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Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Rochdale Council - Corner Plot Architect

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
10 January 2024

11:59pm, 31 May 2023

Tender ID

Leach Rhodes Walker Limited

To act as the lead architect for RIBA Stage 2-7 on the works taking place at the Corner Plot, Rochdale Station Square. The roles and requirements will include, - Provide feedback from previous projects. - Take part in workshops to develop the business case for the Project - Review relevant information from the Client to confirm the Client's strategic brief - Carry out a strategic sustainability review of the Client's needs and potential sites, including reuse of existing facilities, building components or materials - Collate feedback from previous projects from the Other Client Appointments - Collate comments and organise workshops to discuss the business case for the Project and develop the strategic brief with the Other Client Appointments - Assist the Client in determining the initial Construction Cost Discuss with the Client initial considerations for the Other Client Appointments - Assist the Client in identifying sustainability targets for the Project - Visit the site and carry out an initial appraisal - Prepare a site report advising the Client of any reasonably identifiable previous uses and restrictions of which the Architect/Consultant should reasonably be aware - On behalf of the Client, arrange the following surveys or other investigations that the Architect/Consultant identifies as reasonably required: - Contribute to the development of the Project Programme - Assist the Client to determine the Construction Cost - Assist the Client in developing the initial Project Brief - Assist the Client in identifying the procurement method Prepare and discuss feasibility studies for the Project - Provide architectural information to the Other Client Appointments as reasonably required to enable them to carry out their services - Provide a report on the feasibility of the Project for the Client's approval before progressing to the next stage