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Wirral Borough Council

Concept design and detailed development plans for the proposed Sail Loft 'Grab and Go' Offer

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29 September 2021

12:00pm, 13 October 2021

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We are seeking a concept design with an accompanied presentation that illustrated the concept of a 'grab and go' offer at the Sail Loft, West Kirby. Details from your design concept process should be provide such as mood boards and proposed plans based on the existing space available providing narrative on how you arrived at your final proposal. 3D visuals should be used to illustrate to us, the client, the finished idea and include 1 outside and 1 inside image accompanied by a fully detailed furniture, flooring, lighting, decorative schedules and proposed layout. Full detailed to scale drawings are to be issued with viable amounts of information so as to pass to a construction/builder so as to obtain quotations on the work as well as acting as a point of contact on any question that may arise from your design. We appreciate these may not have details in relation to structural work and are aware further work may have to be done in terms of building regulation and planning. An outline budget is required for the design is essential as well as all details of any specific joinery and counter top details.