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ESPH SB Owlsbury Park - SANGS (ESPH176) - AWARD

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23 January 2018

12:00am, 29 September 2017

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WDC - 016208 - AWARD

Lawson Queay Chartered Surveyors (£0)

Wealden District council (WDC) acquired approx. 28 hectares of land west of the A22, north of the A26 and adjoining Horsted Pond Lane. The reason for this is to provide a 'Suitable Accessible Natural Green space' (SANGS) to provide green space for recreation to support development in the Uckfield area, diverting visitors away from the Ashdown Forest. In this case the site supports new housing planned to the east of the site over the A22. The Council are seeking to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified Project Manager to prepare tenders and selection of a suitable contractor, together with managing the delivery of the SANGS site. Tender return deadline: 10:00 29th September 2017