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Fire Risk Assessments and EWS1 Forms

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10 August 2021

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Gentoo Group is currently seeking to procure a specialist surveying consultancy to assist in providing full fire risk assessments to its 30 high and medium rise blocks. In addition to the full fire risk assessment works, the appointed surveying consultancy will be responsible for determining whether an EWS1 form is required for each building, and if so, this form is also to be completed as part of the programme. All access will be arranged separately by Gentoo and subsequently this Tender is only required to seek a competent surveying consultancy to carry out this work. Proof of competency and the ability to complete EWS1 forms will be required to be submitted with the Tender return as well as an indicative programme. Gentoo envisage a 12-month programme but understand due to the current high-demand nature of this service at present, this may not be practicable and therefore are willing to accept alternate proposals. Should this Tender be of interest, please contact to receive a formal invitation to Tender