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Derbyshire County Council

CETE080 Social Media, PR and Marketing Plan

Publication Platform

Publication Date
03 January 2020

12:00am, 22 November 2019

Tender ID

Fred Marketing Ltd

This tender opportunity will: • build on the evidence base already established in the destination plan and through the VEC, and analyse current social media, PR and marketing activity • refine the proposition the 'countryside on your doorstep to explore on a bike' to create a strong brand for the programme area • produce a consultative social media, PR and marketing plan by engaging with partners and stakeholders to create: ­ a mission statement which includes a shared vision for the VEC to work towards ­appropriate methodologies to reach our target markets within 90 mins of the programme area ­a toolkit of promotional phrases and images that partners and stakeholders can use to promote the areas wider tourism offer and the skills to create and curate new and engaging content key metrics which can be used to measure success ­an appropriate management toolkit to track, analyse and optimise performance ­an action plan outlining how social media, PR and marketing activity can be maximised over the development of the VSCR, and specifically who will organise, implement and oversee the Social media, PR and marketing plan.