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Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle

Security works - stairwell fall protection, D&B procurement (Design and Build)

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
12 May 2023

11:59pm, 02 June 2023

Tender ID

The Lycee Francais is running this tender for the main site in South Kensington (35 cromwell road SW7 2DG). The work to secure the stairwells consists of providing and fixing vertical cables along the entire height of the stairwells (approximately 15 metres) of the Victor Hugo building at the Contracting Authority's main site (35 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2DG). This work concerns 3 near identical stairwells. The cables will be fixed to the ceiling in a stainless steel framework to be installed. The purpose of these works is to enhance security and provide a suitable and aesthetically pleasing fall protection solution while complying with the staircase safety regulations.