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WHC - Validation of Planning Applications

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05 October 2020

7:12am, 06 December 2020

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Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (hereinafter referred to as 'The Council') wishes to appoint a suitably qualified external company to act on the Council's behalf in dealing primarily with the validation of planning and Estate Management applications. Approximately 3,000 applications are submitted annually to the Council and include all types of planning applications and associated applications, Estate Management applications, all types of tree applications together with external consultations and pre-application enquiries. The Council is looking for a suitable external company to take on the validation of all types of applications received. It is not known if the Planning White Paper will have any implications on the number submitted. The Council has targets in place to validate applications upon receipt which includes 3 to 5 working days for minor and small-scale applications and 10 working days for a major application. However, it is expected that the date in which to validate all types of applications will be within 48 hours. The contract is for an initial period of three years with an optional one year extension.