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Wigan Council

Multiple Site Waterproofing by Injection 2021

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02 November 2020

12:00pm, 27 November 2020

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To carry out specialist injection waterproofing and general repairs to New Hindley Bridge 0030, Collier Brook Bridge 0061, Westleigh Bridge 0079, Honeysuckle Bridge 0426 and Leyland Mill Bridge 0488, in accordance with the performance specification and works information pack. The contractor will design and specify the system and product to satisfy the required performance specification. The material to be used is MC-Injekt GL-95 or similar approved, the contractor and their operatives must be licensed and approved by MC Building Chemicals to install this material. The Contractor to provide all necessary transport, tools and equipment and access, appropriate welfare , water disposal and clearance on completion in order to carry out the works effectively.