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Thanet District Council

Affordable Homes Programme 2015 - 18 Phase 1 - Role of Designer

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06 June 2018

12:00am, 20 June 2016

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Hartwell Architects

Thanet District Council is seeking multi-disciplinary design teams for the delivery of a range of new build social housing developments within Margate, Minster & St Peter's, Broadstairs. All sites are within the Isle of Thanet, Kent. These opportunities form Phase 1 of the Council's Affordable Homes Programme and are offered for Tender as three separate lots based on geographical location. Tenders may be submitted for a maximum of 2no. lots which will result in the acceptance of tenders from 2 separate applicants as a minimum, 3 as a maximum, to form the Phase 1 Design Team. The opportunities are as set out below. Offers from SMEs are of particular interest but all Tenders will be considered. Lot 1: Margate - 2 units, 1 site Lot 2: Minster - 3 units, 1 site Lot 3: St Peter's - 12 units, 5 sites Tenders are invited for a single appointment per Lot to cover all design disciplines; Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical (including telephony/broadband and television) and Structural also including Public Health, Environmental, Acoustic input as required to meet building regulations and landscaping/planting design for external areas as stipulated by a range of Planning Conditions. For the sake of clarity, the contractual role of the bidder will be "The Consultant'. The supporting multi-disciplinary participants will be the "Consultant Team". Each Tender must include a Lead Designer and Design Coordinator who will manage the input of their proposed teams to achieve the required deadlines. The appointed Phase 1 Design Team will report to a Lead Consultant and ultimately to the Client's Representative. Additional opportunities will be available to the members of the Phase 1 Design Team for the role of Lead Consultant and also for Clerk of Works. All developments are proposed on brownfield sites with historic or existing council garage block use. One site awaits formal notification of Planning Consent (granted 18 May 2016), all others have historic consents which are due to expire between March and June 2017. Various designs require minor modification and resubmission to Planning within the stipulated timelines. .