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Accelerated Construction Delivery Panel

Publication Platform

Publication Date
15 January 2018

12:00am, 01 September 2017

Tender ID
MCE 17063/2

LDA DESIGN CONSULTING LTD (£10,000,000), MEPS CONSULTING LTD (£10,000,000), 3CRISK LIMITED (£10,000,000), AMANDA REYNOLDS URBANISM LTD (£10,000,000), PELLINGS LLP (£10,000,000), ECD ARCHITECTS LTD (£10,000,000), RPS CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED (£10,000,000), FPCR ENVIRONMENT AND DESIGN LIMITED (£10,000,000), AHR ARCHITECTS LIMITED (£10,000,000), ECOLOGY BY DESIGN LIMITED (£10,000,000), Udall-Martin Associates (£10,000,000), Bermont Project Management Ltd. (£10,000,000), IN2 Design Engineering Limited (£10,000,000), ECOLOGY CONSULTANCY LIMITED (£10,000,000), TURNER & TOWNSEND PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIMITED (£10,000,000), BOND BRYAN ARCHITECTS LIMITED (£10,000,000), CAMPBELL REITH HILL LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP (£10,000,000), SAFER SPHERE CHS LIMITED (£10,000,000), T & P Regeneration Limited (£10,000,000), KEEGANS LIMITED (£10,000,000), Third Revolution Projects Ltd. (£10,000,000)

The buyer wishes to establish a multidisciplinary framework that will enable end-to-end delivery of assets within the public portfolio. Successful suppliers will provide consultancy services to facilitate development and renovation, disposal and management of public assets. This includes funding applications, design proposals, energy consulting, architectural design, engineering consulting, project management and orchestration, estate management, cost management, master planning and all other disciplines. The full list of lots is as follows: • Accelerated Delivery (This encompasses five areas of expertise): o Funding Applications o Project Management o Cost Management o Developing Proposals o Planning Applications And other consultancy lots (assessed individually): • Project Management • Engineering • Architecture • Planning • Masterplanning • Landscape Architecture • Ecology and Biodiversity • Construction Design & Management (CDM) Coordination • Property • Renewable Energy • Geo-Environmental & Geo-Technical • CPO Project Management Eligible parties can tender for one or more lots. Mi Concepts reserves the right to award either single or multi-discipline contracts based on these submissions. Each successful party appointed to the Framework will have submitted a schedule of rates, which will be relied upon to call off services for projects as they arise. There will also be mini competitions, conducted electronically, for works between the appointed framework contractors. Appointed Contractors will be expected to work closely and cooperate with public bodies, contracting authorities, as well as other Contractors, and in-house departments or professionals (managers, consultants etc.). Suppliers must register and fill out on the online Selection Questionnaire here:

Please note that where a tender award refers to a framework agreement, the individual values of the award may be shown as the total value of the framework rather than the value of that award to each winner, so for this tender the possible value of the framework to each winner could be £476,190 rather than £10,000,000