, initially under a temporary traffic order (TTRO) in response to covid measures, and since 2 March 2022 under an experimental order (ETRO). The scheme has been well received overall and has supported six hospitality businesses, five of them within the closure area, by creating an outdoor seating area. It provides space for visitors and residents to socialise in an outdoor environment as a current pandemic measure and also supports long term city centre vitality and vibrancy. The street is challenged by its current street scene layout and surface condition, and it is yet to achieve its full public realm potential. Therefore, Oxford City Council are commissioning feasibility design and engagement work to build on the success of the current scheme and explore opportunities to create an exemplary permanent pedestrianised zone which enhances the city centre public realm. OCC have undertaken preliminary work, so this brief incorporates the current understanding of technical requirements, headline constraints and opportunities, an initial stakeholder list and engagement scope. It is an OCC project, however Oxfordshire County Council ("County") as highway authority, will be key stakeholders throughout, alongside other local landowners and interest groups. If a permanent scheme is to be delivered, it will need to be approved by County, however that stage is outside of the scope of this project. OCC is seeking to appoint an innovative and experienced design-led multidisciplinary team in order to guide the project from baseline information-gathering, through design development and engagement process. Two designs are to be produced and are to include implementation costings.