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The University of Leicester

LUV00845 - Estates Design and Consultancy Framework Agreement

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07 August 2020

12:00am, 03 August 2020

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BWB Consulting (£17,570,000), Cundall Johnston and Partners LLP (£17,570,000), Ridge and Partners LLP (£17,570,000), Ove Arup & Partners Ltd (£17,570,000)

The University of Leicester is implementing a framework for provision of Estates Design and related consultancy services. The requirement is split into 9 lots based upon discipline and value of projects. The University will contract directly with disciplines directly, the designers will require to work together. The framework is expected to commence on 1 Dec 19 for an initial three year period, after which there will be an optional 12 month extension. Over the 4 year period the University expects to spend up to 17.5M GBP on fees to assist in delivering the University's capital programme, minor works and asset management plans, projects will range vastly in scope and size. Funding for the delivery of the projects may to be provided by several sources, including potentially The University of Leicester, the UK Government and/or the European Regional Development Fund the team will be expected to comply with the rules and regulations associated with the funding.

Please note that where a tender award refers to a framework agreement, the individual values of the award may be shown as the total value of the framework rather than the value of that award to each winner, so for this tender the possible value of the framework to each winner could be £4,392,500 rather than £17,570,000