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Salford City Council

Technical and Highways Works Framework

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Publication Date
16 February 2022

4:00pm, 24 September 2021

Tender ID

Argyle North West Construction Ltd (£40,000,000), Bethell Group Plc (£40,000,000), Colas Ltd (£40,000,000), Eric Wright Civil Engineering Ltd (£40,000,000), P Casey (Land Reclamation) Ltd (£40,000,000), Rosgal Ltd (£40,000,000), Coating Services Ltd (£40,000,000), Protek Fencing Ltd (£40,000,000), General Utilities North West Ltd (£40,000,000), A E Yates (£40,000,000), No Dig Drainage Solutions Ltd (£40,000,000), Amalgamated Construction Ltd (£40,000,000), Pavement Testing Service Ltd (£40,000,000), Construction Testing Solutions Ltd (£40,000,000), Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd T/A Concept Site Investigati (£40,000,000), Wright Landscapes Ltd (£40,000,000), Horticon Ltd (£40,000,000), Groundwork Landscapes Ltd (£40,000,000), Landscape Engineering Ltd (£40,000,000)

Salford City Council is looking to tender for the Technical and Highways Works under a framework which is detailed below within 6 Lots. The term of the Framework Agreement will be for 3 years with the option to extend for a further 12 months to a total maximum value of £40m. The Lots are as follows: Lot 1 - Minor Civils Lot 2 - Vehicle Restraint System Inspection, Installation and Repair Service Lot 3 - Drainage Investigation and Repair Services Lot 4 - Structures and Bridges Lot 5 - Coring and Site Investigations Lot 6 - Landscape and Associated Works this has now been awarded as per the below.

Please note that where a tender award refers to a framework agreement, the individual values of the award may be shown as the total value of the framework rather than the value of that award to each winner, so for this tender the possible value of the framework to each winner could be £2,105,263 rather than £40,000,000