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GBC NB Guildford Crematorium: Design, Supply, Maintenance and Removal of Temporary Accomodation - AWARD

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06 June 2018

12:00am, 28 November 2017

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GBC - 016290 - AWARD


Guildford Borough Council has taken a decision to rebuild Guildford Crematorium in its current location to provide fit-for-purpose facilities for the bereaved and deceased. The Council places a high importance on the care of the deceased, and wishes to develop a supportive, inclusive, reassuring, flexible, value-for-money, and high quality service for the bereaved regardless of culture, background, custom or faith. This is a high profile, complex, major project for the Council, representing a significant investment in our community. The Crematorium first opened in 1967 undertaking some 600 cremations a year. The facilities now undertake in the region of 1800 cremations a year and needs to be improved to provide a suitable environment for the changing demographic the Crematorium now serves. The site follows the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities Code of Practice, the Institute of Cemetery and Cremation Management Guiding Principles & Charter for the Bereaved and, holds a Green flag for the grounds. Guildford Borough Council is seeking a contractor, who upholds our values, and more to work with us, our design team and the appointed main contractor in the design, construction, hire and removal of temporary Chapel with office, storage and toilet facilities for use during the construction of the new Crematorium building. **Please note the tender documents will be published once the OJEU notice is published.