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University Of East London

Stratford Campus Accommodation Design, Built, Finance and Operate Project

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University Of East London

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20 May 2022

12:00pm, 24 June 2022

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The University will enter Competitive Dialogue with potential private sector partners who are shortlisted following the selection phase of the procurement and have demonstrated that they are able to support the University in a Design, Build, Financing and Operation (DBFO) solution for the redevelopment of its Stratford Campus in East London. It is anticipated that through dialogue with suppliers, the parties will work together to fill the gaps in the University requirements and establish a good mutual understanding of the project. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) As part of this tender exercise the University will be sharing some information which is not for public access at this time, and as such, in order for us to release these documents to you we will require the NDA document to be signed and returned. Once we have this we will allow access to a data room. In order to inform the selection of a route to explore the following objectives have been created the success of any DBFO operation will be assessed against these objectives 1. Deliver the design requirements of the Stratford Campus Redevelopment 2. A capital receipt is required on financial close 3. The University: a. will retain the long-term ownership of the project b. continues to ensure that the accommodation is affordable to students over time c. wants the facility to be maintained to a high-quality standard and remains fit for purpose through its life d. will preferably want any structure to be 'off-balance sheet' e. will not have restrictive covenants directly on its operations f. does not get directly exposed to development risk g. does not need to operate the facility h. approach to the finance structure will be procurement and state aid compliant i. will seek a partner that shares its vision for its stakeholders Tneder docuemnst are acessed via