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Peabody Trust

GB-London: Thamesmead Cultural Infrastructure Plan

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03 April 2018

12:00am, 23 April 2018

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Peabody Trust ("Peabody") is seeking to appoint an experienced consultancy or consortium of experts to develop a Cultural Infrastructure Plan for Thamesmead over the short, medium and long term. The Cultural Infrastructure Plan will become our blueprint for what cultural facilities we should be providing to create a culturally rich and vibrant new town for London with over 100,000 residents by 2030. The development of a Cultural Infrastructure Plan for Thamesmead will need to provide detailed information and practical plans on how to deliver these ambitions, and consider our role within wider London plans such as the Thames Estuary Production Corridor. The scope of work will include: •analysing current demographics to understand the potential audience and user base for new cultural facilities in the short to medium term •analysing cultural facilities and spaces in neighbouring areas from information provided by the GLA's GIS map of London's cultural facilities to understand how Thamesmead can develop a complementary cultural offer •researching future demographics and cultural needs as Thamesmead expands through analysis of our development and marketing plans, and potential surveys and focus groups •ascertaining the market potential and demand for future cultural facilities and who will use them •recommending a range of sites/opportunities for cultural facilities with practical business plans for delivery, including types of tenants/operators, leases, and rents •researching the local policy landscape and identify any opportunities for local plans to support/fund these aspirations through planning gain and Community Infrastructure Levy •exploring alternative delivery models for creating and operating cultural facilities •recommending how the Cultural Infrastructure Plan can support the development of Thamesmead's Creative Enterprise Zone, and interface with the independent research being carried out by London Borough of Bexley from April - July 2018 •recommending key steps to ensure accessible local jobs are created by the proposed cultural facilities •proposing our role/contribution to wider London plans including the Thames Estuary Production Corridor, referring to the GLA's first phase of research on TEPC to be carried out in summer 2018 For further information, together with a detailed brief and supporting documents please visit the Delta eSourcing portal at: