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Harrogate Borough Council

Ripon Renewal - Consultancy

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24 November 2020

12:00pm, 22 December 2020

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The Council wishes to award a contract for Ripon Renewal Project. Harrogate Borough Council has secured funding from the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and North Yorkshire County Council along with its own funds to commission experienced multidisciplinary consultancy expertise, to provide an inspiring and innovative lead on the following elements of work: Feasibility Assessment - identify key viable projects and opportunities for development and regeneration within the City of Ripon, building on the Neighbourhood Plan and opportunities the strategic site at Ripon Barracks (allocated within the Harrogate District Local Plan) has to offer. The transport assessments associated with the strategic site will need to be taken into account and the feasibility will consider and identify transport improvements in addition to the highway mitigation schemes. Master-planning - produce a comprehensive detailed design masterplan to provide a strategic framework for the city centre, providing strong presentation and innovative, digital ways of communicating the masterplan. Stakeholder Engagement - coordinate and carry out engagement with key partners, stakeholders and the public throughout the project, including the use of imaginative and innovative ways to engage with those who live, work and visit the city. Site Delivery Options - set out clear and robust delivery, timescales and funding options appraisal, supported by a business case capable of being used by the council to secure external funding to deliver the individual projects when funding opportunities arise. The aim of this project is to maximise the opportunities within Ripon which will regenerate the city and boost the local economy. See for details