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Health & Safety Executive

HSE Buxton - The Wider Site

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Health & Safety Executive

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18 October 2021

1:00pm, 01 December 2021

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HSE T4050

We are an experimental site undertaking a wide range of energetic experiments; as the UK Health & Safety Regulator we undertake forensic investigation to determine the cause of incidents including those due to fire and explosion, we are the UK Civil Explosives Approval Body which necessitates explosives testing and to be an explosives licensed site, and we undertake a range of large scale research experiments. Some of our work is detailed in the publicly available HSE reports Annual Science Review ( HSE is not looking to sell or rent the land out, HSE is not looking for organisations to come and establish their own buildings on HSE's site (whether for shared use or not). The Science Division (SD) of HSE is seeking an expert, strategic review of how we might improve the use of the wider site. HSE is not seeking a condition report on our buildings; we have that already and are aware of the estimated costs of work required to repair our buildings. Nor is it seeking to change its current use. HSE strives to be considerate of the environment in which it works, and options cannot be significantly out of step with the local environment and landscape. The purpose of the work is to improve HSE's ability to achieve a sustainable experimental future in Buxton.