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The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Kingston Placemaking Panel

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14 April 2022

12:00pm, 16 May 2022

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Kingston Placemaking Panel The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (the 'Council') invites potential Providers to tender for the provision of required services. The Council has a requirement to appoint a Consultant to deliver the required services, including the establishment of a Kingston Placemaking Panel comprising a diverse multidisciplinary team of design and built environment experts, and manage the delivery of design reviews. The objective of the proposed Contract is to commission the establishment of a Kingston Placemaking Panel and associated services, which will provide design advice on development proposals within the borough, for fees which will be agreed with the Council and paid by the Developers/Councils/Third Sector organisations that use the service. The proposed contract will be delivered in accordance with the Council's requirements for a period of three years with a Council option to extend the contract for a further twelve months. The Council declared a Climate Emergency during 2019 and is committed to an objective of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2038, therefore as a Council to consider the following: - Energy efficiency in homes and workspaces - Generating and harnessing energy - Sustainable transport and travel - Air quality improvements - Biodiversity and green spaces - Waste management, recycling and the circular economy. It is expected that the Kingston Placemaking Panel and associated services will support the Council in delivering an environmental and sustainable borough. For further information relating to this tender can be found within the ITT pack consisting of the following: - ITT instructions and guidance associated documents; - Specification and associated documents - Pricing Schedule. - Conditions of Contract. It is planned that service mobilisation will commence from approx 1st July 2022 onwards, if required, with service delivery commencing no later than approx 1st October 2022.