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London Borough of Enfield

CA and COW Services for Boroughwide Block Refurbishment Works

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19 November 2021

12:00pm, 24 December 2021

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The Council have identified a requirement for external refurbishment works to their Housing Stock and are in the process of selecting and awarding these works contracts. The works will be awarded as two Contracts covering the North and South of the Borough. The Clerk of Works service will be required for an average of 2 days/week through the 4 year period. The Contract is to be awarded under this tender process is for a single Contract Administrator together with Clerk of Works under the Building Contracts and to provide a route for the Council to call off professional services for specific projects and programmes that may arise during the four-year term. Any additional services required will be the subject of quotations provided by the appointed Consultant. These services may relate to any housing properties owned and/or managed by the Council.