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Catalyst Housing Limited

GB-Ealing: Framework Agreement for Architectural Services

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08 August 2018

12:00am, 07 September 2018

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Description of procurement: Catalyst Housing Ltd (The Authority) has a significant development programme, and has a pipeline target of delivering 1,000 homes per year by 2020. The requirements include mainly the provision of new homes including affordable rented accommodation, low cost home ownerships, private sale, mixed tenure schemes and some major refurbishment and regeneration. The critical part of its successful delivery is putting in place a long-term arrangement with a selected number of key partners to better reflect our evolving needs. The Authority is seeking to establish a Framework Agreement for a period of four (4) years for Architectural Services including Landscape Design, Garage Design, Masterplanning and High Density. This procurement is being undertaken by Catalyst Housing Limited on behalf of all members (from time to time) of the Catalyst Housing Group but who currently comprise, Catalyst Charitable Trust, CHL Developments, Vintage Care, Barnet Community Homes, Catalyst by Design Limited, Southall Day Centre Ltd, Catalyst Finance Ltd, Catalyst Developments (Brent) Ltd and Dee Park Developments (Catalyst) Ltd, as well as any successor body of any of the organisations listed, and any subsidiary, subsidiary undertaking, holding company and/or associate (from time to time) of the aforementioned entities and any entity of which the aforementioned entities is a subsidiary, subsidiary undertaking, holding company and/or associate (from time to time), as such terms are defined in Section 1162 of the Companies Act 2006, s271 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 and/or Section 15 of the Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1968.The Catalyst Housing Group members will be entitled to rely on the framework agreement and to call-off contracts under the framework agreement directly. In addition, subject to Catalyst's prior written consent but without any obligation for them to participate, the members of the G15 Housing Group and any registered provider (as listed on the Statutory Register of Providers of Social Housing maintained by the Homes and Communities Agency, available on their website) and listed on the Tenant Services Authority Website: (, Local Authorities and ALMOs operating within the UK shall also be entitled to rely on and call-off contracts under the framework agreement. Suppliers can access the SQ and Tender documents using the following access code: 8XEABG965K