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Lincolnshire County Council

2183 Lincolnshire County Council- Highways 2020 Term Contract

Publication Platform
Lincolnshire County Council

Publication Date
06 January 2020

12:00am, 25 July 2019

Tender ID
PL17.057 - DN332035

Balfour Beatty Group Ltd (£762,000,000), Colas Ltd (£762,000,000), WSP UK Ltd (£762,000,000)

24/12/2019 S248 The Council procured 3 partners to deliver a comprehensive and wide ranging highways maintenance contract to replace the current Lincolnshire Highways Alliance which is due to reach full term on the 31.3.2020. The procurement included 3 lots: Lot 1: Highway Works; Lot 2: Traffic Signals; Lot 3: Professional Services. The contract term for each lot is 6 years, with services commencing on the 1.4.2020, with the opportunity to extend the contract for an additional 6 years to a maximum term of 12 years.

Please note that where a tender award refers to a framework agreement, the individual values of the award may be shown as the total value of the framework rather than the value of that award to each winner, so for this tender the possible value of the framework to each winner could be £254,000,000 rather than £762,000,000