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Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

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Charnwood Borough Council Recycling

Publication Date
02 May 2018

12:00am, 10 June 2016

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Please note this process was abandoned due to a lack of response

Charnwood Local Plan Core Strategy (2011-2028) sets out the policy framework for requiring the provision of affordable housing as part of new housing developments in the Borough. The Council is currently preparing a Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to provide clear guidance on the housing policies in the Core Strategy. The purpose of this commission is to provide viability evidence to support the preparation of this guidance with specific regard to supporting the delivery of affordable housing in a changing government policy and funding context. Key outputs include a formula for calculating a commuted sum and an assessment of the impact on viability of different mixes, potential implications of new alternative mechanisms for delivering affordable homes, potential implications of the proposed starter homes national policy; relationship between different mixes of market homes, impact of discount market sales. Last Date for the request of Quotation Documents is 03/06/2016