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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

St Paul's Field Landscape and Path Network Design

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06 August 2021

12:00pm, 27 August 2021

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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (hereinafter "the Authority") has a requirement for [a consultant to provide the following feasibility studies and solutions: Survey, design and feasibility studies to develop a new footpath route in the area knows as St Paul's Field. To determine a design and best route/s taking a range of issues into account. The requirement is to work up a scheme offering a range of options and dismissing any which are not feasible. All aspects of the proposal should be in keeping with the rural and natural character of the surrounding environment. Protected species or habitat surveys for the proposed works should be identified. Best practice regarding DDA to ensure adequate accessibility. Design theme should incorporate the natural and cultural heritage of the site. Vehicle access is required from the south approximately two thirds of the way along the route (or potentially to the northern Pylon). Any vehicle accessible part of the route should be >10 tonne capacity. Consideration should be given to linking to existing path networks. A design of a feature at some point along the. The safety and security of the National Grid Pylons should be considered. The northern part of the route to Dobbs Weir Road should be pedestrian only and incorporate design features that prohibit vehicles - including quad bikes or mopeds. Consider the need for the footpath and vehicle access points to be secure and to take anti-social issues into account with the infrastructure specifications. Prohibiting motorcycles, quad bikes etc. and access to any areas of contaminated land.