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10 July 2018

12:00am, 22 November 2017

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Introduction to HLF and Capital Asset Consultancy The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) distributes a share of funds raised by the National Lottery. Since 1994 we have awarded £7.1 billion to over 40,000 projects across the UK, ranging from major capital projects at iconic heritage sites to small education and community projects. HLF is administered by the Trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and gives grants to support a wide range of projects involving the local, regional and national heritage of the United Kingdom. Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) invests in the cultural and natural heritage of the UK and aims to make a lasting difference for both heritage and people. This is reflected in our outcomes for heritage, people and communities which underpin all our grant-making. We plan to continue to drive forward our progressive agenda of investing in heritage that people value and broadening the range and depth of National Lottery player's engagement with heritage. We want more people and a broader range of people to take an active part in heritage and place inclusive engagement with people and communities at the heart of HLF funding. Information about HLF is at General- - Context and roles Context In order to provide maximum flexibility we intend to procure specialists, entitled Consultants, who must be available to assist in projects across the whole of Wales. Consultants may be deployed across all of the key steps of our grant development, assessment and monitoring phases as noted below: • Development • First and/or second round application • Delivery • Post completion evaluation and review During the development phase of a project sharing his/her expertise and knowledge of best practice to help grantees to shape and prioritise their project and become better versed in the competencies they will require to deliver the initiative.. This may relate to the development of the whole project or specific aspects such as capital works, business planning, conservation management plans, interpretation, learning, audience development or training depending upon the requirements of the project and the skills of the consultant. He or she may also support the development of plans such as Activity Plans to meet HLFs requirements. During the assessment phase consultants may also be asked to provide advice on applications with which they have not previously been engaged (usually at the second round of HLFs two round process for Heritage Grants) in order to provide decision makers with an expert analysis of the project in a specified area. The Grants Officer dealing with the application will specify the area(s) on which advice is required. A FULL DESCRIPTION OF THE REQUIREMENT IS SET OUT IN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTATION.