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Gloucestershire County Council

Travel Planning - Columbine Road, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury

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21 February 2018

12:00am, 01 March 2018

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1 INTRODUCTION 1. Gloucestershire County Council have entered in a s106 agreement in relation to a development of 261 dwellings at Columbine Road, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury £65715 has been provided for preparation, implementation and monitoring of a travel plan for the development. The service provider is asked to provide details of the service they will provide for a fixed fee which will not exceed £62,000. The remaining funds will be used for administration and monitoring by the client. The planning reference for this site is 17/00347 2 PERIOD OF CONTRACT The Contract shall commence on 1st May 2018 and is expected to be completed on the date proposed by 30th April 2024 subject to completion of the development.. Six monthly reports on the work undertaken should be submitted to the client. Please note that any qualified tenders will be disallowed. If you wish to propose a change to any part of the contact please submit a request prior to a date two weeks before the closing date of the contract. This includes any changes to the terms and conditions 3 SERVICE REQUIRED The objectives of this commission are to • engage with residents to raise awareness of sustainable travel choices to encourage more sustainable travel behaviour; • minimise the proportion of single occupancy car movements to and from the development for all journey purposes • to achieve annual increases in use of public transport, walking and cycling • provide generic and personalised information to assist travel by those with mobility difficulties In order to do this the Service Provider is required to • Develop and implement a Travel Plan including acting as Travel Plan Co-ordinator and implementing measures identified in the framework travel plan • Undertake a baseline travel survey shortly after 80th occupation and further surveys at appropriate intervals thereafter. This should include collection of journey destination data to assist the client with planning the transport network • Monitor the success of the Travel Plan • Deliver personalised Travel Planning to Residents who agree to it • Deliver a package of measures to encourage trial and use of sustainable modes • Prepare and distribute Travel Information Packs (and update residents of changes) • Liaise with the Developer, Local County and District Councillors to keep them regularly informed of activities and progress • Promote local and national sustainable travel events to residents of the development • Report any relevant issues identified that need attention by the client • Carry out other activities the Service Provider considers will help meet the objectives