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Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Quality Trusted Solutions (QTS) Find a Tender Service Consultants Framework

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14 May 2021

12:00pm, 16 June 2021

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Quality Trusted Solutions LLP (QTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL). QTS was established in 2017 to manage the estates and facilities functions of CNWL across 150+ sites, and to market its services within the wider healthcare sector to deliver estates and facilities solutions across London and the South East of England. CNWL remains QTS primary customer, and it engages QTS to deliver its annual capital programme of capital projects to its properties, with an average annual value of up to £15m. This investment is targeted at delivering major property improvements and upgrades to ensure patients and service users are cared for in a safe, therapeutic and comfortable environment. This 5 Lot Consultants Framework will include the following disciplines to facilitate the delivery of QTS's new build and refurbishment schemes over the Framework's 4-year term: •Lot 1 - Architects (medium/large, schemes greater than £2m project value) •Lot 2 - Architects (small/medium, schemes less than £2m project value) •Lot 3 - Cost Consultants •Lot 4 - M&E Engineering •Lot 5 - Building Surveyors Please note that potential suppliers can apply to all Lots on the Framework but can only apply to either Lot 1 (medium/large, schemes greater than £2m project value) OR Lot 2 (small/medium, schemes less than £2m project value).