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Test Valley Borough Council

Andover Western Avenue Riverside Park - Specification and Design

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
10 November 2023

12:00pm, 11 December 2023

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Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) is seeking to appoint consultants (or a consortium of consultants) to prepare the designs to RIBA Stage 6 for the delivery of a new 'riverside park' along Western Avenue in Andover Town Centre and including public realm improvements to the riverside footpath south of Bridge Street. The successful bidder will coordinate the design work of other specialist and technical designers into a single cohesive detailed masterplan that meets the objectives of the scheme. The range of skills and specialisms required will include landscape, highways and environmental design relating to waterways and drainage. The successful bidder will take this project from the existing concept design, through detailed design and planning, producing technical construction drawings, specification and management plan for the landscape elements, through to completion of the project. As this is a multi-disciplinary project, the successful bidder will also provide a coordinating role between the various elements of the project. Further details can be found at