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Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes Council Central Bletchley Urban Design Framework Commercial Viability Assessment

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21 March 2018

12:00am, 05 March 2018

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Urban Delivery (£28,500)

The contract is to undertake a viability study which seeks to understand the financial viability of mixed use development in this area and how many dwellings could realistically be delivered. This information will be fed into the emerging Central Bletchley Urban Design Framework. Scope of work Policy review of national and local planning policy in relation to residential development and parking standards in close proximity to public transport hubs. Proposed parking standards for Central Bletchley (maximum and minimum). Housing capacity for Central Bletchley study area linked to the maximum and minimum parking standards. With a proposed mix of dwellings. Commercial Viability Assessment for Central Bletchley Study Area. Mixed use with a focus on residential. Case study of comparable residential led mixed use developments close to transit hubs (Luton, Watford, Hemel Hempstead). Assumptions Recommendations must be realistically deliverable. Range of dwellings. However, at least 50% of dwellings should be considered apartments. Estimate based on parking standards min to max (sliding scale). Consider current parking standards to up to an 80% reduction. Parking reduction will be underpinned by national parking directive for residential development in the environs of transit hubs (NPPF, Housing White All information is available on the LGSS e-tendering portal ProContract