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HCC April 17 - Creation of a New Property Delivery Model for Hertfordshire County Council - AWARD

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22 August 2018

12:00am, 31 May 2017

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HCC1709634 - AWARD

Morgan Sindall Investments Limited (£0)

This procurement has been awarded, details below. Hertfordshire County Council (the Council) sought a partner to support it in moving to an innovative Property Delivery Model. The Council has a substantial portfolio of surplus land and property that can either be disposed of or developed. There was a consensus of opinion within the Council that there was a need to pursue an alternative model where the Council takes more of an active role in development with the aim of improving the financial returns to the Council and pace of delivery. Successful - Morgan Sindall Investments Limited OJEU Notice Number - 2017/S 085-164986 Award Notice Number - 2018/S 083-186263